7:13 PM, Thursday, May 22nd, 2008:
Anyone seeing what's happening here yet? It's subtle, but you may want to open your eyes and take this in - because it's clearer by the day... and the Dems are just gullible enough to let it happen.
As we all know, the Democrats punished 2 states for moving their primaries up by taking their delegates away. Every candidate agreed, with signatures, that these contests would not count. In fact in Michigan every major candidate took their name off the ballot ... except her. When she won (imagine that) we heard murmors of surrogates "celebrating". Then after super-tuesday when Obama maintained his lead? It started. Week after week, month after month of brainwashing. She has been able to get people in those states to actually protest that their votes count. LOL. Think about that for a second. Anyone in those states the previous fall felt like this: "Man, our local governments are idiots, I can't believe they didn't listen to the DNC, now my primary vote doesn't count." Were they mad at the national democratic party? Nope. Were they mad at the candidates for not campaigning there? Of course not. There was absolutely no question what happened, why it happened - and also no question that it wouldn't effect the votes in November. I mean, really, think about it. Why wouldn't you vote in November if your local government fucked up the primary? It would never even occur to you unless you were told it should piss you off. People don't give two shits about the primaries and never have. And it's because it's really a giant focus group. They're a way that particular party feels helps them select their candidate. Kind of like if you ever go to a movie screening and have to fill out a questionnaire. You may say it sucks all sorts of ass, but the movie studio still has the right to release the movie. Then, you have the final choice whether to give them your $10 when it comes out. This is the same thing...
...except Hillary for the past 3 months has made certain it isn't seen like that. And guess what, no one is caling her on it. In fact - they're listening to her. There's a committee meeting (in which half of the committee are Clinton supporters) a week from Saturday to determine what to do with those two states. And guess what the outcome will be? Indecision. A Stalemate. Hillary wants every single vote from Michigan (where she ran unopposed) and every single delegate from Michigan. 100% Even though no one else was on the ballot. Is she delusional? Of course she isn't. What this does is give her time. The committee will say that's not happening and she'll appeal it. Then it'll go to another group, it'll be the same outcome because "the will of the people must be heard!" and she'll appeal that. Meanwhile she will have gotten the popular vote advantage of Obama (even just counting Florida because of her lead in Puerto Rico) and she will be able to keep the supers from putting him over... 2210. Oh he'll be over 2026 (the majority without Florida and Michigan) but it won't count according to her and she'll stay in. And those supers that could end it all? Silent. They're not gonna be the ones to put him over, or they would've done it already. Again, they'll put him over 2026 (he only needs a split of the pledged left and 20 supers for that) but she will move the goalposts beyond his reach - and take it to the convention. Most likely you'll see a group of undeclareds that could do it, but want the dream ticket so they almost broker their own power privately to Obama so it's a stalemate.
Now, how is that avoidable? He takes her as VP right now. He won't do that. Here's the rub though. Ready for this? The way the delegates vote at the convention is one by one the first time around they vote president, 2nd time they vote vice-president. So imagine this plea to a bunch of whimpy Democratic delegates: "Give me your vote for president, please - I will be better at the top please, please, etc. Alright, if you must vote for Obama - on the 2nd go-round, make me VP." There's easily half the delegates that think that is a "dream team" and there you have it. She has strong-armed her way in and Obama has absolutely no choice in the matter. The delegates will have spoken and he will have two options: Step down, or join forces and give it a go.
This is what is happening. The woman is not delusional. She is taking advantage of a completely fucked up party. Seriously - think about how ridiculous it is that you strip the delegates from those two states... but let them vote anyway. Why the hell as the head of the DNC wouldn't you force all of the names off the ballots? Why wouldn't that be part of the agreement you have every candidate sign a few months before? Inane. Absolutely inane. No other word for it.
Now, I actually don't blame Hillary at all. I said after Ohio she should stay in it. She should keep fighting. Why? SHE KEEPS WINNING. And using the Michigan and Florida voters (those poor disenfranchised, starving, abused cancer victims) as cover for fighting it to the convention - is brilliant politically. And, she actually still has a chance to gain the popular vote WITHOUT Michigan and Florida! If she wins Puerto Rico by 15 points and the turnout is as big as expected? She'll pass Obama. LOL. That's unbelieveable. And then she has every right to go to the convention and make her case! How CLOSE is this? That's exactly why they made super-delegates in the first place!!! This is exaclty the way the democrats WANT IT. And all she has to do? All she has to do is make about 50 supers, stay silent until August. That's it. Those 50 supers that would put Obama over the 2210 threshold. A completely meaningless magical number that she has skillfully made relevant. It's politics at it's worst/finest depending on how you look at it.
And you know what, the Democrats want it this way. If they really wanted to? The supers would be flooding to Obama right now - and then allowing his wins in South Dakota and Montana put him over the top and it would all be over... but guess what. They're silent. They believe in a dream ticket. Clinton's brainwashing has worked and she's used fear to keep them quiet. Yell "disenfranchise" to Democrats and they act like beaten puppies. Their heads are so far up their ass that they are absolutely gonna fuck it up...

...except that is where I have to admit that I may no longer believe that. I used to think an Obama/Clinton ticket was instant Mondale/Ferraro land. But every sinlge time I think that, I listen to John McCain. I am dumbfounded at just how bad of a candidate this man is. I'm only half joking when I say at this point? Rocky and bullwinkle could beat him. Bert/Ernie '08 without a doubt. And he may be so bad that a ticket of a black man named Iraq Hussein Osama and Hillary fucking Clinton could beat him. And all I really want is to see an Obama/McCain debate. I'll even enjoy Clinton/Romney for the VP debates if it has to come down to it. I mean, just watch this video. This guys is gonna get slaughtered.

And as you know I want badly for Obama to be able to choose his running mate as he's run the most incredible campaign in the history of American politics and he deserves to put his cabinet together any way he pleases - but the writing is on the wall here. She is close enough to push this and become VP. Without a doubt. She's already further along than other candidates that did the same thing successfully. And if somehow she does get all the delegates in Michigan (128) and afavorable split in Florida? She could very well swing this to make it Clinton/Obama. I don't believe that will happen - but you can count on her absolutely, positively not dropping out in June. She will appeal the decision at the end of May until a few weeks before the convention and make the remaining unpledged supers just fall in love with the idea of a dream ticket.


Mark my words and pray I'm wrong. I think we're all naive that come June 4th she stops fighting, but I certainly hope this is just a creative writing exercise.




PS - More "real" Journey news next time... I've avoided it long enough. ;-)