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9:00 PM, Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008:
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ HAPPY!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ RANDOM!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~

You know, it's really a remarkable journey when you look at it from afar, and this month is a shining example of how every choice can make curves in this raging river. It boggles my mind how the the tiniest curves can lead to waterfalls and conversely the most labored over self-made waterfalls lead to nothing. Maybe a frog pond. A frog pond with no frogs. Anyway, what I did in 24 hours at the beginning of this year has indeed lead to multiple waterfalls and the potential for countless opportunities that could shape not only this year, but my entire career. And it was one full-time sales gig away from never happening. Yes, that unprofessional manager lead to a few emails of desperation, a few links to a certain video, and in less than 10 days a certain black woman bending my river in unimaginable ways. Aunt Jemima, you go girl.


First up, Tyson my make-up guy from The Egos. Have kept up with him and his wife Michelle since the end of Living Room Live and have always gotten along incredibly well. In a town full of promises and facades these two people are among the most sincere and "real" people I've met. And the reason we get along is simple, if you wanna know the real Hollywood, you ask the make-up artists. They see it all. And when you've seen the worst of the divas, you're attracted to the genuine people. So when my financial world crumbled with the loss of that stupid sales gig, one of the first people I called was Tyson. Basically saying the same thing I said to Tammy & Steve a month ago: "This shit is way too good. We just need the right people to see it." The seed was set, and I then went on to contact another person that could help...


 ...good ol' Winnie & Ollie. You guys ever figure out that was Vinnie Favale? Yes, the head of late night at CBS in NY, longtime Howard Stern player, the man who named "Up & Adam", and the one who sincerely wanted to help a year ago, got an email from yours truly linking him to "Aunt Jemima" which he dug quite a bit. In responding to him I wrote:
Glad you dug it bro! How's things at the show? Happy to be workin' again?
Oh and you know, I never thought of this - would you have any way to put a good word in for me to work with Ferguson somehow? Writer/staffer/gopher - anything? I've been unemployed since CBS ran out and I'm pretty desperate...
Lemme know! Thanks,
So we'll leave that danglin' out there and go to yet another stream...

Chris Johnson (GenuineChris from the old Journey boards), and as close as you can get to a dysfunctional "instant message" relationship with a platonic friend, sends out "Aunt Jemima" to his other realtor friends. Now I actually went to college with him, couldn't stand the man then and truth be told he continues to annoy me to this day - but he's brutally honest and is certainly a good "check" for my own shit from time to time. Unfortunately since it's nearly impossible to sense sarcasm over the internet I always take him literally and end up getting annoyed over a joke the majority of the time. Yet we continue to bug each other 8 years and running. Heh.

Anyway, those are the seeds. While they're growin' I'm checking the views on YouTube, working out, and just "Schemin'"... and then, it all starts to happen...
Vinnie writes back and asks if I've met his counterpart in LA. The VP of Late Night is a woman named Dorian out here, and I said I never had the chance. He passes "Aunt Jemima" to her as well as a national radio syndicate that sells parody songs and bits to radio stations all over the country...
...at the same time, Michelle is actually (The Late Late Show with...) Craig Ferguson's make-up lady and knows Dorian personally. She has already mentioned me to her and suddenly, we have buzz. :-) It's difficult to ever get someone to vouch for you (just ask the 2 guys who helped me get the sales gig, heh) and to have 2 in the same week say the same things and ironically forward the same video? That my friends, warrants a meeting. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm meeting with her and will be able to sit down with a laptop and show her bits of everything. From The Egos on the Price is Right and Young & the Restless, to the animation of "Let's Bomb Iran" and "Up & Adam" to Aunt Jemima and hopefully make enough of an impression to get my foot back in the door. Be it a writer, gopher, maybe a recurring character on the show - who knows. I certainly have the ability to do a lot and now I have the opportunity to show that. Who knows what tomorrow brings (and I haven't even told you the half of it, I'll save that for the icing on the cake at the end of this entry...)

