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7:10 PM, Monday, January 28th, 2008:
Well that was a fun four days. You know, the first time in my life supporting a two-party candidate for president. Great while it lasted. Unfortunately Obama Bin Lay-down-and-make-sweet-love-to-Hillary just lost the nomination. (sigh) Dude, you don't trade baskets when you're behind in 21 of the 22 states on Tuesday, you go for some steals, you go for some threes. I mean, how the hell does he not bring up the fact that she has taken more money from health insurance companies than ANY other candidate including republicans? Christ. Was some deal made? Is he just playing for VP now? That was literally like watching a fireside chat with one campaign. And I'm sorry, but him bringing up her Iraq war vote is just stupid. Several people voted for the president's right to use force under the condition that it would be after the inspections were complete and the man just hoodwinked everyone. They don't get much more anti-Iraq war than me, and that argument is just weak, but it's all he's got since they've voted identical since then. Hillary was able to go on and on about health care and look incredibly intelligent and presidential when one line would've destroyed all of her credibility in an instant: She's in bed with the health insurance companies and will serve their interests first. That would've also shown the Edwards supporters who to gravitate towards considering it's exactly what he would have said had he been there. Time after time Obama avoided putting her feet to the fire and at best this was a tie...which means Hillary will be close to 200 delegates ahead of Obama after Super Tuesday, and for all intents and purposes it's over. I will be completely shocked if Obama is within 100 delegates of her Wednesday morning. Oh well. A 71 year old McCain ain't beatin' either of them (the pundits are absolute morons thinking that won't matter) - so at least the war will be over in 2010. Thank the fuck christ.
Now, the reason for the entry (and the double intendre of the title) was this poster. I saw this on TV and thought it was damn snappy. I looked everywhere online, nothing. I mean for 45 minutes today (nothin' to do when you're locked into vacancy - but more on that this weekend) I searched every message board and really - I could not find this picture online.
So I said screw it - I will go down to the debate in Hollywood, find this poster, and make it mine. This is the fun of "The Journey". You do goofy shit like this, just because you know it may be a funny video or entry. But believe me, I was not going to tape my failure here. I, was, getting, that, poster...
Click me, I'm big...

...except for the fact that apparently I wasn't. Heh. These were some special edition posters this guy made by hand and there were like 15 of them total. He was handing them out personally to registered Obama volunteers that were staying in strategic places until 8 PM. I watched 20 people come up offering up to $50 for one and another volunteer guy guarded them with his life. I waited. I wasn't gonna steal them... but I just knew that opportunity would knockust scope it out. As you'll see in the video, opportunity knocks in the form of a whiny Obama volunteer, and well... check out the video for the ending. :-)
The atmosphere was pretty insane down there. It was certainly an Obama majority, but I think that's just 'cause they tend to be younger, therefore louder, therefore... won't vote in the primary so it doesn't matter. Ha, I have no faith whatsoever in the youth to vote on Tuesday. I audaciously hope I'm wrong, but it hasn't happened in my lifetime. It was fun to be part of it all, and I admit I thought several times about just how glad I am that I didn't upload that video two entries back. What the hell was I smoking. Whew. I wholeheartedly believe I would never have made it past one cop. What a monumentally stupid idea that was.
And speaking of HGTV...
LOL. (sigh). Now it hasn't been that bad but there have been a few issues and needless to say this hasn't been the happiest week of my life. However, tomorrow they're done and things will get back to normal... probably a locked entry this weekend but certainly a video to look forward to. I don't think they're used to two people who have worked in television before being on-set. Things were substantially better today - and the big reveal tomorrow should be fun. Uhm, yeah that's about all I can say right now. Heh.
Alrighty so if the next one is locked, and I don't have the chance to tell ya until then - be sure to vote on Tuesday if you're having your primary. I'm still shaking my head. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist here but it sure as hell seemed like Obama was find being VP tonight. I mean how many times can you say "we both believe, we both think, we both agree..." when you're losing. We'll see. Tuesday will be a fun day to watch. Probably a helluva lot more exciting than the superbowl.
Wow, that officially makes me a gigantic nerd.
PS - Was this not the most entertaining month ever? I'll rarely just come right out and say it - but godddddddamn this was a really good month to follow this little story. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!?!
Heh. Here's to February...