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3:15 PM, Friday, October 3rd 2003:
What you have RYTE THUR in the title is an 8-month-long exhale. Because after last night, I can finally say that I pulled off the sequel.
I've had quite a few people come up to me, write to me, write on other sites even - that they liked part 2 better. "A rare case where the sequel is better than the first" one Ronald Gamble wrote in his wrestling column (don't ask how T2 applied to wrestling, he's just cool enough to write about it). Now I personally can't say that until I have Part 3 completed, and I can look at them all in a row - but I will admit this: Part 2 is funnier. There's a shitload more in it, and the jokes are just bigger. But again, it's because Part 1 had to set-up the whole thing for 10 minutes, and in Part 2 we could jump RIGHT IN. So I can't really say one is "better" than the other, I can only say it's a funnier 30 minutes. And I was able to throw in some really creative things at the end - which will really set it apart from the other 2.
Of course the reason any of this matters? Of course it's Charlotte. Who am I kidding. Although I wrote the first one, every word was supervised and labored over by Charlotte and I. Back and forth for months. Some of which looking back was completely unnecessary, but it was the power struggle that was our relationship. Either way the product turned out great - and we made it through the writing process.
So since every ounce of faith in me even being worthy of breathing had vanished by early 2002 - to pull off T2 is a monumental accomplishment. And as I said in the open - after last night, it is very, very clear that I pulled it off.
The night started out a little hairy though. The "Avery Key" that runs 1 of the 4 TVs was completely screwed. It kept moving the image - and acting all screwy. This was 10 minutes before the doors opened. Luckily I noticed a button had been stuck in place and all was right - but man, I think I need some backups in the future. Very close to having to completely call a show, which I've never done before.
That and I forgot to shave. Heh. So literally 5 minutes before I'm supposed to go on, I'm DRY SHAVING over a FULL beard trying to become Live Adam. Heh - what a sight.
Anyway - everything went pretty smoothly on the technical side during the show. The audio was a little difficult to keep level - and it was a little too loud for some people, very tough to tell onstage, but I have an idea where it needs to be for that room now so it won't be a problem in the future.
The reaction was great. There are just some moments in the show that rely so heavily on timing and when you hit them - wow, it's absolutely golden. I think the dialogue at the beginning of T2 is head and shoulders above T1. You are absolutely watching 5 separate people talking back and forth and hitting everything dead-on. Doc said it's kinda like when you see a ventriloquist act in that sense - pretty cool way to look at it, hadn't thought of it.
But none of the laughs and reaction could prepare me for the final applause. And it's a final applause after such an UNFUNNY song. It was just knock you on your ass loud. People standing and screaming - it was incredible. Completely embarrassing. It's amazing how shy I get immediately after the show. You know? I feel all awkward and stupid and want to hide my face and shit. Isn't that the strangest thing? I'm just now realizing this about me. Ha. Man there's so many "eureka" moments in these entries where I think of things as I'm typing. But yeah, praise is very difficult for me to take, because all I can really say is thank you - and it never seems as genuine as I truly feel it.
So here I can say it loud and clear: THANK YOU. And you'll never understand how genuinely it touches me for people to like your shit so much that they stand up and scream. That gives me chills. More than anything, it lets me know I am indeed on the right track - and I can never give up. I have talents that absolutely need to be shared, and are absolutely sellable if put in the right hands at the right time. I just gotta keep pushing and pushing. Something that is completely impossible without those screams of support (and emails of support too :).
So now I finally sit down and try to put together the packages that will be sent to the booking agents and managers. My goal is obviously to have a manager by the end of the year, and be hitting up a string of colleges in the spring. If I can pull that off - wow - I can do absolutely anything.
Thanks again peeps.
PS - the video. As was the case in 2001 - the "Show Entry" Videos will slowly unveil all the secrets from the show. I figure I've kept them for all the die-hards, and truly strangers won't consider it anything more than what you'd see in a trailer. So I introduce for the first time a small clip from Cameron's song: "Lock The Taskbar"