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9:56 PM, Friday, August 8th, 2008:
How impressive was the opening ceremony tonight? Truly amazing in ever sense of the word. Might be the best one I've ever seen. Anyway - couldn't do an entry on 08.08.08 without mentioning that...
I have an impressive record of getting completely screwed in the car/finances world. From uninsured drivers hitting me, to unbelieveably unlucky tickets to the infamous $400 from the "Camera Cop" as you can see in the video to the right (starring the wondrous Shizzle from 2005). By all means, please take a moment and enjoy one of my favorite Journey videos of all time. It cost me $400. :-)
So it is with the glee of a child that I tell you I finally beat a ticket. Granted, $40 ain't $400 but the principle is - they tried to completely cheat me over and I said: "No". And unbelieveably they said: "yeah, you're right". And even more incredible? It was easy. Almost too easy. I never left my house. So I figured I had to write an entry to everyone literally telling you "How to Beat a Ticket"... because I think your chances are fairly good. And, uhm not that I would ever tell you to lie, but the following steps may be nearly fool proof. So enjoy the video and read ahead...
So it really is like I said in the video. I put a quarter in, it stayed at 0:00. The meter didn't say "FAIL" however. It said expired... but it clearly didn't work. I put in another quarter, still nothing - so I left. It was a bitch finding parking and I wasn't about to give up that spot. Of course I promptly got a ticket. So here's the first thing I did:
1) On the meter, there's a number to call if there's a broken meter. I called the number and left a message giving them the number of the meter and explaining what had happened. I did say that I got a ticket, but looking back I probably should've called the number FIRST. Either way, not that you should ever lie if you get a ticket, but make the call no matter what.
2) I then went online and they explain how to contest a ticket. You have to call a number to request an administrative review. It sounds all formal - but you wait on hold for a few minutes and you tell them what happened, and they write it down and say they'll be in contact with you.
3) A week later I had a letter saying I my claim was valid, I didn't have to pay. That's it.
Now I'm not saying this is full-proof if you get a legitimate ticket, but if you follow the above steps - I have a feeling you can probably get away with a ticket. Leave the message, then call after saying you put in the money and called the number. I just honestly can't believe any local government has the resources to follow EVERY claim up. Not that you should ever lie of course... but the odds are certainly in your favor. And obviously this is in California, so laws may vary...
And man, this makes me feel good. As I mentioned in the last entry - I added a boat-load of peeps to the Journey list and I realize this is the 1st or 2nd entry they're gonna get. At least it helps them. You know? At least I'm giving them something they wouldn't have had otherwise. And, a funny song. I felt kinda bad that the first video after the big-add was my ass standing on a patio. (sigh). How many of them just hit the video link and went "huuuuuuuuuh?"
:-) So there's 7...88 on 08.08.08. Man if only I could've loaded up in the early years of The Journey. I could have totally pulled off 777 on 07.07.07 and 888 on 08.08.08. Hell I'm still trying desperately to figure our how to pull off 1000 entries at the mark of 10 years on January 1st, 2010. I'm never gonna make it. 2002 really screwed me in the entry count. Oh well. I'm sure something will come up...