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7:22 PM, Tuesday, August 12th, 2008:
YES x2.
What an absolute shot in the dark and the only thing I left on the table was probably a little cash. Something I could give two shits about.
So the scenario was this: He loved the demo I sent, but never mentioned it again. I have a feeling it's a little overwhelming and truth be told there were more pressing issues, i.e. getting the wedding video done. So when I got a good cut of it - I brought over my laptop and showed him everything in HD and he was very, very happy. The best part? The notes. To sit with someone who knows so clearly what they want and watch their mind race? It was like watching me in 35 years. I mean to the fact that he could barely sit more than 5 minutes, to the fact that he paced around trying to figure out why the contrast on his TV was off, to knowing exactly when to cut for time each part... it was so fun. I had some great instinct on a good deal of the wedding, but for example - he wanted me to cut the father/daughter dance in half and like... no one but the father is gonna make that call. HA. But he was just awesome and we whizzed through everything lightening fast, both discussing the merits of going one way or another. I literally loved every moment of it and couldn't wait to go home and make his changes.
I did, and after a long Sunday of DVD issues (it's 2008 already, this is ridiculous) I had a finished product ready for Tuesday.
Now came the moment I was dreading... how do I waste this man's time and ask for help with The Egos. The wrinkle however was that he did owe me one thing: money for the job. So the question becomes, to The Journey Gods, what is the magic number? You only get one shot. You're gonna hand over the bill and it's either going to offend him, make him think you're incredibly economical, or not even register. But is there something I can do that actually illicits a favor? Or the openness to one? That was my quandry and at the last moment, right as I was about to leave for his house it hit me. 25% off. Just straight up take 25% off. Take a big enough chunk that he sees the value and explain the discount by simply asking for some advice.
So driving up there, I was nervous. Like funny heart palpitations nervous. Haven't felt that since... honestly I can't remember. It's because the thought of offending this guy literally makes me sick to my stomach - as I said, I actually just like hanging out with him. So we watch the DVD, which he loved - everything is perfect, I give him the bill and proceed to flip around the DVD menus a abit more as I see him standing there looking at it. It was rather detailed, but you instantly think he's upset. I mean this whole inner-dialogue is really ridiculous if you saw this guy's house. I'm clearly not taking advantage of him and in fact he wrote out the check right there and made it a point to thank me for being so economical. WHEW. The negotiator in me however thought: "Damn, you left some money on the table" - but that was quickly forgotten as I went into the whole 25% off thing. He didn't hesitate for a second...
"I'd love to help, I'm just not sure if I can, been out of the game for a few years". So he asked me some questions and we talked for about 20 minutes. He was incredibly honest about everything saying point blank... "I never really had to be wiley, they handed me Knots Landing after the success of Dallas" and well, you can't really argue with that. He was a writer on some other shows and just worked his way up. Met the right people... and away he went. The more we talked about my situation - he finally just said: I really need to see what it is you're describing and I asked if I could make up a pitch for him. He loved the idea and asked if I could come by this Sunday.
Gulp x2.
And as I drove home, I called my father absolutely BEEMING. It's already a success for me, because I played the cards right. That is what I control. That's the only thing I can do is take every card and play it right. The rest is out of your hands. I'll pitch him on Sunday, I'll give it my all - and he'll either know a way to help - or he won't. But at the end of the day, guess who won't wonder "what-if"? That's the key. Play every possible angle. And seriously telling the story to my dad - I just couldn't be happier. 'Cause I could've fucked this up a bunch. But I really don't think I did. The time we did talk he was very open, very cordial and it was clear he was incredibly appreciative of the work I did on the wedding, the discount and if there's anything he can do to help... he will.
And that my friends, is The Journey. Those wanting to make it? You just keep laboring over the details. You stress about all the actions you control and eventually things happen. There's no stress in what happens after Sunday... none. I have no control of that. I controlled getting to Sunday and I pulled it off.
Now of course I get to stress about what I'm going to show him on Sunday. Trying to make The Egos make sense to a complete stranger to the concept is actually a helluva good challenge.
I'm up for it.