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8:33 PM, Friday, January 11th, 2008:
If you were unaware, CTRL-C is "copy" and CTRL-V is "paste". The reason I tell you this is because you will need to copy and paste this into an email.
"You're full of shit, there's no way that happened...nice try."
Just go ahead and copy that right now and paste it to my email which you can get by clicking the picture on my front page. Seriously, just go ahead and send that on before you read anything. Because I guarantee you will completely think what I'm about to write is fiction. Got it sent? Good. Now don't skim damnit, this could be a life changer for some of you. Here we go:
So the interview as I mentioned in the last entry was great and this morning I got the call that I had gotten the job! Very excited. Couldn't have come at a better time. New year, new job and something I could really sink my teeth into and make some good money. I was actually pretty excited that I made such a good impression and was starting so quickly as I knew they had interviewed several people. Although 100% commission, there was a draw that would be able to get Donna and I through the next couple of months and again, couldn't be more excited. Started 9 AM Monday morning, they paid for parking...giddy-up.
Donna had a doctor's appointment late on Monday and I wasn't sure what time I'd be done with work to go with her or if she'd have to get a ride so about 3 hours later I called back and asked. The lady said she wasn't sure what time, but that it was a full day. So I let Donna know that I probably wouldn't be able to make it.
An hour later I got a voicemail message saying the position was already filled.
I know I joke about the "omens" of getting so close and then losing everything in spectacular fashion, but this was a little too much. I called back, and no one would take my call. I wrote back to clarify:
Hey there, was writing out of confusion. ******** let me know I had gotten the job and would be starting on Monday at 9 which I was very excited for. I then called back as I wanted to know what time the day ended so I would know if I could be with my wife at a doctor's apointment at 5. ******** said she wasn't sure so I let my wife know that I most likely would not be able to make it.
Now the job is gone? I'm completely confused. I certainly hope my asking what time I would be off didn't lead to this. I'm fully committed to this job I just needed to know if I would be able to meet with my wife in time.
I finally get ahold of one of the guys I knew and he said: 
"Dude, why did you ask to get off early?"
"What? I never said that. I called back to see what time I was off so I'd know if my wife needed a ride to her doctor's appointment."
"Ohhhhhhh, did you tell them that?"
"No one will anser my calls, but I certainly left that message and wrote to them..."
"Alright, lemme see what happened, I'll call you back..."
I called some more people for advice, and one finally said: "This sounds like fiction to me. But seriously, just go down there and explain it to them, and they'll see that you're serious about the job. " Since no one was returning my calls and it was close to 5 on a Friday, I figured it was my only shot. So I fight the LA traffic for an hour, amazed during that whole time my friend or the manager never called back. I get there and another employee shows me where he is, I knock on the door and he was actually pissed. ??? He literally said he didn't appreciate me coming there. I wasn't completely sure if he meant his door or the building but my explanation that I was pointed in this direction didn't help matters. He said he would meet me after he was done training and when I had the chance to explain to him the misunderstanding he repeated, ad infinitum: "This isn't a good fit."
Didn't matter what I said, he repeated that phrase. Now if I didn't know the two people at this company as well as I do, I would've laughed my ass off - and walked out of there almost high at how funny The Journey Entry would be. But I know these guys, I would have loved to hang out with them again. I know what the job requires, it absolutely plays to every strength I've ever had. So, there's no laughing here. And on something this obvious? A misunderstanding this obvious? What gives?
On a couple hours of processing it seems pretty clear that when he initially heard that I wanted to get off early on Monday (no matter how completely untrue that is) he was done. That was his gut feeling kicking in, and he called another applicant and told them to come in at 9AM on Monday. Once he heard the truth, it was too late. Now, he's the manager, it's never too late - but in this case it's kind of one of those "character" moments that you either go one way or the other. He didn't fall on that sword, he used it on me. It happens. Listen, if I was told the same information my gut instinct would be exactly the same... but my reaction would've been to call or at least have someone else call and clarify. Remember when I called back initially, I said nothing about what I needed to do that evening (it wasn't really their business) I simply asked what time the first training day ended since they never mentioned it. That lady assumed it meant I wanted to leave early (helluvan assumption there huh?) and she got me axed on the spot.
