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12:05 AM, Sunday, February 10th 2008:
Really dead. Like dead longer than he was even alive. (wow that's only true like this year). Remember him with speeches, pictures - lotsa good video on the man. Some great books that I read as a child. But believe me, you don't need to see the memorial. The man is gone, read a book or take a look at my video. And I know it's weak to use the same song as a few entries back - but it's the truth. It has been in my head since the moment I heard it and it's all I thought of today... as I nearly got mugged.
This was very stupid. Chris Rock warned me too. He warned me...
"You know what's so sad man, you know what's so wild? Martin Luther King stood for non-violence. Now what's Martin Luther King? A street. And I don't give a fuck where you in in America, if you're on Martin Luther King Boulevard there's some violence goin' down. It ain't the safest place to be. You can't call nobody and tell 'em you're lost on MLK. 'I'm lost I'm on Martin Luther King' - RUN! RUN! RUN!"
-Chris Rock, 1996
Well triple that shit on Martin Luther King Blvd in "Martin Luther King Historical District". Whew. Not the best time to not bring a bag with me and just hold my High Def camcorder. I step off the subway (King Memorial Stop) around 2 pm and there's no real signs on which way to go. I see an info sign and they just show the whole neighborhood that's considered the district. So I just start walking. Very quickly I realize I'm very lost and very naive. I see my road ahead that I'm walking down and witness 3 hookers, 4 "slap your hand" drug deals and boarded up houses with seemingly "no one" around. They spot my white ass quickly and there was no turning around at that point, can't look weak or scared, I just have to go into "G" mode. My camera's in my jacket at this point, but not in a pocket - I'm just holding it with my arm and I'm doing my best to look as angry as possible. Then here comes the onslaught. Everyone comin' up to me knowing I must want drugs or why the hell else would I be on the street. Difficult to get past 'em as the sidewalks were very tight. I literally had to push past them (physically) and keep on walkin' at the same brisk pace. People yellin', people comin' at me... it was pretty intense. I gotta say, I wasn't scared as much as you'd think since I was intently trying to figure out how I could fight back and not drop my camera. Of course I still had a sense of humor about it when one of the dealers after asking if I wanted crack 3 times finally goes:  "Sheeeeit, you want weed don't you." Heh. That got a bit of a smirk from me I must admit. My inner Gary seemed to work and soon I got to a main street and I damn near walked down the MIDDLE of the street the rest of the way so I had room.
I finally found the museum and looked at the exhibits, the movie and took some video. It was closing in on 4:30 and somethin' told me to be out of there by dusk. LOL. I ended up skipping his tomb/eternal flame concerned I'd waste too much time and still be lost as how to get back to the subway. I ended up getting lost again trying to avoid that street but finally found my way and couldn't have been happier to have my camera in hand on my way back...
...when I proceeded to have it taken from me at "Atlanta Bread Company" (Panera bread in the south) an hour later. (sigh). This little bitch cashier gives me a credit card slip to sign and I put down my camera to sign it and must have looked away for but a moment when he takes it. I had no idea. After I finish my dinner and gather my stuff I notice it's gone and I go up to the register and ask about it. He sheepishly puts his head down and opens a drawer and hands it to me. Nice huh? Dick.
So now I'm safe in my hotel watching the most recent sweep of states by Mr. Obama. At my count with the percentages he'll be up in the delegate count 967-906 tomorrow morning. The pundits are saying he may win 3 straight weeks of states until the big battles of Ohio & Texas on March 4th. Of course Hillary got more super-delegates today. And that's without one state won. It's getting a little tense. This is possible: he could win more votes, more delegates, more states... and then Hillary can broker the nomination in August. Can you imagine. Can you fathom the anger in this country if that happens. It really will be the 1968 convention all over again. A trip to Denver may be in order. :-)
Listening to him speak in Virginia was just crazy after seeing/hearing all the MLK speeches today. What he would've thought...right? Can you believe we're here as a country? Can you believe after the day I've had I still feel this way? Heh. What I went through today has everything to do with youth and poverty and nothing to do with skin color. Now it is a real problem. There is quite a difference between the races - I've always hated the whole "we're all the same" bullshit that has been fed to my generation forever. We're very different and there's reasons for that. There's differences to celebrate and differences to try and understand. It's why this election means so much to me. If a black kid born a few years ago knows only of a black president for his first 8 years... what will that do to him/her? I can't imagine. And what it will say to the rest of the world is overwhelming. Today I don't believe there was one person at the museum that didn't think of Barack a few times. Watching the little documentary on his life - whew. Chills. We're watching history again... I just hope it's not exactly like it was 40 years ago.
Alright - home again tomorrow (later today actually) and it looks like the strike may finally be ending. Feeling very good about the future.