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7:52 PM, Wednesday, February 27th 2008:
Adam4tvs: jack kingston is on dan abrams
Adam4tvs: msnbc
Adam4tvs: and they're playing the clip i put on youtube
Adam4tvs: looks like he's about to defend it
fellownewsjunkie: lol
Adam4tvs: dan abrams completely fucked it up
fellownewsjunkie: email the show
Adam4tvs: ALREADY
Adam4tvs: ALREADY
fellownewsjunkie: i hate abrams
fellownewsjunkie: he is a tool
Adam4tvs: "when the pledge of allegiance is being played"
Adam4tvs: here we go
Adam4tvs: like here we go
Adam4tvs: another video
Adam4tvs: i had other shit to do
I seriously was about to work on other shit. Goddamnit - will ANYONE do their homework? Will anyone's PRODUCER'S do their homework?!!? Will ANYONE CALL the man out for lying on top of smearing? For fuck's sake. I mean at least Abrams called him out on being slimey - but what the hell already. In Abrams defense (or maybe not?) he himself mixed up anthem and pledge during the interview but Kingston just smiled and acted coy the entire time. My reaction when Abrams said:  "While the pledge of allegiance was played"
...of course it's a re-enactment but I was just as shocked the second time I heard it as I was the first. I'm just flabbergasted that no one is targeting this lie. But here's a strange detail for you...
Kingston also mentions the lapel pin. Same thing on Maher. During the aftershow taping for hbo.com - Bill Maher brings up a question from the internet that says: "Where's your lapel pin?!?!" - and Kingston laughs and has a prepared line... tonight? The exact same thing happened. Kingston again doesn't wear it - the host (who is looking into the friggin' camera lens, not at a monitor) brings it up and Kingston says the prepared line. !??! Not to start my own conspiracy theory but it seems ridiculously coincidental and if it really is... how stupid is Kingston? Just seems planned but I can't fathom the motive at the moment.
I also wrote a letter to Bill Maher that Michelle is going to personally deliver. Seems my last rant has now been included in some "Anti-Maher" blogs and I just had to stop that shit immediately. I think Maher's one of the good guys - he just happened to not know the story. The fact that all 5 people on that stage didn't know? Shameful. I just wanted to make sure Bill doesn't happen upon it and...but doesn't read the entry. Which I'm sure is the case 9 times out of 10.
Ugh - so here we go with another political entry. I swear I'm not trying, but this has to be the most intense primary season in... ever. I really mean ever. 3 quick thoughts on last night's debate (forget who I thought was better, my opinion ceases to matter once you guys know I favor Obama):
1) Obama would've voted for giving the president power in 2002. Yup, I said it. He would've. He's lucky he wasn't in the senate. If he wasn't able to stand up during the Schiavo case as a freshman senator... no way he was gonna go against something like that. Throw in the fact that he's fighting the "patriotism" label and his name strikes FEAR into the electorate, especially in 2002? Sheeeeeeeeit. He never would've voted against what at the time was such a pro-America vote. And the biggest variable? That power he says he would've voted against? It's the exact same power that he says he'd use against Pakistan or to go back into Iraq. He was very clear that he reserves the right to use force if need be. So all I can say is that he's damn lucky he wasn't in the Senate - because that vote WAS dependent on the inspections and Bush snookered 'em all. I have no idea why Hillary doesn't fight that point more. How poorly run has her campaign been?
2) The bias against Hillary is there...but she has no one but herself to blame. She has a longer record, she has more "scandals" and is a lot more "theatrical". She demands the spotlight, and it oftentimes is negative simply because of what she's doing. Her whole "Shame on You" rant looked a little bitchy. And I absolutely mean that the way it sounds. To go from lovey and taking the high road to going apeshit over a mailer that's been out for weeks in 48 hours? Doesn't look very cool under pressure. She also has a lot more flip-flops and issues because her experience is longer than Obama's. Is the media not supposed to cover it because Obama doesn't have an equal amount? So again - yeah there's more negativity around Clinton but it's not a victim thing. If you want to take credit for 35 years of experience - shit is gonna come up. You think the Keating 5 ain't comin' up with McCain later?
3) Even when Hillary wins, she loses. Which is why she won't be the nomineee. That Farrakhan moment is absolutely astounding. Barack was caught. Not that I think he's an anti-semite, but he didn't wholeheartedly seperate himself from Farrakhan's endorsement and seemed to waffle. He denounced what Farrakhan said but when Russert asked, "...but you don't outright reject it?" he waffled a bit. She caught this and drove a Mack Truck through it. Rightfully so. She used an example from her 2000 campaign and made a great point. And then in a move of such brilliance you'd expect he's been in politics since the 50s, he takes the word she uses and makes her look silly and petty contrasting "reject" and "denounce". It was so masterful I've watched the exchange 3 times and shake my head each time. He's as unflappable as any politician I've ever seen and I think he will destroy McCain if he has the chance. Be safe brotha.
Alright - now I can get back to what I was working on. Going to Vegas at the end of the week for a sorely needed break from what's unfortunately been one of the hardest weeks in recent memory. Sorry for the locked entries, but sometimes you have to protect the ones you love. No matter how many people tell you you can't.
PS - a pic I found, with the infamous Obama caption:
George Herbert Walker Bush's photo (that's his real name)... he
TO SAY THE PLEDGE... how in the hell can a man like
this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief????
...it's pretty stupid isn't it.