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10:10 PM, Monday, June 9th, 2008:
THERE you are...
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ RANDOM!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ HAPPY!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
I thought you guys were dead. But wow, you sure know how to strike...
New executive producer at The Early Show hired a new senior producer that called Tammy in this morning to do another round of Living Room Live. They won't call it that and there will be subtle differences but the format will be the same. Tammy immediately said I should do it and the woman definitely understood the internet portion. Apparently that is, and has been since, the only thing that has ever worked on their site to bring people to TV and vice-versa. Everyone their shares that sentiment and the new lady is definitely on-board with that. It's now a question of what type of performers we want (kids/bands/random) and they want this for the summer so things will move quick. When I hung up the phone, I hit capture on my laptop and to your right is the result. Giddy-up.
Now here's the cool part. Tammy emailed me that Anthony Gargulia (the "let it snow" kid from season 2) was singing "New York, New York" at Belmont before Big Brown got the beat down. And it set off a series of bitching emails where we just could NOT believe we weren't doing another round. Like what more has to happen? Crooked X, in a videogame, their own reality how - Midnight Clear, record contract, song on a commercial - Anthony Gargulia - on Ellen and now this.... like - OBVIOUSLY it worked. We really discovered some great talent and here we are twidling our thumbs. So frustrating...
...then lo and behold this morning Tammy has the meeting and emails me to call her when I got up. To once again tell me something that made me go apeshit. It's so funny - I wrote back to her:
"You know, I think the next time somone has good news to tell me, I'm gonna make them call you first, relay the message, then have you call me back and tell me. Something about your voice calmly telling me something that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my stomach quesy. that's a good thing btw. "
She's just always so nonchalant about things in this wicked New York accent like:  "no big whoop, just coffee talk". Meanwhile she's melting my cerebral cortex. She's also been the bearer of the biggest news I've ever had which is just awesome. A couple more and she may have her own Journey God. Ha.
So I called Jim, who was on vacation, but ecstatic as well and he's gonna give everyone a call tomorrow to put in his 2 cents. What's so nice here is, our end? Was smooooooooooth as butter. We had it down, and nailed it every week - no hitches. We only need Tyson the makeup guy and a cameraman and I pull off the rest in 48 hours from writing all the way to uploading. Our schedule is already set, we know the exact time/budget/sets everything. It's just ready to go at a moment's notice. Literally if they wanted one this week, I could pull it off. That has to be a huge plus. We're also in good standing with the Price is Right producers and the Young & the Restless... we just have so many pluses to add. Throw-in that anyone they may ask will tell them how successful the online portion of Living Room Live was, it really seems like the ducks are in a row...
...but this is The Journey. LOL. And I am well aware of that. But honestly right now? Stop with the worryin'. Enjoy the egg. Of course it might be splattered all over my face in the coming week for some unforseen reason but it's just so nice to have a FREAKING EGG! HA! And how out of the blue is THIS? Like - Monday morning, 9 AM at the new job. Of course. Of course, Murphy. Oh and the job... well since nothing is official it's not really an issue yet but I did explain to them about the possibility of something happening and they understood. A lot of my job is free-lance web-stuff I could even do from home or on my free-time. They're incredibly flexible and will totally understand. They happen to be out for the week, so hopefully I have more to tell 'em when they get back - but the job is pretty project oriented and as long as I get that job done... they're happy. How lucky.
So now we play a bit of a waiting game. Considering we need entries I can't fathom anything starting until at least mid-July and that's with everything going perfect. As I said, we really don't have anything concrete, there's a bunch of steps to go, but nothing beats the first step man. Goddamnit I forgot how good that felt. I haven't felt that rush since February 10th, 2007. Granted, that was sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiightly bigger - but it's all relative. For a guy who's had the year I've had? This is winning the lottery.
Man I cannot wait to see the boys again. Keep your fingers crossed.