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12:50 PM, Wednesday, February 6th 2008:
This is gonna be a boring entry for anyone not interested in politics. If that's you, skip past the following red paragraphs and jump onto the other stuff. ;-)
Oh and the video is just me goofin' in my hotel room watchin' TV and typin this entry because it's too early for me (still on LA time) to go to sleep. Whomever this comedian is that I'm watching (Mike Birbiglia, just looked it up) may think it's really cool that some random video shows him on in someone's hotel room. I would certainly find that neat-o. And the calf guy? What a fuckin' dork. He got calf implants. Christ. Of course I have popeye calves so I can't say much but wow. Just... wow. Anyway onto the fun stuff. More about Atlanta afterwards...
So color me shocked. I'm the worst, pundit, ever. Not only did he compete... he actually wakes up today with more delgates, more states and if not for absentee balloting I believe he'd even be ahead with the goofy super-delegates counted in. That's unbelieveable. I think the news channels are being understated as to not get more shit from the Clinton camp about anti-Hillary bias, but this is truly more than he could've hoped for. Yeah stealing California would've been nice, but as I mentioned before - with nearly 3 million ballots cast a month ago, it's far from a fair assessment of his support. Couple things that stuck out:
-He ain't winning those states in the south in the general election. Let's make that clear. Neither is Hillary for that matter. People getting all excited seeing him win Georgia, Alabama... yeah, keep dreamin'. This will be a difficult general election for everyone involved but the hardcore red/blue states are gonna stay just that color. It'll come down to the swing states as it always does - and bias aside, I think he pulls in more independents like me than Hillary. Warranted or not, she is simply too divisive a figure and McCain is liberal enough he'll pull left-leaning independents over Hillary. Bottom line is - Mann Coulter can say whatever she wants but when the shit comes down, she's not voting for Hillary.
-A majority of the Super Delegates that are being added to the tallies now were decided before the caucus/primaries even started. They are specific people in the party that are allowed to change their minds at any moment and our considered the "Firewall" for the party if it comes down to them. I have no problem with that as since, hey, it's their party they should be able to choose who they want. The only reason they even let us vote is so they can determine how the candidate will do in a general election. Either way, if you're rooting for one side or the other - just forget about the Supers right now. The chances of them going against their own state are incredibly slim, so if Obama or Hillary wins more pledged delegates, even if they don't get to the magic number to be automatic, those super-delegates are gonna push it in the way their state voted...you hope. People will friggin' riot if they go against the pledged delegates and it changes the nominee in August. Anyway, for the next couple of months, ignore all "super-delegates" or just don't depend on them if you're a Hillary supporter - she has to beat him in pledged delegates or face an all out revolt like the '68 convention.
-Already hearing the rumblings about Michigan and Florida's delegates and it's absolute horseshit. This is politics, I know, but how come it's always Clinton doin' this shit? Michigan and Florida had their delegates stripped by the Democratic National Party because they moved their primaries up prior to Super-Tuesday to try and be more relevent. It of course makes it difficult for the candidates to campaign properly and to punish these states the Democrats threatened to strip their power. The states went ahead, and their delegates were stripped by the Democrats. This happened last year and the candidates were well aware of this and didn't campaign in those states. They agreed to this, and although it's nice to say you won a state... if no one is campaigning, and no delegates are awarded - it simply doesn't count. Of course on name recognition alone, Clinton won Michigan and Florida and are now starting this "for the people" campaign to not disenfranchise the poor voters of those two states. Obama wasn't even ON the ballot in Michigan for fuck's sake. This is the political shit that makes people insane. This is the Washington bullshit we're all fucking tired of. Everyone agreed to the rules, and now because you're losing you want to change the rules, retroactively, so you win. Stop being a bitch about it (that's not to be taken sexually, it's simply a bitch move) and continue your campaign. And I hope you all know me well enough to know that if Obama did this I would say the exact same thing. Just like I keep giving him shit on slammin' Hillary so hard for her Iraq war vote. It has no bearing on the future and you weren't even in the Senate then man. Though I do have to admit, why the hell she won't admit it was a mistake is frustrating, but still - I have always called things unbiasedly. Always. I do it with sports teams I root for, candidates I root for, my own life, my own choices - I don't pull punches. And bottom line is this Michigan/Florida thing is horseshit. Complete horseshit.
-The news of HIllary's money woes is breaking now (TV on an airplane is so awesome). I think they're overreacting but I have to wonder how this shit gets out. You know? Like how do they know so quick that some senior staffers aren't taking pay for a month? Heh, guess you can't pay 'em to keep quiet - LOL. The 5 million of her personal money is impressive as well. I still don't think this is that big of a deal, but it must be for her to let that info go the following morning. Man, he's up 838-834. I just can't believe it. Alright - enough of the politics.
So I'm in Atlanta... kinda. I'm in BFE which is close to Atlanta I think. Heh. A one hour, $70 cab ride watching us go right through Atlanta had me a little worried. I'll find out tomorrow when I go to this event. Some of you may have skipped that part of the "Jemima, you go girl" entry last month, but it got me a video shooting/editing gig here in Atlanta for a realtor seminar. It means enough money to get through the next couple of months and could be enough contacts/work to allow me to pursue my entertainment career the majority of this year. Mind boggling. I sat on the plane thinking about it all and just shook my head. There's this overwhelming feeling of hope and potential running through me right now, I can barely describe it. An idea I had last month, that wasn't even original, lead to so much - and it makes you want to risk even more. Add in all the equity I had to take out of my house... I feel this magentic pull towards doing very big things and just seeing exactly what I can pull off. No better investment than me man. Heh - as a wise man once said:  "We are the ones we've been waiting for."
Christ that's a powerful statement. Who is Obama's speech writer!??! What an incredible 2008 so far. Now get ready for a ridiculously boring entry about a real-estate seminar on Friday.
I'll try and make it funny.