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9:17 PM, Sunday, December 14th, 2003:
Yet another strange LA Day.
Driving in my car on Riverside Dr. when I see two teenage girls in an SUV next to me, half-a-car length ahead. It was the strangest thing...they were blasting music, bopping around and playing with a digital camera. Taking pictures, then looking at them and laughing - but they were doing it EXACTLY the way you'd see it in a teen movie. Like it was scripted. You think no one ever really acts this stereotypically young, but every move they made was as if they were playing the part of "teenager" in a movie. Besides making me feel incredibly old, it just struck me as insanely LA. Then the girl in the passenger seat turned her head towards me...Hillary Duff. Ha. I scoot up so we're parallel and she looks at me with a "nothing glance" (because I'm officially too old to be attractive to 16 year old girls now) - and continues playing with the camera and they zoom off. The girl driving looked like she was 13, had braces and seriously was acting like she was in a movie. Like "oh my GOD I am so driving in LA taking pictures of my famous friend Hil."
I was never this happy. You know? I was always too self aware to be carefree like that, and it was absolutely strange to see anyone else just being happy. Insight to my psyche? Probably. More likely a long drawn out way to say:  "I saw Hillary Duff driving next to me today." Heh.
So Saturday Night was the night of the big Magnolia Apartments Christmas Show...that I wasn't going to attend. I had been asked a myriad of times, and I couldn't bring myself to do it. Why? I honestly never felt comfortable doing it. Their Xmas show is a nice family type gathering where people play piano, or guitar - or tell jokes...jlittle Billy sings a carol, and Adam brings out a multi-media presentation. The last show in 2002, just didn't feel right.
This year however, I don't live there - and it's more than a pain to set-up for a free show when it ain't at your house. But on top of that, Jess wouldn't be there, Paddy wouldn't be there, Kerry wouldn't be there, Greg wouldn't be there - hell I couldn't invite any industry there. It just seemed pointless. On top of that - I need to do an hour now. Doing just Part 2 doesn't work as well, you need to do them back to back. Like they're gonna have 2 hours of stuff and then me for an hour. Just not a good situation. And if Part 1 isn't in the spirit - Part 2 certainly isn't. LOL... they asked for a DVD to show the group. ?!?! I guess it's flattering that they want me there that badly, but how awkward is THAT? Especially for people new to the complex you know? I told Kerry it was cool to let them borrow the disc, but I just felt weird. Like - jesus if they're gonna do that, I'd rather show it live...but - (sigh). I promise the magnolia peeps this: If I'm not doing anything next year, I will certainly do Part 3. It'll be much more family friendly obviously, and you won't have to play a friggin' DVD of it.
Anyway, I bring this up because the party I was going to was at Michele Greene's house. And the whole time I was there it was in the back of my head that there were all these people watching my show on DVD. I felt like an arrogant asshole who couldn't be bothered to perform for the "old friends" so they all crowded around a little TV to see my new show. I know that's not what happened, but it was how it felt to me. Just a strange juxtaposition.
So I'm the loner guy at the party as Jess had to work late. Felt a little awkward, but it was nice to see Michele. Guy brought out Tequila and a bit of that on the rocks got me talkin' with people a little better. No matter what, if you are at a gathering in LA, you are mandated to tell "your story" at least 3 times or you might as well move the hell back to wherever you came from.
It soon occured to me that everyone was The only reason it had struck me as odd, was because one time when I went to Michele's house I went outside and the dogs didn't bark. Michele and her construction workers started laughing and speaking in Spanish. Apparently, the dogs don't bark at any of her gay friends - only straight men. LOL. She was just teasing of course, but then comes this party and I had to smirk a bit at it. I mean, probably 10 gay guys, Michele...and me. Heh. Later some of her band mates came with their families and whatnot - but when I first walked in, I was waiting for some sort of intervention. HAHAHA.
"Adam, it's time you really thought about this. No one can do Spencer that well..."
So this actor guy was from Ohio - so we started talking. Was telling him about my show and a few guys were eavesdropping. One guy seemed really, really interested in it. Wanted to know when it was, had to come out. Grabs for his business card and I look at it without reading it. Later on I take it out and realize he's from the WIlliam Morris Agency. Vice President.
Here's what 4 years in LA will do to you. I thought "wow" and proceeded to take another sip. No classic "Adam Overanalyzation". Just a "wow" 'cause I didn't know when I was talking to him, and I thought - yeah, I'll certainly email him about my next show. But the days of peeing my pants about things like this are over. I believe we call that callous 'round these parts. It's still great that he seemed so genuinely interested. I'll probably set-up another little 3rd Stage show for some industry folks in January before I call it quits for the adult show. We'll see.
Met this other guy who of all things makes bamboo gates? Company name is bamboozled. Classic. LOL. He also did some acting in the 80's - on Falcon Crest I believe. Imagine your normal New York Jewish on speed telling you 15 stories at once. Heh. And very "Mo" as he puts it. Leave it to me to go 1100 words without giving you the slightest clue what the title meant. Apparently being Mo is being gay? Maybe just to this guy? Ha. He said it like 5 times before I realized that it must be the new euphamism for gay. Ya see, it's this type of insight you can get nowhere else ladies and gentleman. Then again, he was probably just tlaking too damn fast and I'm completely wrong. But feel free to pass it along to friends.
Didn't stay much longer, although just watching this guy's mannerisms could've kept me entertained for hours. I hate to look at everything as research, but sometimes it just happens that way. Anyway, nice guy - probably come to the next show - and is interested and having a website done. So that's good.
The title however is in reference to a 1992 Broadway Musical by the same name. My friend Jeff Duhigg always sang it when we were doing theater together, and now that I've found the new euphamism...ahh it's the perfect fit. And Jeff if you're reading this, I apologize for this horrendous version of the song. It was the only one I could find. The broadway one is much cooler.
This has to easily be the strangest entry I've ever written. I love entries like this. Completely off the beaten path. A random LA Story that could lead somewhere, most likely won't - but is the reason you should follow "The Journey". These are the days that define the life moreso than the big ones. Kinda like the "Valentine's Day Massacre" entry where I talk about watching the guy get in a car crash as I was buzzing about having a show that night. Just slices of life that give you more of a "feel" for making it in LA than any of the HUGE entries do.
Cool. Anyway, barring any huge developments there will probably only be 2 more entries this year. Something about Ron Garis' response to my topics (which I haven't written yet as I've been working on the T3 Script) and of course the big yearender. Complete with the 4th edition of the "Year End Video". Definitely some classic stuff this year.
And honestly? It all still hasn't sunk in. Not sure if it ever will until much, much later.