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4:34 PM, Wednesday, June 18, 2008:
I do. I really do. In fact this ridiculous sports/real life analogy goes a little further than you even realize.
They lost the first 2 and then that Monday morning – boom, the CBS call and whaddya know – they win game 3. I thought of it for just a moment, but brushed it off. Then I wrote the treatment to the new peeps about The Egos and what they bring to the table and on Thursday Tammy says: "No, you gotta redo this…" and for the first time I got a little concerned – like maybe this really was up in the air. I still felt good though and during the Lakers game I started to write it and was feelin' good… they were up by like 20 – and mid-treatment I was stumped. I just wasn't sure how to pitch this and I stopped.
They end up losing in the biggest turnaround in NBA Finals history.
Determined to stop this shit I wrote it the next day, few more revisions – finally send it to the big-wig on Friday… and have to wait until next week (this week) to hear anything. Sunday the Lakers push it to a 6th game but it was a miserable performance and only a blind fanboy could think they had a chance. Monday came, and Tammy said "patience"… then last night they got walloped. I predicted they would lose by 20 and they lost by nearly 40. LOL. So for the 6th time in now 18 months (this stat is so mind-blowing) I've had 6 teams I follow (All 5 I follow once and one twice) get to the championship… and lose.
I don't want to act superstitious, but to say this doesn't bode well is to say the least. Each time this has happened it's been an omen of prophetic proportions. From getting The Price is Right and not getting Barker, to getting my own talk show to losing it, to kicking ass on Living Room Live and losing that… to now getting it back maybe and well, here we are today. A great big waiting game with absolutely no information to sink your teeth into. When will this streak end? Maybe with Obama? Him winning the democratic nomination is certainly "getting to the championship" so I guess that can be the end – LOL. I'm really not that superstitious but it was glaring after TWO teams. You know? I mentioned the "Eerie Omens" in Entry #619 when it happened with The Buckeyes and Bears but now for it to have happened 4 more times? You just gotta throw your hands up and beg for mercy from the Journey Gods here. So many times throughout this puppy I feel like I'm literally inside a novel that has already been written. I walk through the pages trying desperately to influence the outcome (and I do believe I've done all I can in nearly every situation) but in the end… goofy shit like this seems to have more influence.
One thing I can say for certain however is that "What happens next?!?!" has certainly been injected back into The Journey with a vengeance. I am excited as HELL to get up each morning just to check my email. That feeling never goes completely away just because I'm in this city, but it certainly subsides when "your time" has passed. It's like momentum in a basketball game. Once gone – you really have to stop, retool and attack. Well I'm building it up but I have a feeling Ray Allen is gonna hit another three, or EDDIE fucking HOUSE – GOD I HATE WHEN ROLE PLAYERS COME UP BIG. Rondo with 97 steals what the FUCK. LOL.
Ahem. I'll move-on now.
PS - in case nothing breaks this week "Over Your Head" on HGTV, this Saturday at 11AM. The infamous entry from last January may or may not be unlocked depending on how it turns out. TiVo it. Might be worth the re-watch if I unlock the entry.
PPS - As much as I was just totally bummed last night - this move right here was about as P.I.M.P as you can get. First Gatorade Splash in NBA history - totally awesome. Totally original to pull that shit off INDOORS on the hardwood. I know they had to clean it up and there was still time on the clock - but just wow. That was a pure mega-star move and my hat's off to you Mr. Pierce.
...but we will beat your ass next year when we get Bynum back.