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12:23 PM, Thursday, February 21st 2008:
I realized for the first time last night that I'm willing to throw my entire "career" out the window for something I believe in.
I'm not however willing to hurt someone else for it. Both things I assumed before, but last night was one of those tests where I was completely suprised at just how much I was willing to risk and how badly I was ready to sacrifice everything for what I believed in. Now since I didn't do it, of course how can I prove it - but for the longtime readers, you know I simply don't lie within these pages, they're far too sacred. So believe me when I say - had it not been for my friendship with Tyson & Michelle (and I do mean friendship and not "contact") I would've been on that stage in a heartbeat. I know the theater well (It's the Price is Right theater I did the Egos on) and knew the number of STEPS it would've take to reach that fucker and the security in that place is notoriously lax. Bill had to jump into the crowd one time and kick someone out because of it. Pathetic.
To those who can't see the video, it's very simple. Jack Kingston, a republican representitive from Georgia, slipped in the lie about Obama and putting his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance. He went a bit further and said he wouldn't even SAY the pledge of allegiance and then went onto the now infamous internet myth that shows this picture:
..and states he was disrespecting the flag but not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge. To the sheep in the world that fall for this, I weep. Notice no one's mouths are moving? It's during the national anthem. A moment in which I have never put my hand over my heart. No one I know ever has either. You take your hat off, giggle at the bad singer, then yell play ball and continue drinking your beer. I include video of this event in my video so you can indeed see (and hear, dear GOD - hear) that it's during the anthem. And finally the slimey fuck slips in the "Hussein" middle-name jab as a tiny little fear card to scare us sheep from casting our vote for an evil muslim! FUCK ME.
But no one said SHIT. We in the crowd booed. I yelled "ANTHEM" twice during it (and actually if you turn the volume up on my high-def version, you can hear my 2nd 'ANTHEM'). When no one called him out for a blatant lie (and in their defense they may have just not known) I was moments from running up there. I swear to you all. I thought of Michelle and how she would most definitely lose her job and immediately threw that thought away. I sat with my head in my hand nearly the entire rest of the show tapping my foot and trying to get the fuck out of there before I exploded. I'm furious as I'm WRITING this.
And honestly? I'm disappointed in Bill. Now I've heard him say a few times that he's kind of "anti-internet", in fact even said gleefully he never has to use it several years back, so he certainly may have no idea about this story - but the "Hussein" thing? All he, or anyone on the panel, had to say was:  "You know, that's the type of shit that makes people hate YOU." Now I love Bill, I will give him the benefit of the doubt here because 99% of the time he is dead on. But when you don't stand up against these types of tactics and CALL people out when they're so CLEARLY lying - you are just as bad as the people saying it.
But bottom line I guess what kills me most of all is that it works. I personally know someone who is pro-clinton simply because of the "muslim" fear with Obama. This person isn't stupid, but guess what happens when you get past a certain age? Fear trumps hope. Hope is some bullshit you had when you were a kid. Soon your fearless invincible swagger gives way to fear as you start to realize you're closer to death. Few can keep that hope after decades and decades of watching idealism die. And after these past 8 years? I have to admit - I had no hope for this country. That must mean I'm a muslim or some shit, but it's the truth. No hope. One man's story of how he came to be made me think: "If he can make it to be president, anything is possible." So don't sit there and tell me I'm being swindled by a snake oil salesman. He represents America to me because he's the most unlikely person I can think of to get this far and he did it by believing he could. Time will tell if he can get past the next 8 months or so.
People like Kingston make me wonder if it's possible. Fuck him for doing that.