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12:23 PM, Thursday, February 21st 2008:
After two weeks it has come down to randoms because I'm just FUMIN' and attempts to put this in essay form are failing. Now if it seems that I'm all over the political spectrum it's because I am. I am like most people in the world: I have independent thought. It's why I can respect the hell out of John McCain for his beliefs and wholeheartedly march against his beliefs in Washington. It's called CHARACTER. Something sorely lacking in politics. Ahem. First an open letter to Ms. Rodham:
Dear Hillary,
I didn't dislike you. The thought of you being president and pissing off every right-wing nutjob on the planet actually made me giggle a bit. The thought of Bill in the White House with no job? As a comedian that's just too easy. A woman president? Certainly cool. I wrote "Campaign in the Wind" over a month ago almost out of sympathy for you having to fight the Bush/Clinton/Bush history when you can stand on your own. However, what I've witnessed from your campaign over the past two weeks made me so angry I wrote the to the Democratic National Committee. I'm a friggin' Libertarian. I could give two shits about your whimpy-ass, big government party and here I am writing a letter to them. So where do I start?
1) How 'bout never congratulating Obama in your concession speech? Ever. That's what a concession speech is. You say "I congratulate Obama, he ran a good race..." and then you can go on about how you'll whoop his ass in the next one. You know exactly why he cut you off Tuesday night. How fucking disrespectful can you be? I tuned in to hear your speech and watched you AGAIN ignore the simplest of political protocol and promptly muted you after you ignored him. Had you said those 8 words to start your speech, you would have had the national spotlight for your entire 20 minute speech. Instead you again slapped him in the face. Can you show your true colors any more?
2) The debate ad? The DEBATE ad? Obama ends up with the delegate lead after Super Tuesday, you then lose the next 3 contests and you demand 5 debates in like 2 weeks. FIVE. He accepts 2 and then you run an attack ad saying he's ducking debates? THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE HATE about politics. Come fucking on already. This guy is IN your party. He's probably going to REPRESENT your party. What the fuck? Use your ideas and show your differences - don't attack him for only debating you 20 times and not 21 times.
3) Changing the magic number on your website to 2208 (from 2025) to confuse voters and pressure the DNC to change the rules on Florida and Michigan is one of the most underhanded (and frankly politically stupid in this case) moves I think I've seen a candidate do. A close 2nd was Bush suing Gore for wanting a recount (more to staul the recount) but even in that case I believed if the roles were reversed Gore would've done the same thing... but here? Are you kidding? Stop already. You agreed to punish Michigan & Florida for moving their primaries and agreed the delegates wouldn't count. Obama wasn't even on the friggin' ballot in Michigan. Stop. Just stop.
4) Harold Ickes, a senior advisor, called Obama's wins in the state elections "irrelevant" because you would lock down the nomination by winning over party insiders and super delegates. And you wonder why people hate you. I mean hate you. Divisive is being oh-so-nice. I really used to wonder why there was so much negativity towards you and Bill and I guess I didn't do my homework. This is nothing new.
5) Good news for Clinton on Tuesday was that Obama's in Wisconsin was the narrowest margin in the last 10 states. Bad news, it was 17 points. Ouch. The average over the last 10 states? 37 points. Christ. Look at this:
17 Point win - Wisconsin
52 Point win - Hawaii
29 Point win - Virginia
23 Point win - Maryland
51 Point win - Washington D.C.
19 Point win - Maine
36 Point win - Washington
84 Point win - Virgin Islands
36 Point win - Nebraska
21 Point win - Louisiana
Saying Obama has momentum is like saying an avalanche has momentum. It's getting a little redundant. A snowball rolling down a hill has momentum - these are blowouts. But one thing can change that in a heartbeat - an Obama mistake. And he's already made some big ones:
6) The plagarism thing was about as stupid a rookie political move as he could have made. In reality it's meaningless - but we all know politics is a game of herding sheep. The American public isn't stupid, they're just apathetic. When being attacked about how you're just words and no substance... the last thing you want to do is lift someone else's speech to prove your point. LOL. Again, in reality - it means nothing. They all have speech writers, the guy he took it from was a friend and suggested it... and the funniest thing? What he lifted was actually a bunch of "quotes". LOL. I've never heard one person bring that up in all this. He lifted a quote of famous "quotes" showing that those famous quotes were "just words". It's a complete non-issue, but politically it was a ridiculously bone-headed move.
