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6:49 PM, Thursday, January 10th, 2008:
For longtime readers who remember my NINE year old little brother when I landed in LA - this may mess with you a bit. A few months back I was looking at "faces of the fallen" and this kid was killed in Iraq who was also 18. It occured to me he was friggin' 12 on 9/11. That's mind-boggling. Kenny now being draft age is also terrifying. Everything just moves too damn quick sometimes.
Anyway, so this is probably the last birthday song for Kenneth. I mean, you look ahead and think - well, shit, what more are you gonna do? I may change my mind next year - but I always intended to do this until he was an adult, and believe it or not here we are.
I took a piece from every year as a bit of a retrospective. Gotta check it out in high-def as well as the YouTube link. It really is quite insane when you look at everything in the last nine versions. I mean, I always look different. I shaved my goatee for this year's and just... wow. Amazing how different I look. And how big it makes me! I've lost 25 pounds now, and I shave that beard off and gain 15 pounds back immediately. Ha. Anyway, I think the backwards one and the very first one are my favorites. First one is just too cute - and the "Happy Birthday" at the end of the backwards one still makes me laugh.
So, K-Dog, you are actually an adult. I'm glad you made it without too many scrapes with the law. Heh, at least it was only traffic stuff. I was lucky enough to get to 18 before my first citation, but it all certainly caught up with me after that. Friggin' right on red. (sigh). Anyway - I have no speech for you (unlike what your girlfriend's parents gave you today - ha), because I realize that everything you've done by now you did by 3 years ago anyway. Heh. Why do parents forget that? Funny.
More than anything, I'm glad you've found a passion that you can also make money with. You always hear that that's the key, and it is. Feel lucky you can work on cars near your family because it certainly sucks to have to be so far away, but I'm chasting the same things you have your whole life too. The world is at your feet right now and I just have to beg you to not beat me to fatherdom. Like seriously. I'm not sure I can handle you being a dad before me. Ha. That would just totally blow my mind...as if you being legal doesn't right? Whew. So have a good one, say hey to Amy for me, and I'll see ya next time in C-Bus.
PS - the interview went great and you're just not gonna believe who else works there besides the person who recommended me:
(pic removed for anonymity purposes - trust me, that'll make sense by the next entry)
Is it the smallest world ever? There's like 10 guys workin' at this place and this ends up being where CeBe S. went last year after he jumped the CBS ship. He's much happier as producing in network news is a 24-7 gig that will drive you out of your mind. I just can't believe I may be working with him again in a different setting. And how cool too have 2 referrals for your job from inside the company?! Should know soon. This is gonna be a strange year to say the least...