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9:10 AM, Thursday, September 25th 2003:

I know, I know, I've been a bit behind on the promotion for the LA show. No offense, but feel free to bite me. Once you see the DVD you might understand where my time went...
Honestly I'm honored so many of you out here in LA are so genuinely excited for the show. You're certainly in for a treat if the Columbus audience is any indication. So here's the rundown on the show next Wednesday night...
It's at Third Stage in Burbank where I've performed about 4 times before. Those times I was always the closer to an "Improviders" show (a group I was part of for a short amount of time until things just got way too hectic). On 10/1 however I have the whole night. I'll be doing both Part 1 and 2 back to back starting at 8 PM - a full 60 minute show. Seating is most certainly limited, but I think we'll be alright. Sold quite a few seats already, do if you're planning on coming though - please email me about reserving your seats. I would hate to have people miss out.
Sold quite a few seats already, do if you're planning on coming though - please email me about reserving your seats. I would hate to have people miss out.
The DVDs will be on sale as well - $20 for one, or $35 for both. As I've mentioned before I'm EXTREMELY proud of both discs and I'm already laying out plans for the third and final part of the trilogy next year.
Oooh...have I mentioned that? Wow - I may have skimmed over that. The whole layout of 4tvs for the next couple of years? Osmosis doesn't work well over the net.
So yeah, the third installation of The Trinitrons will be the final one. Basically, the entire thing is done in my head - writing a detailed description of each section at the moment.... and it's the way to end it. I thought there'd be more - but I really want to move on a bit. I know these three shows will stand out and each have their own feel and be equally as unique/creative and fun - but the end of part 3 is just so perfect.... It has to be. As an editor, no matter what I may feel creatively, I know how to cut it right....and this is it. So most likely September 9th, 2004 will be the premiere of the final Trinitron 4tvs show.
Now, in about 20 years, when I'm nearin' 50 - There will be the reunion. Oh hell yes there will. But don't hold your breath.
So what next for 4tvs? The Journey. It will (by that time) have been delayed for 3 years. I wanted it out in the fall of 2002 - and it will be the fall of 2005. It will be quite a departure as the humor will only be secondary. It's gonna be a very dramatic piece for sure. Mainly dealing with what happened in early 2002. The songs and stories during that time have such an incredibly dramatic feel - and so much of what I was going through is on lends itself to a very special one-man show - especially with 4tvs.
Also in 2005, "Imaginate". Finally a PG show. Heh. I've wanted to do this for years and now that people have been asking for it - it's time. I actually want to do a KIDS show - (under 10) because talk about a captive audience. Man I could have a ball with a bunch of 7 year olds - hell EVERYTHING is magic to a kid, so 4tvs (which has screwed with many adult's heads) will be friggin' Copperfield to a kid. The potential is limitless.
And finally, something that will easily take the next 3 or 4 years, a screenplay idea that is so unique, so perfect that I'm willing to stop doing everything and write it. Knowing full well I could never shoot it, probably never star in it, and never see it get made for years and years and years... I actually pitched it to my dad a bit while we were waiting for my plane at the airport. It was in explaining it to him that it really hit me just how intriguing the idea is. And from my perspective out here - how incredibly sellable it is. I honestly believe I could write one logline (a sentence describing a movie) that would make any studio be interested. It's never been broached before, and has such HUGE potential for imagination, new thoughts/ideas, incredible personal relationships all set in a modern-day society with one twist. That twist throws the craziest perspective on things. It's something I plan to sit down and start to outline later this year while I'm writing T3.
So right now on my plate, T3, The Journey, Imaginate, and the screenplay. And of course that's free-time after the full-time job. Top priority though is getting a manager and booking agent as T1 & T2 need to tour.
Man this is a pretty important entry now that I look at it. It's kinda why I'm the old Adam again. Direction. Earlier this year, in fact at my yearly new year's resolution drinking video I said I will create what's in my heart: fuck everything else. And that's what I'm doing. In fact it might be the first time I've nailed a year so profoundly while doing my drunken yearend video. Because of Charlotte's specific goal, and not even coming close - it made me feel that anything I did was worthless without that goal. After a year of being lost, I finally just said - WHO AM I?!?! When have I ever waited for the path to create? I've always CREATED and the path came. That's what 4tvs was all about. And that's where I am now. I am completely following my heart and I know it will payoff.
Starting nextweek at 2811 W. Magnolia. ;-)