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1:10 PM, Monday, November 17th 2003:
Sorry for the delay, but after not seeing Jess for 5 weeks, the last thing I was gonna do was update the site. It is however a pretty kickass entry.
The Michele Greene pilot. Or as I'm calling it:  "Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm". The director tried to explain the differences, but I have yet to understand how it differs. A reality based sitcom that has fictional things interjected for comic relief, but is set in a somewhat real world of the lead character. The only difference I see is that in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" all the characters are played by actors except the lead and the various celebrity cameos. In Michele's, there are actors too - but it's about 50/50 who is actually part of her life or just acting. Kinda like K-Street meets Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Hollywood Lingo Strikes Again)
Anyway - so I play Michele's blind date for the show. She has her doubts, but when she sees me, and we get to talking she's pleasantly surprised. I'm actually decent...until she realizes I'm a die-hard republican at which point the date ends. Heh. She sets up earlier in the show a "flashing lights signal" for her neighbor that means he needs to run over and save her from the disaster.
So we meet at Michele's house, she pours two glasses of wine, and we're just talking. When the subject of party affiliation comes up she freaks...goes and starts jigglin' the lights. Guy comes over and says her cat is on fire (obviously just frantic for any reason he can think of) and Michele runs out. He then hits on me for a second before the scene ends.
So how did it go? Strangely. We start shooting at 3 PM, and the director starts to worry about running out of light, so we start rushing through everything. Her first scene with the neighbor had a good hour, maybe 6 or 7 retakes - got a good rhythm going. We however went through it twice (rehearsals we thought) and then it's over - has to move on. I guess he liked what he saw, but it was all fumbling lines, and trying to hit the points that he wanted. They'll be able to edit around it, but it just seemed a tad unnecessary when all we had to do was start a little earlier. When outside light is a concern, you don't start at 3 PM. It gets dark at 5 now. Oh well.
It was definitely fun though. The neighbor guy who hits on me is cool as hell. Came to my show Wednesday and has been raving about it. Really wants to help me get the word out about it. A sincere and genuine guy for sure. And of course it was quite fun to act with Michele although everytime we're supposed to be laughing or smiling on-camera, I know we're both laughing at the absurdity of the situation. It's too bad we rushed through everything so quickly because I'm sure we could've gotten a bit of a rhythm going had we gotten it fleshed out. C'est La Vie.
But as I said before, to be asked is the humbling part in all this. If somehow it gets picked up on Bravo, well holy shit...but an actual friend in this city is rare. So again Michele, though you never go online, thanks.
In other news, the publicist letter is finally complete, the package will go out tomorrow! Wahoo! I hope to have my "30 minute evaluation conversation" by early next month with an answer by the end of the year. Here's the letter for those who are curious:
Mr. Garis,
In your hands are two DVDs that together make-up a one-man show I've been performing in Los Angeles since 2001. I perform onstage with four televisions, each with a different member of my band "The Trinitrons" within. I perform and record each band member ahead of time (over a period of about four weeks, as I cut my hair and so on), then sync it all together adding in my live persona onstage. It is a one-man show in every definition as I direct it, produce it, shoot it, edit it, and finally perform it completely by myself.
Now I'm truly not that narcissistic. The idea came from wanting a way to perform my a capella music live, and soon turned into "the idea I couldn't let go". It's just so well received and shows off so much that my heart won't let it die.In recent years the comedy angle has taken over, and I've been lucky enough to perform all over this city (Los Angeles) from The Comedy Store to Improv Olympic. But it's time to do this right, which is why I'm contacting you.
After reading your AOL interview it became extremely clear to me that this show has the one "hook" that will allow it to work with the media: it's newsworthy. The concept alone draws interest, and with the right publicist the exposure can be massive. And of course, the payoff is legitimate. It's not a gimmick. The talent is obvious, apparent and sellable. Where exactly it will take me is in the air at this point, but with the appropriate media push, it will happen.
As well, I now have financial backers who very much want to see this "happen" and won't let money be a barrier. They believe as much as I do that all that remains is the appropriate press to see what's been created…the rest will follow.
What I'm assuming, should you accept me, would be a concentrated campaign in the early spring. I would book 10-12 shows in an 8-10 week span at which point you would take over to get a growing buzz from show 1 on. Once I saw a fellow one-woman show here in LA on "Access Hollywood", for no other reason than their poster looking similar to NBC's "Coupling", I knew the sky was the limit for my show. I believe just about every media outlet in this city, and some nationally, will be interested in what this is all about.
Obviously we will talk more during our conversation, but I just wanted to give you a quick overview of the project. The show is exponentially better live, but I've done everything I can on those two DVDs to make it as strong an experience as possible while sitting in an office or at home.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Adam Kontras

I believe that says everything I need it to. The phone conversation will be the best part though. I come across well in-person and on the phone so I'm pretty certain I'll make the necessary impression for them to take me on as a client. To say I'm anxious however is to say the least. This is very much like the "wait" back in 2001 for Aspen. How ironic that that video would have Super Smash Bros. in the background, and Mario Kart comes out TODAY. Maybe I'll tape this conversation as well.
Man, I know it's kinda weak to use an old video for a new entry - but y'all have to see this again. It's such an amazing moment in my life. It's the crossroad of all crossroads...and it's on tape. I cannot believe it's been 2 years.
Whew. More as it comes...