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8:44 PM, Friday, July 18th, 2008:
At least it was only 10 entries...
I mean, this is nothin'. For real masochists out there check out the America's Got Talent episode. That mofo ran months, nearly 35 entries - and actually entailed 10 seperate entries of hell before it turned into nothing. That's the real Journey. Come to think of it, maybe you shouldn't check that out. LOL. There's nothing remotely redeeming about how hard that was. But I bring it up because in the scheme of things, this was nothin'. What's crazy is the exact same footage from last month, but with this song, has an entirely new meaning. I love the "I just can't work a 9-5" line as I'm AT the 9-5. Life is poetry.
So the CBS thing ain't happenin' now, and most likely - ain't happenin'. I wish I could tell you more, I wish I could even understand what's happening myself, but the bottom line is everything is pushed until November. At which point, I have no idea what they want to do, what part I would have, even how long it would be. I don't know because they don't know... and maybe they do but I simply cannot communicate with anyone there. LOL. I mean it's almost like speaking in a different language. Questions aren't really answered, they're alluded to or passed off or sometimes just completely ignored. In fact I knew of this "November" thing for over a week but we were told that they wanted the finale in November... which means we have to start at the end of August...
...soooooooooooo? Days pass and that was never really responded to... and now they said: "pushed to November" again and you just throw your hands up because you know what's gonna happen. We're gonna get to October and it'll be rushed and end up being a 2 to 3 week thing because there's no time to plan and we have to make November sweeps. Crazy isn't it? All I want to do is sit down and have a meeting. I can give them a full presentation, show them everything we did - show them the entire layout of the structure of the competition... all the work has been done already - and they're interested... yet, no one seems to be able to communicate with the people they're literally FEET from and I'm ripping my hair out 2500 miles away. It's just maddening and there's not a thing I can do at this point. When it was still a "summer" thing I was gonna take time off and fly to NY and try to get the ball rolling there - but this is now the second time the "Novemeber" thing has come up and it's clear the person passing that info on is being told by higher-ups: "put this away for now". Which is fine, but it's difficult to explain that this takes preperation without exhausting the situation completely. Like I get the feeling if I showed them this:
Monday, August 25th - Group A Week 1
Monday, September 1st - Group A Week 2
Monday, September 8th - Group A Week 3
Monday, September 15th - Group A Finalist Round
Monday, September 22nd - Group B Week 1
Monday, September 29th - Group B Week 2
Monday, October 6th - Group B Week 3
Monday, October 13th - Group B Finalist Round
Monday, October 20th - Group C Week 1
Monday, October 27th - Group C Week 2
Monday, November 3rd - Group C Week 3
Monday, November 10th - Group C Finalist Round
Monday, November 17th - Ultimate Finalist Round with the winner announced Thursday the 20th...
(Band would perform either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week - we did it 3 different days the first 3 seasons)
...which is the schedule we'd have to follow to have the finale during November - they'd go:  "well that's too damn complicated so we'll do a 3 week thing. We'll talk in October. LOL. Nevermind the announcement which would have to be nearly 4 weeks previous because you have to give people time to submit the acts... it's a lot of planning...
...but it's already been DONE. Three times. We have it down. Maddening is the only word I can think of. And since I'm apparently alone in this feeling, you have to just let it be. They know what I bring to the table, again thank the fuck christ I killed myself every week, and when it's time... it's time.
That's The Journey. I had a great little symbolic scenario pop in to my head last night about it all:
You paddle and fight and swim to get out to the sailboat in the middle of a huge lake. Once you're in however, you have to put down the paddle. Certainly you move the sail around trying to see which way the wind is blowing, you never stop that... but you can't paddle and paddle once you're in the boat. You're also pretty foolish to look for better boats constantly and keep jumpin' ship. I'm lucky - I found the right boat. I'm in it and I'm constantly trying to determine which way the sail should go and every once and awhile it TAKES off. But when the wind dies down, I just tend to chill out. I'm not feverishly trying to paddle so it moves where I want it, I'm simply using the tools I have on the boat... so shit like this doesn't phase me. Of course I'm bummed... because this sailboat was FLYING. But that's the way the wind blows man. You just don't leave the boat. You don't give up. Being in the boat is half the battle. So I keep on keepin' on...
In the meantime, I'm doin' good at work, still doin' the realtor video stuff and I even did a paid voice over for my job today. I won't get into all it entails here, the whole job and who we actually work for is definitely it's own entry, but the wind is definitely blowing and the gust is comin'. Meantime I'm enjoying the cool breeze and decompressing. Everything really does seem to be working perfectly.
And we all know November is my month, so who are we kidding. Hell November is a freaking Journey God...
...but I did enjoy the egg last month. Hope you did too.