Then there's the radio syndicate guy who also loved "Aunt Jemima" and I just spoke with him yesterday about doing some songs/videos for him that could be syndicated nationwide. Apparently radio stations are just as interested in the video portion of the parodies for their websites. Who knew, right? So I just sent out a detailed email with everything from WTVN to CD101 to "Leaderless State" to "We Walk Today" and literally everything in between. He was incredibly positive and wants to work with me on something soon. It could obviously end up being a very good connection and a way to make some money off the stuff I do anyway. Which would be paramount if not for what Chris' realtor connections turned into...

In two weeks I'm being flown to Atlanta to tape a conference for a realtor which I'll then be editing into pieces for the internet, multiple DVDs... and this could be one of many events like this. Something I could never have done had that ridiculous manager not blown me off in such spectacular fashion. It's enough money to stay afloat and hey - Journey fodder from the city of... shit - the city of.. man's best friend? (sorry Vick, had to) Uhm a poor basketball team? The home of Coca-Cola? Whatever, but I'll be sure to make some good videos out of it. The Journey's an adventure...
...and I haven't even told you the best part. It's funny - I got this piece of news and started jumping around like a friggin' schoolgirl. Donna thought I was just offered a contract of some sort, you know - something actually substantial as I could barely form the words. I meet Dorian before Ferguson's show and will then be able to watch the rehearsal and the taping. The guest? Tomorrow night's only guest?
Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me. A Beatle. Hell, half of the living Beatles for christ's sake. I've seen Paul in concert, and now this. I believe It's acceptable to die now.
It's funny - first thought of course is to somehow get some video of us together or something... but guys, let's be real here. On the set of The Sopranos, it was an all-out assault to grab what I could 'cause in reality who would I be burning a bridge to? A "background casting" operation in NY? That was a worthy risk... but this is now a peer group - a favor from a friend, potential co-workers.. not happenin' folks. You kinda just have to soak it in, realize the site will have to do with a description and maybe a clip from the telecast, and let it be. HA! No pun intended! Hahahaha....
...but of course, if the opportunity arises - I'm surely not gonna let it pass - but I'm there for the cake (the meeting), no matter how incredible the icing may be.
Now if it was Paul.... well, yeah, I would absolutely risk my entire criminal record for video of us together, but Ringo is a bit more of a "HOLY SHIT A BEATLE" reaction as opposed to a man who has inspired me since childhood and has continued to ever since. Let's just say, the Gods are shining on me by it not being McCartney tomorrow. That would not end good. :-)
But I can truthfully say now: "Welcome Back". Welcome back to that Journey where you truly had no idea what the next entry was going to bring and the drama wasn't how slow things were. I may be comfortable in that mode but sheeeeit, I can be comfortable when I'm dead. Bring on the excitement. Bring on Entry #721.
...oh but wait. I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the other video getting me a lot of attention. (sigh). So I check out the "links" on YouTube and noticed several links from http://nakedworkshops2.blogspot.com/. I probably don't have to warn you that isn't safe for work. LOL. I wish I had my reaction to hitting that page (I'm January 23rd, 2008 if you're looking). Anyway my mind went something like this: "ass, cock, cock, ass, ass, cock, ass, ME, cock, cock (sigh)" I couldn't help but laugh. It's this page dedicated to naked men being... well, naked and reveling in their vanity or somethin'.
Either way - this is what happens when you put "naked man" as a tag on YouTube. It gets picked up. I just kinda shook my head and let out a long sigh. I mean, I was goin' for the whole "Will Ferrel" funny naked guy thing? You know? It seems I may have slid into the homo-erotic but whatcha gonna do. I thought it was funny. So did all of you. And hey, I don't really mind. I mean - I'm all over Islamic websites and get death threats weekly for "Let's Bomb Iran" so a site full of naked men is well... a gay porn site. HA. So funny - thankfully anyone who sees me there will be able to see the whole video and see it's obvious I was trying to be funny. Adam, Adam, Adam... Still shaking my head.
The top one. :-)