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10:11 AM, Thursday, October 9th 2003:
Happy Birthday Adam! Your wife Is now going to leave you for 5 straight weeks to train in St. Louis starting tomorrow! See you at Thanksgiving!
While we were back in Ohio for the big T2 premiere, Jess was busy interviewing with several companies and finally accepted a job with Panera Bread out here in LA. For those of you in Ohio, you know the company well - however there are none in LA County, she's getting in on the ground floor before they even open one store. Killer opportunity, more money - better advancement possibilities, just a great situation. They're rollin' out 12 stores over the next couple of years, and she's gonna be involved from the start. Woot.
Unfortunately that comes with 7 weeks of training in another state. Luckily they broke it up into 2 trips, but 5 straight weeks is still a little intense. I honestly haven't a clue what I'm gonna do. We're both having a difficult time even fathoming how long that is. Jess and I are pretty inseperable. All our free time is happily spent with each other - and now…whew. Just an incredibly long time to be apart. As well, it's not like I've really gained free time, work is still the same, projects are still the same - my down time will just be alone.
I mean a week is kinda cool. You can be all bachelory and leave your towel on the floor and….well that's it really. LOL. Therein lies the rub. We do everything together. We play friggin' videogames together. Any "guy" thing I want to do - she's pretty much right there with me. She's my favorite "guy" to hang out with. Heh. Which I guess is ideal until things like this come up.
But who knows, I'm trying to look at it all spiritually. It's gonna be a good opportunity to collect my thoughts, write a whole lot, prepare for all the projects I have going - get a freakin' manager or booking agent. I have a lot to do to keep busy. It's gonna be an adventure to say the least.
I'm still beaming over the T2 disc and how well both DVD boxes look next to each other. When I hand the DVDs to someone it just says so many things. From the show to the extras to the menus down to the packaging (with spelling errors in the first run and all -so friggin sue me) it's just a very, very special product to me. I take soooooooooo much pride in making every menu and all the graphics and packaging. I'm even looking into the professional laminated boxes to house all 3 DVDs for next summer. Can't imagine it's monetarily feasible on such a small scale - but again, the product means more to me in the end. I may take a bath on the money end - but I want my own boxed set, and the product deserves it.
And that's where the true artist in me just gets absolute fulfillment. It's like building a couch or something tangible. You work every aspect - put years of experience into it, get it all together - and voila. Whether it sells for $400 or $4000 makes no difference to your artistic side.
Of course I'm a man of many sides - and these two DVDs better goddamn get me where I need to go or I'm gonna shoot my dogs. (That last line was just to make the Pet Orphans Fund people cringe…heh - I love my pups, I'm just kidding.) But seriously, If this 60 minute show doesn't demo my talents enough, I don't know what freakin' will. Of course I'll always keep scheming - but man this is pretty good...
...unless you're drunk. LOL. I did an encore of T2 after the Improviders show last night and this drunk dude just fuhucked it up. Yelling and talking the entire time - I mean it's a 50 seat theater so he could certainly make some noise. It all hit the pinnacle during Dewey's Song when his drunk ass got onstage (it's the only way to get to the bathroom) and moved my left tower as he stumbled back. I actually started giggling because at this point it didn't really matter. It was pathetic. They finally kicked him out but as anyone who knows the show will tell you - it's a little late by Dewey's song. Again it seemed not many people know Jesus Christ Superstar - but eh, I'll spread the word. It's meant to be cool/different/creative - not laugh out loud funny...but after doing JUST 2, it's obvious you gotta do it back to back. It's incomplete at 30 minutes - but a perfect 60. You've gotten all the stupid "dick joke" laughs out of the way when you have 1 & 2 together, and you can appreciate the end of 2 more. No biggie, was happy to do the show on an Improviders Night and maybe get a few more peeps to come for their show. Hope I helped.
Oh yeah and I'm 28 today. Yahoo. Have no real problems with it really, 25 was harder. I think once you've accepted it "ain't gonna happen in your 20's" you don't fret too much. It's stressful when you're racing with that clock - but as I said at the beginning of this year, I'm creating what's in my heart - and that's it. I have zero doubts that it will happen. The product is just…too…good.