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11:54 PM, Wednesday, September 17th 2003:
As a child of the 70's and 80's, I thought Three's Company was the best way to spend a half-hour in my entire life. I wanted to be Jack Tripper. No, let me rephrase that - when my uncle and I actually played "Three's Company" (our version of cops and robbers I guess) I was Jack Tripper. Although I remember us both thinking Larry was the shit too and we'd fight over who got to do spit-takes. Anyway, I believe a love for Three's Company is a shared memory of anyone my age.
I however actually liked "Three's A Crowd". I faithfully watched his next show "Hooperman". Told everyone about it, no one cared. Hell I was even excited about "Have Faith", a show John Ritter simply Executive Produced. Everything he did I supported, and would've given my left nut at 14 to be as cool as he was in "Skin Deep". (I came close at 22 - heh).
I remember earlier this year seeing him do a walk through on the local news from the set of "8 Simple Rules" and it hit me that we work roughly 2 minutes away from each other. It really bummed me out that I was so close to him, hell we probably share a common commute - but I could never really say "hey". It's strange though, I probably could've pulled it off. It seems he's more of a celebrity to me than the rest of the world…
…I mean not to rant here, as Johnny Cash was and is certainly more influential than John Ritter, but the man was 71. A very sick 71. It took me all day Friday the 12th to even find one story on TV about Ritter. I mean the man dropped dead out of the blue at 54! Then again, as I talk to people about it, no one seems to be even phased by it. I guess other than his close friends and family, he just didn't have too much of an impact.
Kinda scares the shit out of me really. I would consider the career of John Ritter an incredible success. He was a bona fide Superstar for the run of Three's Company. Yet his career all boils down to a small story, and syndication. It's not that I'm striving for FAN GRIEF when I die, but I want to have an impact…and man if the unexpected death of John Ritter is barely a ripple…whew. What have you done for me lately man. The cold, hard, truth.
Anyway, he inspired the hell outta me. I will miss him.
On the DVD front, holy shit there is some great audience reaction shots. To laughter that actually looks like a guy about to crap his pants, to a father and son side-by-side singing the words to "Lock the Taskbar", to a couple leaning their heads together during Sleep, Baby Sleep - you guys FRIGGIN ROCK. You better goddamn believe, every DVD I ever make (that I can control - don't use this against me in 2012) will be filmed in Columbus. The final piece to the DVD is being compressed as we speak, and I'll be burning discs all night long tonight. Expect to get your disc at the earliest Saturday, but most likely Monday morning. Sorry for the slight delay, but the extras I added (and the extra time I spent adding more of your reactions) will be well worth it. I was watching everything on the plane, and I couldn't help but BEAM over how well things came out. I mean there's even a part of the show where Cameron makes fun of Adam for expecting the audience to clap when they didn't - and YOU GUYS DID! HA! Here's hopin' I have an audience half as good on the 1st.. Shit, that's two weeks away and I have to rebuild the towers and buy all new cables. (sigh). I really need a mental break man. Every single day off has been busier than my days on, and Ohio was hectic as hell. There's no real end in sight though. Once I get the towers rebuilt for the show, I have to start hitting up managers and booking agents. I'm pretty pumped though. With both of these DVDs in their hands (or in their laps with my portable DVD player if I can get an actual meeting) - someone's gotta jump. At the very least, this is an easy sell to every damn student activities director on every college campus on the west coast. Only real concern would be monetary with the expense of a tour. I just really feel I need to go on the road with this. It's such a strange urge, because logically - it doesn't serve a real purpose for my career. It would help me get my name out, but man could I even make a dent venue by venue? Whew. Anyway - busy months ahead.
I'm secretly happy about that though. Just let me bitch. ;-)
PS - I've included the opening to "Three's A Crowd" because I've never been so blown away by nostalgia in my life. I truly haven't seen this in 20 years. Most people say that, about something, but this is one case where this has NEVER been on TV again after it's horrendous first (and only) season. I found this online, and couldn't believe how familiar it was to me considering I was 9 the last time I saw it. I remembered being so excited about this new show - thinking it was the greatest thing ever at the time...incredible.
I had to download the audio seperately and sync it up so it's actually a bit off in the middle - but it's just such a great little piece of my childhood. And man, didn't VCRs BLOW in the 80's? I mean, the reception is exceptionally bad here (you should hear the original file) - but I remember quite a few tapes looking like this from the 80's. Amazing what we put up with.