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10:45 PM, Monday, June 16th, 2008:
This entry could've been done on Father's day, and would've been perfectly timed until I looked back in the WTVN Journey and saw this:
10:45 PM - Friday, June 16th, 1995:
So here it is my first full shift. To start things out, I look for the generic weekend jingle so I can say my name over it...and it's not there. I probably looked for another 5 minutes when...
...I realize that I have my own. Can you believe it. The big-ass voice of WTVN made me my own open. Then I go into the lounge and the memo announcement of an opening for the weekend position is gone. Hello I think I got the job. Boy, that put me on a high. The night went great. A few screw ups but overall, it really is easy.
To the day, 13 years, a lifetime ago, and a huge moment in my life.
To say I was running on "youth" then is to say the least. To be a teenager in, not only a man's world, but an OLD man's world - is a little nuts. At 19 I was doing talk on the biggest talk station in town with people twice my age - and each day I couldn't believe how lucky I was. That moment, that moment 13 years ago today literally gave me chills. I can't tell you how glad I am it's been saved because I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday. I could only play it once an hour and wanted to play on a LOOP I was so excited. I had heard Scott Kahler's voice my entire childhood not knowing his name and now HE knew MY name. That voice. That "big-ass" voice of GOD.
Scott Kahler wasn't just an announcer - he was the Production Director for the station. In charge of everything on the air that wasn't music and/or talk content. The bumpers/commercials/promos he directed it all. And it was only a matter of time before he came up to me and said: "You're quite good at production Adam" and it was indeed an honor. As the months would pass and I took more and more risks I would talk with him and he simply couldn't have been more gracious. He took me under his wing, would assign me more creative spots to do, and loved The Boyles. Heh. He was a tall man, heavy smoker and he actually did sound like that. Seriously - the man didn't do a thing to his voice in post, he was born to speak.
Last year however, out of the blue - he contacted me. He had been let go by the big corporate giants (Jaycor became Clear Channel) and was doing free-lance work and he looked me up. He had found my work and was as absolutely floored and just gushed. It was like a father. The coolest thing was when he saw Up & Adam and offered me his demo. I was thrilled. I could have him as the announcer! !!!
"If you want anything from me I'll do it now for no money. You are extremely talented and I'd be honored to latch onto your star. You're going to the top. I gotta ask, are the powers that be aware that EVERYHING in your projects are all you?"
I still really couldn't believe the HE was saying this to ME. Even a dozen years later, that "stature" is almost impossible to switch. I replied:
"First off... you gotta know that the pure romanticism of us both getting treated like shit by WTVN and then working together is just too much. LOL.
I'm serious about this - I'll find a way to make this happen. ANd of course you'll get paid. Let's see how things go in NY - how the "rumors" go with the YouTUbe Test Show (I'm telling you - the other networks THINKING the show is gonna be on, may do more than I could ever do here...) and we'll keep in touch.
And about the powers that be - some do some dont. You'd be amazed how many emails I get - "You guys are so lucky to have gotten on the price is right set!". But some of the people at CBS (not the higher ups) don't know it's one guy. I enjoy that actually... but they really have no idea just how hard it is to pull off."
Of course that was back in September and nothing ended up coming of it. When I got the news that CBS might be going another round, last Wednesday I emailed him to see if I couldn't get him involved in the opening. His voice is just golden and the exposure would help him. His email came back, I googled his name, and found that he passed away in late March.
Out of the blue at 61. It was just a kick in the stomach. In classic radio form of course there are zero pictures of him on the net since the freaking 60s. I can still see him in there though... Whew. Anyway, I kept it to myself for a day or so... and then BAM comes Friday.
Russert dying was just another slap in the face that was completely unexpected. The relationships we form with people (even if one-sided) are so much a part of us. Especially after THIS primary season Russert was just so incredibly straight about it all. That was what was so nice - you really felt he was interested in the truth. Yes there's sides to every issue, but the truth is unbiased. And he had a lifetime of proving that. It's like he said with the primary numbers making it impossible for Hillary. Something along the lines of: "16 years ago when I said the exact same thing about her husband months before the primary was over - I was a genius. Now I'm biased?" Heh. He's just someone that I always depended on to be straight forward and what a loss it will be for anyone interested in politics. And was he ever not happy? Goddamn that man smiled constantly. I'm just gonna miss him. And watching the coverage this weekend reminded me of my feelings for Scott Kahler. Of anyone I've ever worked with - he was my Tim Russert. Bigger than life, warmer than your own family sometimes, and the guy you always tried to impress and live up to. He set the standard and you did all you could to even come close. So hearing the fellow co-workers talk about him really hit a chord...
...and of course I had to call my dad 3 times this weekend for random "I love you"'s. LOL. I mean WOW - the whole Father's Day thing, and his relationship with HIS dad and HIS son... just this overwhelming "HEY - CALL YOUR DAD". LOL. Dad Dad Dad. It's funny, I didn't even do it lovingly either. I was just like: "Hey dad, uhm - so for crying out loud I love you already" LMAO. If you weren't on MSNBC at all this week that probably won't make sense but suffice it to say - it's been wall-to-wall coverage, hour after hour - and if it wasn't so tragic you'd swear it was a Hallmark scheme to sell Father's Day cards. I got my dad the 2 Russert books out of GUILT because of how intense the coverage was. LOL. IT WORKED ALREADY. Please. STOP. Heh.
So anyway, had to put in my 2 cents on the whole thing and express my deep sadness for Scott's passing. He provided me with an incredible moment in my life and continued to lift me up even a decade later. I'm so sorry I won't get to work with him, but I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to in the past.
Who will be the voice of God now?