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11:32 PM, Monday, July 7th, 2008:
I have to be honest. This is a total horseshit entry - but there was absolutely no way I could let Entry #777 not land on 07/07. The one entry I'm working on that I mentioned still isn't ready and there will apparently be CBS news on Wednesday - so I have to resort to randoms.
It's so weak to have a 7 random entry considering the rest are close to 15 a piece - but what the hell. 7 randoms in 777 on 7/7. Giddy-up, I think that's the title...
1) So how many of those "lucky couples" that got married on 07/07/07 are still together a year later? LOL. I'm a jaded bastard aren't I? I'll say 85% made it at least a year. In the mad dash to get married before Donna's VISA ran out at the end of June (literally the day before) I remember being bummed it couldn't be 07/07/07 because I needed all the luck I could get at that point. Ha! Yes, I'm still in the funny/amused mode with everything. Give it time... :-)
2) Single-bladed razors. Who knew. It must have been 5 years since I have used a razor with only one blade. In a moment of clarity apparently I picked up one of those econo-bags of yellow/orange razors and a funny thing happened. They worked. They also didn't get all clogged up with hair like even double edged razors do. Do you guys do that? Where you have to beat the bitch against the porcelain sink to get the hair out and there's always still sommmmmmmmmme stuck in the middle that gives you an uneven shave? Oh and the single blade seems to last longer too. Like - Giddy-up. Oh and they're cheaper. It's like this big scam. I used one of those bear claw mofos - you know like 5 blades? What the hell already. Seriously - grab a bag of the single blades and make your life easier. Thank me later. ;-)
3) If we were ever stuck in the 80s again, I think we would lose our minds. Forget style/music for a moment. Technology has so changed our lives that we're completely lost without it. Matt (Bob Ross from the old Journey board,a WTVN listener and oh of course DC - shit let me get out of this parenthetical)... I have to repost this picture, hell this is it's own Random:
LOL. That guy. Luckily he lived in DC and I was able to stay with him during the protest in '05. He was jumpin' up to say hi to a friend (even though this is in the midst of a screaming match between the anti/pro war peeps) and got a "Step the FUCK off the CURB SIR" from the policeman. His ass continued to try and "explain" that he just knew the guy. The police man wasn't havin' it. Ha. Good times. I literally laugh out loud every single time I see this picture. Uhm, so back to #3:
3b) Matt had Burnout Revenge for the 360 and was willing to sell it to me. This was agreed on I believe 2 weeks ago. But because this was a physical transaction and not a virtual one? We have been retarded to an incredible degree (and I do mean that in the sense of being slow) because our mind/soul feels this should be able to happen instantly. My initial response is - well, can't you just rip it and upload it and I'll burn it, then I'll just paypal you? He doesn't have a paypal account, ripping and re-burning is uber-time consuming and may or may not work for the game's online capabilities... so we were left with the 20th century way of doing things which... requires a lot of thought. I had to find a checkbook which I haven't used in seemingly years, I then had to find a stamp? WHat the hell are those? ANd wait, now it's 42 cents? So I gotta get penny stamps? What the hell. And he has to find packaging? and GO to the post office? Who does that anymore? It was an absolute catastrophe for two guys that are so plugged into the net we could barely function. 2 weeks later we finally pulled it off. But it will probably be the last time we ever do that shit again.
5) As I mentioned at the top, CBS is still an unknown. My source heard from her source that by Wednesday we should know what's goin' on. Which of course marks a full calendar month since my frog jumpin' ass hopped all over the office. Even for CBS, this is a little frustrating. It's also what happens when you don't have a Friedman. Having that one guy in a power position that above all, just likes you? It changes everything. I'm very grateful I absolutely killed myself in the final season to make the product so professional for just this moment, but in all honesty a Friedman is worth more than the product. It's the truth of Hollywood we all want to act like talent can override: Who you know is more important than who you are in almost every respect. So we'll see what happens Wednesday. Gulp.
6) How on earth did Disney release Wall-E? That was one of the most anti-big budget movies I've ever seen and certainly the most anti-crowd pleaser of Pixar's movies to boot. All of which means of course I freaking loved it. The crowd I was with were particularly silent however and the kid next to me seemed bored to tears. It simply is not what you'd expect and was about as risky a move as I can imagine Pixar will ever make. It was an art-house project with a shiny coat and I'm amazed more people aren't panning it. I can see some families walking OUT of this film. It's the Fantasia of our generation and other than a few sweet romantic moments between the robots and some action near the end - nothing in this movie is anything like you've ever seen in this genre. It's literally genre re-defining. Forget the perceived preachiness about the environment (which is way overblown, it was what it was - I don't believe for a second this was a "lesson" move like say, Happy Feet or the 2nd Ice Age movie) - this was a very deep, dark, gloomy - intensely introspective movie that will literally be college course material. I also don't think it's gonna hit $200 million and will be perceived as somewhat of a failure in the eyes of many. As I said though, I thought it was inspiring and incredibly entertaining. Oh and people assuming it was anti-American 'cause the people were fat, (sigh), they even explained in the movie that if you're in space for hundreds of years you turn into goo. In fact I read that the director's research found that people would literally look like jello - but that was far too disturbing so they just made 'em fat. To read into it as some statement against America is ironically a bit shallow. It goes well, well, well beyond that and I believe only longtime movie lovers can grasp it. It's like 2001: A Space Oddyssey boring the bejeezus out of most audiences. Absolutely fascinating that Pixar took this risk and that Disney didn't go apeshit over the themes. Pixar is, bar none, the most incredible studio on the planet and I am dumbfounded at how they continue to...NOT repeat themselves. Their stories are so fresh and inventive (*exception Cars which was a complete rip-off of Doc Hollywood) with just the right touch of magic and care taken with the details that they're gonna be around forever. Crazy thing? I saw tin toy (their first short) at a film festival in Columbus in 1989. I remember trying to explain to my dad what I had just seen, not knowing that it was computer graphics that did it. I really just couldn't understand why it looked so "perfect". 20 years ago. Jesus.
7) I thought nothing would be better for an entry of randoms than a random song. Ad-libbed, goofin' with a Harry Connick Jr. song (which may have been a remake, but I know almost every crooning song from him first) and inevitably touching on the two things that are pretty much ruling my existence: I'm digging my space, and CBS is driving me bonkers. Like I really believe I'll here shit on Wednesday. LMAO. I say it just so you guys know what it feels like to constantly get pulled one way and then slapped in the face. But again, I'm still pretty darned happy just bein' alive these days...
So unless there's big news from CBS this week (there really should be, but I indeed know better), I'll finally be able to premiere what I've been working on so hard the last month or so. Men, prepare the depends.