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8:33 PM, Thursday, November 20th 2003:
It's actually a little spooky when you look at it. November has far and away been the most influential month in the entire life of 4tvs. Take a moment and reflect on this...
November 3rd, 1998. The infamous Brian Setzer Orchestra concert in which I had a vision of myself onstage with 4 tvs singing a song.
November 11th, 1998: The Billy Joel concert in which I finally said to myself - "Don't let this go". I immediately went home and drew this:
November 30th, 1998: I hand my credit card to the cashier at Sun TV, and actually tugged on the card for a moment. I was buying four 27 inch televisions, and knew there was no turning back. I let go and I was off.
November 5th, 1999: I get offered the full-time evening radio show, specifically with Joe Jewitt so I could continue to perform 4tvs. The show was to start the first of the year.
November 19th, 1999: I'm fired from CD101 effective immediately, and out of sheer terror I go to Jess's work at the day care and say: "You ready to move out west?" She was. January 1st, 2000 was our last day in Columbus.
November 4th, 2000: I work on my first set, "The Tick" and get to hang out with Dave Foley from Kids In The Hall:
He's also cool enough to shoot a video for the site. One of the highlights of an outrageously difficult year for sure.
November 12th, 2001: To date, the biggest night of my life:
It's now even hard for me to think of how good that period felt. Still nowhere close to that yet. COuld be soon... I mean, the crowd's reaction still gives me chills.
November 29th, 2001: I have the only meeting set-up by Charlotte with anyone in the industry and it's a disaster. Meet with a Paramount casting agent and dont have a resume or a headshot to give her and pretty much get laughed at. "What do you expect me to do?" I think was her quote. LOL. Funny now, but was the beginning of the end for Charlotte and I. That weekend we found out about Aspen and it was only a matter of time...
November 6th, 2002: I sign a contract with "Arlene Thornton & Associates", a commercial talent agency. It was the biggest news of the year. It meant everything that they saw talent in me. Unfortunately I went on 4 auditions with them. Heh. Granted I didn't hound them, but the following year was outrageously busy.
November 21st, 2002: Ha! Finally I have a reason to post this video! Amazingly, I never mentioned this last year - but I went to a Nintendo Party for the release of Metroid Prime and met Eric Nies from Real World. Even got video of him giving away some GameCubes. Granted, this has SHIT to do with 4tvs and honestly does not belong in this entry, but I've had the footage on my harddrive for a year and amazingly - it happened in November. It's no Dave Foley, but cool nonetheless.
November 9th, 2003: I finally receive the DVD of my first role in a movie. "Net Games".
November 12th, 2003: Exactly 2 years after The Comedy Store, the parents of a co-worker take me out to dinner after seeing my show and offer to financially back my "publicist" fees. Their only requirement? That I agree to succeed. Shocked to this day.
November 14th, 2003: I play Michele Greene's "blind date" in a pilot for a reality sitcom based on her life. Talk about 3 amazing entries in a row.
November 20th, 2003: I receive this email:
This is just to confirm your material has been received. We
will be E-mailing you next week to set up a date for your
teleconference appointment.
Best regards,
Kathie Garis
The Garis Agency
(gulp). Not only am I gonna know by the end of the will once again happen in November.
I really am speechless. It's not like I'm making shit up to make November look more special than ususal. Nor is the Journey just so filled with events that you could pick a month and have lotsa stuff. November just seems to have the amazing knack to house the moments of 4tvs like no other month.
And November 2003...are you kidding? I cannot digest all of this. I really can't. Basically, I've made the exact same mistake I made in 2001. I built (or had built for me) the entire year up to one moment at the end that would either make or break everything. In 2001 it not only broke, it crumbled. And I crumbled right along with it.
With the publicist the high will be huge, but the low won't be that low because I'll just move onto the next publicist. But man, I tell you I've been looking and I'll be damned if this is the only one that would take an act such as this. This all just feels like a really big moment. And it's all gonna come down to one 30 minute phone call...
The Journey is actually worth reading again. If I were on the outside following along, I'd genuinely be interested in hearing that phone call. I may just be able to make that possible for you guys... Hell I gotta make the most of a $175 phone call don't I? LOL.
It's funny, when I was in 2nd Grade, my friend Jon Riske and I were walking to an assembly (I have the most incredible memory sometimes) and he told me that if I lost an eyelash I could make a wish and it would come true. I promptly ripped out an eyelash and wished I was Michael Jackson. I looked at him and said... "It didn't work".... "Maybe it will when you grow up". Now that I'm grown up I'd have to say given the choice - I'm pretty happy being Adam Kontras right now.
(sigh) So sad... First Kobe, now Michael Jackson...if Paul McCartney and Michael Jordan get arrested, my heroes will all officially have fallen. Kobe will be a free man in a year, I will be surprised if Michael Jackson is even alive. He's the Howard Hughes of our generation man. The end is gonna be ugly as hell.
Here's to next week...