7) The public financing thing on face value seems like a HUUUUUGE fuck-up on his part. You know that box you check off on your taxes to allocate for political campaigns? Well if the candidates agree to they can just use those funds evenly with no money from donors. In most races that's the fair thing to do because there's so many special interestes funding campaigns. Barack apparently agreed to use public funds along with McCain if they were the nominees and now Barack isn't so sure. The reason? Well he's bringing in over a million a day in donations. He's raising more money than any candidate in the history of American Politics. But ethically? Tough shit bro. McCain is gonna ride your ass on this because he knows he can't raise that much money. If you actually agreed to that... you'd better own up. Again, I don't know what "agreed" means and this may be complete propoganda, but it's something to watch. The sad thing is that 90% of Barack's money are donations under $100. So in reality he is being funded by the public. Everyday Joe's hitting $20 on the internet. He'll have 100 million he can't use and it's not from lobbyists. We'll see how they can spin this, or if it's even really true. If it is, McCain has every right to slam him on this.
8) Speaking of lobbyists - the latest from Hillary? The "American Leadership Project"? Just, wow. A coalition formed that will take unlimited contributions and is organized the same way as the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They're seeking 100 Clinton supporters to each give $100,000 to fund a $10,000,000 effort to promote her and "contrast" her positions with Obama's. Of course they have no affiliation with Hillary at all. (sigh). So 100,000 people that gave $100 to Obama (and actually close to a million people now) have the same monetary voice as 100 Clinton people because of this "independent group" that are just putting up TV ads to... uhm - inform the public. Yeah, that's it - PSAs. It's the same thing Bush did in 2004 and guess who is no better. I can't stand this shit. Swift Boating in the primaries?! Your own party? Fucked.
9) Oh and speaking of shit from your own party - fuck these Republicans slammin' McCain. Godddddddamnit. This man was a prisoner of war for 5 years in Vietnam, went through untold horrors, is the definition of American Hero - and they attack him because sometimes he agrees with a Democrat? At least he believes in what he says. Dude, his son just came back from IRAQ. How many senators have their CHILDREN in the military - let alone IN THE WAR? I read that article about his son coming back... and was proud of McCain.
Yes, this is Adam talking. This guy:
The guy who marched on Washington against the war. Now do you get why I was there? I was there because I want our troops to not be used as fucking guinea pigs for absolutely no reason. I want them home because the war is a farce. It's illegal. It's a criminal act. I support the troops...so why would I be proud of McCain?!?! A guy who supports the war!? Who supports sending HIS OWN KID to IRAQ to die?!?! 'Cause he puts his money where his mouth is. And honestly? Like no other politician I've ever known. The list of politicians with their kid at war can't be very long and certainly not a presumptive nominee. Not since WWII I imagine.
Anyway he believes just as strongly as I do. He's not a coward. In the same way I'm not a coward. I quit my job and on my own dime flew to DC because I was so angry about Katrina, that I had to do something. I take stands in life and have nothing but respect for McCain for doing the same thing. Now we disagree vehemently. Like not even a little bit of common ground. But life is about standing up for what you believe in.
10) Hahaha the news of the Sex scandal for McCain just broke - so uhm, nevermind. LMAO. What the hell, the woman looks exactly like his wife? What the hell is the point? I mean a brunette I'd understand but seriously this woman is the spitting image of his wife. And how plastic is Cindy right? I mean she looks good on TV - but you know that shit is Joan Rivers spooky in person. Anyway - I hope this doesn't blow-up the Republican party...at least not yet anyway. I want him to be the nominee really bad. People are woefully underestimating the age issue and when Obama and McCain are on the same stage together... it's done. Not a shot in hell.
