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Monday, September 15th, 2003:
Never! I always knew it would be perfect!!! Yeah, whatever. But it was...
An absolutely perfect night. From the very open to the last song...awesome. I've actually barely had time to let it all soak in - and only now as I type do I remember just how worried I was. Forget all the normal things with a 4tvs show - just making it technically all run smooth with all the sound issues and what not - but I had never done this show before. I also wrote/shot and edited it in a complete vacuum. So when it came down to it - I couldn't even fathom how it would be received. It's just an inordinate amount of steps in an 8 month period to go through without handing the piece over to someone for balance.
But man did it balance. Watching the tape of the just went sooooo smooth. The crowd laughed at everything. EVERYTHING. It all worked. My dad learned the lighting cues just that day (several dozen) and nailed em. It was just perfect. And what's great - it feels different than the first. It doesn't seem like a re-issuing of part one. It is it's own animal - and I just really, really like it. All my concerns about flow were nonexistent as the bits all had their intended effect. Before it was "well shit, if Spence's song works, but Dewey's doesn't then the flow will be wrong and..." Well they all worked, the show was perfect...
...and so was the tape. The shot looks incredible, the sound is incredible - I super-imposed the TVs and they look incredible. I believe I'm gonna keep almost 95% all original sound from the camcorder as it just sounds like you're sitting in a crowd of 100 people. It feels completely alive and exciting and exactly the way I want to remember the show years from now. Again, obviously I want to thank everyone who came out - you're the reason there even was a second one - and why there will be a third. I believe the next one will be the final Trinitrons for a good 10 or 15 years. Time for a whole new approach on 4tvs in 2005. I already have the complete outline done for part 3, and it's just a perfect little trilogy. Next September I'll do 2 and 3 back to back and then in 2005 - who knows. Every year though. No matter what I'm doing, where I am - I like the discipline of a yearly project. And as I've said before even if I became famous doing other things, there will always be 4tvs shows. It's my own unique canvas that I will always use.
The DVD is basically complete but I want to add a few more extras back in LA before I ship 'em out. Looks like I'll ship 'em all on Wednesday - wanted them out earlier but the extras will be worth it. You know, I just want it PERFECT. You will all be thrilled. Oh and thanks to everyone who bought a friggin' empty box. That shit wouldn't happen in LA. Heh.
Speaking of LA - 2 weeks from Wednesday is the LA premiere. I have to pretty much redo my entire set-up as it's all completely broken down. New wires, new boards for the stands. Gonna be a total pain in the ass - but there's a new sense of motivation now that T2 went over so well. Man it went good. I wanna go watch the tape again. Oh - and the second camcorder for your reactions?! Classic. Only problem is that it's hard to cut away from the TVs for any amount of time since there's so much going on. Still adds a good deal of depth to the whole show. Man the Behind The Music bit went incredibly. I'm rambling. Oh and check this out!!
I had an old WTVN listener write me this nice letter and cut out an article in the paper that talked abotu my show: "Kontras returns with one-man show", although as you can see it was all ripped up (she mentioned the title in her letter). So I have no idea what paper it was in. There were announcements in The Other Paper and Dispatch weekender that I was performing, but this was an actual little article. THE PRESS RELEASE WORKED! LOL! Can't believe it?!?! - but GODDAMNIT I wanna see where it is! I believe from the font, that it's The dispatch. Certainly not The Other Paper. It was either from Wednesday September 10th - or before. Can anyone PLEAAAAAASE look for it? I've been kinda shit-outta-luck in my search. God love this woman for writing to me. It was really cool, she said "I always knew you'd make it, and it seems you have. WTVN were idiots for letting you go." And you know, I guess it actually means something to me that one of my old listeners thinks I've made it. I guess depending on how you look at it - the fact that I do a one-man show in LA, sounds cool from afar. It conjures images of success...then again - you read this journal and realize that it's far from glamorous - and I'm far from successful yet. But it's cool as hell that she felt that way nonetheless. I love perspectives man. There's hundreds.
Alright - well I need to go pack up. I guaran-goddamn-tee you I will have the bumpiest flight possible tonight. There is no doubt in my mind. Heh. But, I'm refueled and ready to go slam these 2 DVDs down the throats of every manager and booking agent in the city. This 60 minute show needs to hit the road. NOW.