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3:34 PM, Saturday, June 7th, 2008:
No matter what side you're on, part of you has to feel for someone who found their shot at the end of the 4th quarter... a bit too late. You watch a pretty masterful couple minutes of basketball and you think "Damn, where was that? And, uhm, thank GOD."
That's how I felt watching Hillary's speech. Not the endorsement of Obama, which at times did look like it was killing her, but at the second part that had a saoring rhetoric that made me proud to be...a woman? LOL. You know? Like somehow I related to her? maybe it's because I've had so many close relationships with women over my life (or my inner-Spencer is bigger than I care to admit-lol) but she had me in that speech. I actually clapped at the remarkable/unremarkable juxtaposition she brought up (how from now on it will be unremarkable if a woman does this well...and that in turn is remarkable). I actually said out loud: "Where was this Hillary?". Poorly managed unfortunately. Her campaign was run into the ground and it took until March for her to figure out how to connect. There is some sadness there...
...but not enough to completely erase the sins. An hour late. An hour late to a MORNING appointment? Go fuck yourself. LOL. Makin' me get up at 9 AM on a Saturday to watch the front of your house and you NOT leaving. Heh. It was quite funny. I called my pops and we watched it together. He was the first to say "We really are pathetic." and it's true. This primary season has been quite a bonding moment for me and my dad as we're so similar it's embarrassing. I emailed him my own personal spreadsheet of the delegates a few months back, only to have him respons with his which included a full color map. LMAO. I love it. Who will ever forget this year in politics.
And the funny thing is? I could be muuuuuuuch more political than I am. I've been into politics since I was a kid. I remember watching the 1988 election returns like a sport and was aware of politics well before that. I wrote a political song about Ross Perot leaving the race in 1992 - I was into politics... but my time at WTVN burnt me out. I was sick of they "game" of politics and had zero faith that anyone could really do anything good for the country. I thought (and still do) the government was completely bloated and needed to be decimated for any good to come of it. I always voted Libertarian because it was the closest thing to a "fuck you" I could find on the ballot. Hate the 2 party system with a passion.
Then came Bush, and away we go. The war, Katrina... it just changed me. Throw in Obama and well - I've officially been suckered back into politics - this time with a caveat. I will actually be voting for someone this year. First time in my life I will cast a vote for someone instead of against everyone else. And before I get into Hillary's speech I just have to say this. I'll make it a different color for the skimmers:
Believing in Obama doesn't make me delusional. To those that continue to paint all Obama supporters as naive will you just listen for a moment? I disagree with his policies. I disagree with almost all things a liberal senator thinks is good domestically. I want less government across the board. I don't believe Obama will pass half the shit he says he will, and it doesn't mean SHIT. That's not why I believe in him. Simply put, he represents me. He represents what I believe America is at the core. Hell I take that back... he has MADE me believe America is BETTER at its core than I ever thought in my adult life! He makes me believe I can do anything. If a black man named Barack Hussein Obama, can get elected in a post 9/11 world? When anti-muslim sentiment couldn't be higher? When I thought Katrina sent us back 20 years racially? It makes me want to fly the FLAG. I've never wanted to put up an American flag in my life. It makes me want to say: "I'm from THIS place! THIS place where you can do anything you believe you can!" I didn't believe that before. I was a cynic. "...a skinny kid, with a funny name who believes America has a place for him too" Barack preached in 2004 in a moment that almost brings tears to my eyes as I recall it. That's the America I want to live in and it's not a delusion. It's coming out of a really dark place where our government INTENDED to divide us into red/blue states. To make us fear and finally it's OK to believe. It's extraordinary. All your fear mongering emails about Barack being a covert terrorist that will destroy us will be rejected. This time, Hope will trump fear...
...I hope. ;-)
Now, Hillary. Actually I guess I already said it at the top - you found your voice too late. My heart really does go out to you because you deserved to give it your best shot from the beginning. That being said, you should still be ashamed at how divisive you got within your own party. I know you were trying everything you could to not let your dream die, but you went too far. You hurt his campaign, maybe permanently. What you did getting the people of Michigan and Florida riled up was disengenuous, manipulative and it turned people against Obama... the guy who FOLLOWED the rules. But in the end he's stronger because of it. So we'll see what happens.
This much however is clear: McCain will not win this election. Obama could certainly lose it, but this is his to win. Without a doubt. He wins in a mini-landslide if there's no new scandals. But that's the problem - soooooooo much of the electorate is slightly apprehensive. They're on edge. They're looking for any reason to not vote for him. They don't want to be swindled. If he just plays his game, and does ALL he can to be standing next to McCain as much as possible? It's over. I think he wins around 300-238 (not looking at exact electoral college numbers). But if the lakers don't break this friggin' streak I'm on it may happen again. So root for LA tomorrow night. Heh.