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2:21 PM, Friday, December 19th, 2003:
Hi Adam:
I have been thinking more about your situation. I must admit, you have one of the most unique acts we have ever seen. I think first, your best strategy would be to hook up with a serious talent agent, i.e., William Morris, ICM, CAA, Endeavor or the like. Then, your agent and our firm can work together on promotion of your appearances, etc. That would give us something more specific to publicize. When you sign with a talent agent, please let us know and we can proceed from there.
All the best,
R. J. Garis
National Publicist
You know, it's usually hard to define the exact moment you become an alcoholic. Smart money on me however is probably right about now.
The ridiculousness of that email is so painfully apparent that it puts it in the category of "polite rejection". It's the equivalent of an accountant telling me my best strategy would be to win the lottery...then give him a call. Cool man, be right with you. (sigh) I don't mean to be such a sarcastic prick, Mr. Garis is certainly a great guy and is only being honest with me, but what the FUCK? Which of course is where my friend Evan comes in.
Evan is pretty cool. He has the ability to make me laugh at all of this, which is sometimes hard to do. Not sure if I even mentioned him before actually... here's a picture.
Cool guy that Evan. (sigh). Last night was the first time I, without a doubt, clear as day, not even adding juice or soda, drank a whole lotta whiskey just to keep from losing my mind. Every bit the self-medication with vicodin I went through in early 2002. Because of this? Of course not. This whole publicist/backers highpoint has really been icing over dogshit. Besides normal problems on the homefront - add in Jess working 100 hours a week. There isn't an ounce of exagerration there. It's unfucking real. She came home from a 5 week stinit in St. Louis last monght to one of the worst working situations we could imagine. Driving over 50 miles to work, working a 15 hour shift, and driving over 50 miles back 6 days a week with maybe a random day off every once and awhile. No overtime, no sick days, no vacation days - nothing. I honestly spoke to her more when she was in St. Louis. It's absolute hell. They promised her 8 hour days man, and now this. Plus she's making about $50 more a paycheck than she was at her last job thanks to the new tax bracket and the debt rises and rises.
So every normal life stress triples. There really isn't any happiness...anywhere. Even with a shitty job you look towards time off or weekends for hapiness - or hell even a meal together - that's not a possible. Jess is in an emergency situation that has to be rectified immediately, that has no immediate solution. You can only cry yourslef to sleep every night so many days before your body breaks down. Unfortunately the situation breaks down her ability to fight for herself which absolutely enrages me. I mean...enRAGES me. It hits on my "superman complex" of wanting to save all women that are being taken advantage of. The whole situation gets me angrier than I've been in a long, long time. It's her battle though, and she has to do it herself. I really can't even support her verbally as we don't see each other. It's just fuggin' hell man.
But this current string of events career wise was making everything a bit lighter. I felt that twinge of happiness, true happiness, creeping in. Now this. Heh. Granted, there are bright sides of things here. The backers still support me, and if the situation arises where I would need that financial help - I can turn to them. My direction short-term is pretty clear: finish the new show and proceed. I'm also thinking of writing a quick email to the VP guy at William Morris whose card I got - just to ask him about the process they go through selecting talent. If it is even feasible for an absolute no-name, with no resume, but simply a good product to get signed. It certainly isn't from what I know of the agency. Everyone I know of at the agency is already a name. Ahh Mr. Garis. I actually signed my name in on SSX3 as RJ Garis in honor of the day that was 12/17.
At least my twisted sense of humor remains. I do believe this is just another step on the stairway to HELL DEAR LORD WILL IT EVER GET AN EASIER)(*#%$)(#%.
By the way, the video is something you can do on this Bud Light website called "Making Faces" (link removed 02.09.09 - no longer available). You upload a picture, give it some text - and voila. Granted, what you're seeing here is very edited as I had Mr. Garis say all sorts of funny things - but that was more to make me feel better. LOL. He's a good guy, and it's probably not in my best interest to publically slander him to make you laugh. It's still funny though.