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3:00 PM, Wednesday, January 9th, 2008:
Hahaha. At least this is still funny to me.
As it was clear that this was a repeat of last year's eerie omens (all 4 of my sports teams getting to the championship and losing), I got up, I symbolically covered my ears, closed my eyes and ran singing "lalalala" onto the next thing in my control that would help my career - and managed to promptly fall on my ass as the omens said: "You're kidding right? We just showed you - it's gonna implode, don't even try."
And of course the reason I try is I know deep down the two things are not actually related - it's just what happens when you force yourself to write a novel in real-time. Coincidences become bigger, "entry numbers" are magic, and you make up "Journey Gods". When forced to make some decision when there's no explanation you fall back on hocus pocus.
...but not this time - NO! I was going to prove The Gods wrong! I would continue the creative streak I was on, and keep pushing until it really made some noise! It was time, once again, for a political video.
Everyone keeps buggin' me about it - and listen, I understand how much exposure you can get mixing creativity with politics - but I'll be honest: I'm not the biggest fan. It's alllllllllll bullshit. All of it. Barack is great to listen to, makes you feel great... it's so far removed from sincerety we can barely fathom it. When Carlin called the political process "rearranging the chairs on the Titanic" he was right. There is more truth in a movie folks. It isn't my cup of tea. I have always backed the "none of the above" choice (libertarian) because I don't believe in the 2 party system and never will. So I honestly approached it like a chess board and figured the best angle to take. And it was clear: An overly-optimistic Hillary Clinton declares herself the nominee months before the first primary and proceeds to get blind-sided by the "audacity of hope". With a Obama's 10 point lead on the eve of New Hampshire's primary I was primed, and ready to go with a killer parody to "Candle in the Wind" called "Campaign in the wind" and really nailed some of the best lines I've written in a long time... I'm sure you can see where this is going.
I spent all day recording this fuggin' song, doing all the shots for the video, collecting all the pictures and video of Hillary and Obama and as I started to load the footage the polls closed in Iowa. This was a big moment. I have all the producer's emails at every big political station on television and radio from "Let's Bomb Iran" and "Leaderless State" (Katrina song/video) and I was going to have this puppy done right on time and the mp3s would be in the mailboxes overnight to be played the following morning. It was just perfect. You could just feel the swing of momentum...you could just see me taking the stupid sports omen and turning it UP, SIDE, DOWN. Except for the fact that she won. Tiny little problem with beind "ready" for an event, you have to
Not since friggin' 2000 have I seen an election night with more puzzled looks on people's faces. Not only were all the polls wrong, they weren't even close. How some one goes from 10 points up to 3 points down is quite the head-scratcher. But either way I had to smile almost the entire time. I mean I'm the one who sets up these stupid scenarios so I can't really be pissed when they turn out exactly the way I say they will. But damnit the stars were aligned man - perfect song, perfect timing, would've been uploaded during his victory speech - DAH. Oh well, there's always the night after super-Tuesday, but the allure of this parody might be gone then. It's now not such a shock if he ends up winning whereas back to back wins in Iowa and New Hampshire would've just been perfect for a song about how Hillary's Ego cost her so dearly. Now it's a real dogfight (I guess kind've a catfight too, gotta be PC here) and it'll be interesting to see. As I mentioned before at this point it's all better than Bush and Hillary makes the hairs on my neck stand up every time she speaks... so the thought of hearing that for the next 4 years is nauseating to say the least. And it's hard to deny Barack's freshness. And ignore all the experience bullshit, seriously - no one knows what the fuck to do in the world we live in today and experience is certainly a hard thing to tout when it's gotten us where we are. I mean by the same token, BUSH is the most qualified and experienced to be president. Seriously. Any approach that's different than what we currently have has to be considered a plus. But again, they're all bullshit lobbyist mouth-pieces that have had to do extraordinarily sleazy shit to get to where they are right now. Other than Ron Paul, I wouldn't trust any of 'em to ever think of the nation before themselves. And could Ron Paul be any less presidential? For fuckin' cryin' out loud when are we gonna get a 3rd party candidate that isn't a big-eared funny talking guy from Texas? Fuck. And when will independents start focusing on the OFF election years so they have more of BASE when a real independent candidate comes along? DAHHH. WHY AM I THE SMARTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET?
Alright before I go, had to let you all know that HGTV is indeed comin', though only workin' on one room. They film February 4th - 8th and I'm supposed to find someplace to be the entire week as it's pretty much an all-Donna show. I mean I can't even sleep here. The fuck is that? Like shouldn't they put me up or some shit? I wonder how many husbands are not cool with this scenario? "Yeah, uhm we're gonna have 5 hot, muscle-bound guys come over and work with your wife all day and night in your bedroom and you need to be gone the whoooole week. See ya." LOL. Funny proposition right? "...and you have to find your own place to stay, we're not getting you a hotel." Ahhh the glamour of television.
Oh and one more random - I have a job interview later today to head back into the real world. Probably a good 50 hours a week but may make for some good fodder for videos and whatnot. Just the thought of this character I've read about the past year, you know that "Egos" guy, in a suit and tie again behind a desk talking on the phones... it's just funny. I should totally interview as me and show up as Spencer. Ha. (sigh) Welcome to The Journey. But please also know it's actually my last attempt to fuck with Murphy before I accept that I'm completely starting over again. Last time I had a "real job" it triggered Let's Bomb Iran, America's Got Talent and Living Room Live - so I'll take my chances.