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11:58 PM, Saturday, August 2nd, 2008:
..and remarkably, not mine. :-)
It's an outstanding picture when you look at it, isn't it? Would you believe me if I told you it barely occured to me until just now? Would you believe me if I told you it was the most normal, traditional, and completely perfect wedding? Would you believe me if I told you 2008 is going to stand as one of the most groundbreaking, generational years in American history?
So I get a last second call to shoot a wedding "guerilla" style (one camera) from Paddy which was actually from his friend, which was actually for his uncle...which was actually for his daughter. Whew. Ends up it was a lesbian wedding, which I thought was pretty cool seeing as the recent court ruling has made this 'Gay Summer '08', so I'm very happy to be part of one. Obviously curious at what it would be like considering all I had ever seen were the rushed courthouse ones on TV. I guess when the state's supreme court rules - there's a longer window for an actual event.
(Oh and lest you assume too much, I actually think it's foolish for the state to recognize ANY marriage as anything other than a legal union. It's a nearsighted part of our law that has caused a ridiculous amount of drama when all that needed to be done was change the wording. But of course I think gay or straight you should have identical rights in the eyes of the government, just as I think any church has the right to call it marriage and make their own rules therein. If Catholics don't want gay people to marry - who gives a shit? The government however shouldn't even have the word "marriage" in their vocabulary - it's a religious term)
Anyway, so it was quite exciting to be a part of everything and the excitement soon gave way to the realization that you would never know. So far, at this early stage of American Gay Weddingdom, there are no rituals that clearly denote a difference. The staff and I were talking about Korean customs, or African-American customs... all the little things that differentiate the events but maybe there never will be Gay customs. It's really fascinating actually - kinda wish I was gay so I could just make some up. But yeah, it was extremely traditional - and everyone was glowing. I was honored to be there.
Well, there was one difference...and you'll all laugh at this. So like you do at any wedding (specifically the party the night before which I also shot), you check out all the attractive ladies that may be attending. There were several and when the music started they got up and were dancing together. It all seemed identical to any other wedding I've been to. And then you realize, oh... they're dancing together. LOL. You realize quite quickly that you are most certainly the outsider. Then again, I was really concentrating on being professional and getting great shots for the video, but it did enter my mind - and I literally did laugh out loud when I realized just how tiny my chances were at meeting anyone. Ha. Still funny. Wish I had a camera on me at the moment I realized they were dancing a tiny bit too close. You're so naive Adam.
But it was an extraordinary thing to be a part of and a peek into the future. A future where it's completely commonplace and no one thinks twice. I think of all the kids at the wedding that were oblivious that anything was different. In 20 years, it should be wonderful. It takes so much effort to be angry, you know? To hate or to fight against things that have ZERO effect on your life. Even as I watched this country become a religious state with the current administration, and watched "Intelligent Design" become an actual THEORY, it didn't really bother me. If that's what the people want, fine. It doesn't affect my freedoms. If I had a kid in a school teaching that, I'm pretty certain that one viewing of "Planet Earth" would be all that's needed. Why get angry? Granted, the administration is far worse than anti-science, but they're almost out. The tide is turning...