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locked until May 3rd, 2009
1:01 PM, Sunday, August 3rd, 2008:
Mind's goin' a mile a minute at the moment, bear with me.
So of course I googled David Jacobs when I got the job but found nothing but a steroid dealer, which I was certain he was not... and I just kept on surfin'. Last night however as I left the wedding he mentioned he was a producer during some self-depricating moment and I thought: "Hmmm..." Now google David Jacobs producer? Whole different ballgame.
This is the creator of Dallas and Knots Landing? Oh my freaking GOD. Suddenly everything shifts, suddenly everything changes and we come to yet another crossroads (among hundreds) in The Journey that make up the soul of it all. How best to allow this relationship to play out to it's maximum potential. Because of The Journey I have absolutely no way to avoid it. I can't let this go, I have to find some way to bring up The Egos sitcom if only to get a piece of advice. And how the hell do I do that?
It's all just so tricky. Networking pisses some people off. Some very important people as I've found with Facebook. No matter how sincere and loyal you are, it's risky, risky, risky. Here's a guy that I legitimately like first off. He's incredibly funny and likeable the moment you meet him. I was taken aback at just how "young" he came off though I believe he's pushin' 70. And although all of that is sincerely true on my part - what is now really attractive? Is the stories he has to tell. Man, I want to know every goddamn thing that man has ever seen, been involved in... just completely soak in the environment of what it was like to have 2 massive hits in the 1980s. And I must admit, even that is innocent on my part. It becomes difficult when you then have to find a way to go: "Oh, by the way - here's my tv show idea... what do I do? Can you help?" Because it has no choice but to come up slightly premature to our relationship. Meaning, I won't have the opportunity to get to know him enough for him to just ask - I have to bring it up....
...and it kills me. Man this is literally the month of going against nature isn't it? If it's Ohio Adam? I never mention anything and at most just ask him what it was like to be in TV back in the day. Because that's the right thing to do. Well, that's the Adam thing to do. But it's not the Journey Adam. The guy who can't stand having boring entries, who is reading this site just as curious as all of you... no, that guy knows damn well he cannot let this pass. He has to risk offending, he has to risk a whole myriad of things, to make sure this plays out. He has to weigh the cards/power he has with the cards/power David has and find some way to make everyone happy - and he has to do it quick. This wedding needs to be edited as soon as possible as it's really only because his mother was unable to make it (90 years old).
So, in my first act of balls I'm going to link him to my latest adent demo as an example of my brevity in editing. The man has said about 8 times that he wants things to be quick, almost as if he's just not convinced I know how to edit. LOL. You can tell he's in TV now that I think of it. Anyway, I figure an email to him with a link to that demo, which packs about 8 years into 90 seconds, oughta show him my editing ability and let him know what I do.
And of course, I have to knock the wedding video out of the freaking park. And of course, this is totally locked and will infuriate everyone.