Incredibly, still haven't heard from the one guy I knew there. I guess he's scared for his job? No idea. Just... lol this is the most befuddling thing I've ever experienced. I wrote a final letter to the manager and kind of took the liberty to help him a bit. I know it must seem arrogant as hell, but there are so many times in life where we can truly help people, and we chicken out. You know? Or we say: "Fuck him", and walk off. I mean it doesn't help us right? And of course that was my initial reaction. I'm human. But then I though, what if people didn't do that all the time? What if they stuck their neck's out more often? What if they were honest and didn't worry about how it may make them look - but sincerely tried to help? So this is what I wrote, subject "From time to time, we all need this..."


I fully expect if you're anything like I've been in the past - this will see your trash can well before it gets read, but I see an opportunity to help and will take that chance.
There have been times in my life where I went "unchecked" and it cost me. Sometimes you can't listen to anyone around you because you influence them too much, and complete strangers would never have the chance - but either way, we can all get to a point where we're "infallible". It seems clear that your misinterpretation of what I actually said simply lead you to call someone else who will be there at 9 AM Monday morning, and once you figured out the truth it was just too late. It is difficult to fall on your own sword especially when you can justify cutting someone else. However, once it was clear that you misunderstood, to not come clean is an eye-opener. It's kind of a "look in the mirror" moment.
Again, I don't know you at all, just your actions. If I worked for you, or honestly was even a casual friend - you would never hear this. I'm certain no one around you would even dare. You have an incredible presence and it's a presence that is to be respected. If you gave others the same amount of respect I think you'd be shocked at the return. Just ask my references. ********* knows I'm the guy who stayed until 11 o'clock most nights to finish applications to get as many deals as I can. ********* knows I'm the guy who literally worked 40 out of 48 hours just to make the end product that much better. It's who I've been my whole life and every single person who has ever worked with me is shocked at my work ethic. You trusted your gut which told you I was trying to get off early on the 1st day and believe me, if I had the same information that you had my initial instinct would have been exactly the same, but once you knew the truth, it was really in your best interest to make things right. What lead you to hire me three hours previous had not changed. Sending me on that roller coaster with no explanation was not only incredibly unprofessional, it was one of the most disrespectful things I've ever been a part of. And in the end, you lose a productive and talented person simply because you were concerned with saving face. That really bites you in the end, and again - no one around you is gonna say that.
I can only imagine my reaction had I gotten a letter like this at certain points in my life. If I was able to humble myself for the 5 minutes it took to read it, it would've helped me tremendously. There are lessons to be learned every single day of your life, but rarely do people actually extend the branch if it doesn't serve themselves. Considering this is in your trash can right now, I understand why. Hopefully you prove me wrong and are able to gain something from what I've written. We all need it man. You're trying to push your company into a huge expansion and it takes a strong leader to do that. I hope you see that strength and humility are not oxymoronic, but actually a product of each other, and the sign of a true leader.
I wish you the best,
My own reaction to that is: "Who the fuck does he think he is?" HAHAHAHA. I'm certain it will be read exactly like that. But maybe, just maybe, the guy will stop for a second and soak that in. I know damn well if I got a letter like that I would take it seriously. I would realize that the person writing it had a few life experiences that I may not have had, and I would listen. In fact, that's what I did at WTVN when I was 19 on talk radio: I listened. I didn't always take the actions I heard, but I listened. I was talking with people who had seen worlds beyond what I had, and every single person, no matter the age, held pieces of life's puzzle. Now I was lucky, they would call me. I got life experience and advice handed to me on a silver platter. We don't all get that opportunity, but it doesn't mean we don't need it now and then. I hope he sees that even if he can never bring himself to respond.
And to the Sports Gods? OK, you made your point. It is now a streak of 5 straight teams that I follow that have gotten to the championship and fell on their ass (thank God Chicago can't get in again). I HEAR you. I get it. I'm listening. This probably isn't gonna be my year. But come on already, letting me have the job for 3 hours and then firing me? That's a little extreme don't you think?
PS - the video is my reaction to a rundown of the events that happened (I look so goofy without my goatee) - but to those of you who have seen the infamous "2 girls, 1 cup" reactions on YouTube... it's quite similar isn't it? Ha. Completely unintentional, but I think I'm gonna tag my video with that and see if anyone bothers to read the entry. How funny...
...yeah Adam, fuckin RIOT.