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12:10 PM, Friday, July 25th, 2008:
And so it goes...
It was with a bit of sadness that I sang my final birthday song to Kenny this year. Then, earlier this month, it dawned on me that in perfect Journey fashion it was the exact time for that to end. Last year my uncle, whom I grew up with like a brother (3 year age difference), had his first daughter, Lila, and the baton was passed. Wonderful how life works out isn't it?
It got me thinking though, what it is about the tradition that's so heart-warming? I guess it's something about birthdays when you're a kid. Singing a happy birthday song to a 10 year old - is fun because your imagination smiles at life when you're 10. At least mine does. A little part of you gets to relate to a kid, remember your own experiences and for a minute you're there. And, as adults, we're celebrating the passage of time instead of dreading it because it's through the eyes of a child. Kinda the whole circle of life thing. Keeps us young.
In the case of The Journey however it's a bit deeper. It's me wishing I could be more, or have more of a relationship, with people in my family. Kenny and I will never be as close as we would've been had I not moved and I carved out a section every year to at least say: "I'm with you man..." It's the same with Lila. Breaks my heart that I will forever be that distant relative when her father and I were so close, but it is what it is. So for the next 18 years, until I'm 50, I'll create something special on July 25th. Should be fun. :-)
Of course I'm gonna do it a bit differently than Kenny's. Whereas with Kenny I just did variations on the same Happy Birthday song I figured that Lila's name lent itself to a bit more to different songs. It's a more colorful name that can weave through melodies a little easier. Actually just about every name for a girl does that better than boys' names. Heh, that never really occured to me before. Duh, girls names' are prettier Adam.
Anyway, be it original or inserting the name into an older melody, I'll have a fun challenge trying to come up with different ways to make her a song. I'm rather curious as to what effect this would have on a kid every year of their life? Do I become like big bird or some shit? If you expect a goofy guy on a screen to sing to you every birthday does it warp your perception of reality?!?! LMAO. Is it even going to matter if I don't stop saying/doing adult things in my freaking videos?!?!
(sigh). I swear to you guys, I did this video so many times and no matter what I inevitably said or did something that was completely inappropriate for a toddler. This is very difficult for me and I fully expect that Lila never sees her very first video, but it was freaking 1 am this morning (I clearly look tired) when I finally did an "ok" take and just had to let it be. I'm sure Tim & Eileen will laugh, and to both of you - #2 will be fully appropriate and she'll probably have an attention span long enough to actually enjoy it by that point.
And how cool is the projector? Heh. Here's what I don't get at allllllllllllll though. Color-wise, I actually look like the dude on the right. I've been working out in the sun recently and have a bit of a tan. But, the "live" me on the left is...well, live and should have the more realistic coloring of all - right? My point is that, somewhere the color is off - and it has to be the projector right? But then why does the projection look correct, and the live me look off?!?!?! Christ, can you tell I've been spending too much time on audio/visual message boards with projector geeks!?!? Heh, anyway - made go "hmmmm"... maybe someone out there has the answer. It's like staring at an Escher drawing.
So Happy Birthday Lila. Enjoy this year though, it's all downhill after 2.