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2:23 PM, Sunday, November 9th 2003:
Wow, first "Greene Without Envy" and now "Net Gains". My titles rule. LOL.
First off, the Pilot is shooting this week now, instead of next week. Things got delayed because of some scheduling stuff. So look for that in about a week.
So the main reason for this entry is just the ultimate slap in the face that I feel I have now seen the road, and I can't pay the fuggin' toll.
The financial side of everything has finally beat our asses. From the THOUSANDS extra it cost to remove trees before the driveway went in, to getting $700 water/electric bills for only two months, to having to buy a new freakin' computer last month, to only working 25-30 hours a week, to Jess's new paycheck being RAPED by that FICA mofo (lol that was funny) - we are now officially, one hundred percent in debt. So much so, that we truly can't even afford the initial $175 consultation fee for the publicist. (sigh).
I rarely get into financial shit in The Journey, because anyone out her goes through it. I'm in a much better situation than most because of having 2 incomes, and because Jess and I simply don't spend a lot. We're able to save a shitload of money, very quickly as our only vices seem to be the occassional DVD or videogame. But never before has it directly effected the next step in the journey so vividly. Especially considering even if they do accept me (the publicist) - the money afterwards will just be outrageous. Either way, I will find a way to get the money to them this month, and have an answer by the end of the year. Have to. There is just such an amazing possibility to end 2003 on such a high note, that I can't ignore it. How nice would it be to have the year-end video be a party! A happy situation!
Wow, now that I think of it, they've all sucked. LOL. Even 2001, only a month removed from The Comedy Store, I predicted that I wouldn't be talking to Charlotte the same time next year. I knew even then by the way she was acting that it was over. That's incredible. If this publicist thing happens it will mark the most amazingly productive year I've ever had. From T2, completely by myself, to the house, to the job, just wow.
Of course, I could lose yet another $175, they don't accept me at all and I'm just further in debt. LOL. That's life baby.
So that explains part one of the "Net Gains" title. Which is of course, just a parody of my first feature film: Net Games, and thus part two of the entry...
All I can say, is I pray I laugh heartily at this entry in a few years. I laughed even as I edited this, zooming in on me talking in the background of a B-Movie. You can't help but just snicker at it. Or the fact that I spent 3 hours, getting around the copy prohibit on the DVD, editing all 3 scenes together, and then zooming in on my parts. It actually does kinda suck that I'm not soooooo into the acting scene, because THIS is the stuff that is perfect for "The Journey". Entries like this. If I wanted to, I could FILLLLL this thing with these clips. It's nothing more than signing with a "cattle agency" that just sends you out for extra work. Absolutely anyone can do it...
...but of course that's not me, and entries like this will be few and far between. But for now - this is pretty funny. Enjoy the video. Oh if you're wondering what us "background" folk are talking about during the's always something to try to fuck with the other guy. Like "I saw up her robe dude, shaved clean man" "How 'bout I get on my knees copper, would taht get me out of the ticket?" Heh. And if you see the flick at Blockbuster anytime soon, it's worth a rent. Of course if you need to be an Adam Kontras completist (which you all just HAVE to be) - you can buy it at Heh. Alright, one more pic and the era of Net Games is over:
In other news of course...Jess is finally back this coming Saturday. Although I just remembered that she's only back for a little bit and then she's gone again for 2 more weeks. So sick of this. Especially since the excitement of a raise has been dashed because the increase in taxes almost nixed the difference. (Sigh). Oh well, only a few more days.
Oh, and uhm - I have a show Wednesday. Heh. It's not that I've forgotten about it, but now that the Publicist idea has come to fruition, I realize these shows are just for fun. I assume this will be the last one of the year, and then a "campaign" will be put together with the publicist in February-March with about 8-10 shows. At which point I will be telling everyone in the world. It should be a good show, and I've done quite an edit to Part 2 that will give people something to look forward to. Took at the one joke that made me grimace onstage because just NOBODY got it. Heh. Good edit though...funnier now. Here's a flyer if anyone would like to email some friends:
So that's basically it. Here's hopin' I fall into a couple hundred dollars this week and can get the meeting with the publicist. It's too bad I can't just kill a bunch of bad guys like I was in Legend of Zelda or something. Although now that I think of it I guess I could - LOL. In fact, I bet just one murder of a bad guy could cover every debt and a good part of our mortgage! Ha!
I need help.