11) I know there's more... oh the Michelle Obama quote. Stupid. That's the shit you say to your friends having a beer - not in the national spotlight. And she said it twice. I'll personally say it right now - I'm more proud of America listening to Barack speak than I ever have been in my adult life too. But I'm not running for president and neither is Donna. She really needs to clear this up by talking directly to the right-wing in some fashion or it'll hurt them in the general election. But maybe not - after all this shit? He still won by 17 points in lily-white Wisconsin.
12) Obama is a cult! He's a rockstar! It's like David Koresh! We're all idiots being swooned by a sloganeer! I can't speak for the fainting women at his rallies. And I feel for him as he cooly just asks for a paramedic and says:  "You must be dehydrated" "You must not have eaten lunch" - when he knows that it's him and he knows that it's not exactly helping him. I mean 20,000 people at the Houston Rally? (Andrew was there, SBLfilms from the old Journey Boards). That's so unheard of I can't even tell you. But what does he do? Turn people away? Play smaller venues? Christ I just said that didn't I - play smaller venues. He is a rockstar. He's filling arenas and some people ARE way too into it. He's the savior, he's gonna change the world - all that. Well again, I can't speak for them - but I don't feel that way. He's a liberal politician with extremely liberal policies. As a libertarian whose ideal is a smaller government - we disagree. But here's the thing - we're already spending the BAZILLIONS on the war and other goofy shit. At this point? I don't mind re-allocating those funds to the people. Eventually we simply don't need to spend that fucking much and I hope in future generations we'll get back to that. Get back to the basics of the constitution and chop down government. It's way out of hand. But we're in this strange world where the republicans have outspent the democrats and used the money to kill people. That's rough. Obama is the perfect "in-between" right now as we're injured as a country. Listen, forget hearing him speak if you don't want to be "mesmerized". If you're scared you're getting sold a bill of goods, just read his story. He's America. That's what moves me. That's what moves me about his 2004 DNC speech. His background. Here's a guy whose Kenyan father left when he was 2, he's clearly black in a white world - then goes to Indonesia for 4 years - and to top it off his name is Barack Obama. Talk about not fitting in? He is America. He is what you can do. If he can make it to the presidency, with ALL of this shit around him. With so much negativity coming towards him (as it has his whole life) and be president...what that says to every little kid? Unbelieveable. That's what he means by hope. I had hope. When I was a kid there was nothing in the world I couldn't be and I still believe it and I still dream every day and push and push! I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have that. He will change the landscape of this country simply by making it to the office. Now what he does once he's in? Don't know. I think he'll be slammed incessantly and be hard pressed to get anything done - but I may be wrong. Notice how being negative against him seems to backfire? It's more than teflon, it seems to actually make the person who said the attack look bad. That could really help him as president. It worked with Reagan. People liked him so much that they thought twice before the attacks. Hillary is learning that right now.
13) Debate tonight. It's funny, before I wanted him to be more aggressive - and now, he doesn't need to do shit. He just has to coast. He just has to not fall for her bait. No fireworks = continued momentum. And Hillary is in a difficult situation. Attacking in debates makes her look horrible and she needs a big gaffe on his part. I hope he suprises me and throws a zinger at her. But he'll probably play it cool and say the same old thing. We'll see. My heart is really into this and I'm just so angry about her going negative. I mean, a word here and there in a speech to show seperation? That's fine. Obama does it all the time, pointed jabs make sense - you have to address the differences in some way. But the attack ads KILL me. That "debate ad" was just soooooooo transparent and so utterly and completely false. It kills me because she's COMPETENT! She's a good candidate! She doesn't need to do that. And if you're in the middle of a movement and it's not your time, 2012 will be. Seriously Hillary don't do the "Scorched Earth" tactic here. You're not only tarnishing the Clinton legacy you're ruining your own shot - McCain may win, and guess who'll be sitting there waiting to take him on in 2012? Be graceful here, and you control your own destiny...