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1:23 AM, Saturday, September 6th 2003:
I'm done. I'm finally done.
The DVD is done.
The DVD Artwork is done.
The CD is done.
The CD front, back and DISC artwork is done.
Both shows are completely mixed and on tape.
Live Adam is well rehearsed and ready to go.
All 4tvs equipment has been tested.
Cases were shipped to Columbus.
Posters were shipped to Columbus.
The lawn is mowed.
Must admit, T2's disc was quite a shitload easier than T1. Although there's actually more extras, there's 8 menus as opposed to NINETY before. I didn't bother with all the close up pictures of the band. Good idea on paper - but no one wants to click through pictures. That's what the net is for. I thought it was much more entertaining to have each member have their own section. Oh and speaking of which, now Adam has his own...
Yes I added more after I burned the first disc. In classic "Adam is obsessive as hell" form, I burned 3 copies of the DVD just to get it perfect changing a good 50% of it each time. Laboring over every piece of menu music - every button, everything. The first disc I did just didn't feel right. Didn't know what it was - but just seemed sloppy somehow. So I took a bunch of notes on every single thing I didn't like - fixed those...then re-did basically the whole disc. LOL. Changed voice overs - changed music, added menus, added pieces. Re-compressed everything - re-authored the disc Just not perfect. So I went back, punched up a few more things, labored through another day - and finally, the night before I'm about to's done. I'm still debating on whether I'll have a set-up at the show next week where people can browse through it so they can see what they're getting. Might be cool to have "viewing stations" in the break between the first and second show. We'll see. More than anything I just want people to see what they're getting before they pop down $20 ($15 that night) for a friggin' empty box.
Well here, this should sell it alone. This is something I now refuse to watch. It is so frighteningly uncomfortable - I truly have no idea where this comes from. I was completely alone in this room - and I'm just an entirely different person. By the way Spencer's full real name is Spencer Highbanks, and his section is Spencer's Highlights and I did a "blooper" of him messin' it up. What happens next is again, the most uncomfortable thing I've ever witnessed myself do. I mean, it's just so EASY. Heh. Enjoy. I will not be clicking the link thank you very much.
So all that's really left is the actual show. I practiced pretty much all day on Wednesday, even re-edited a part of T1 to add a disclaimer for the Olsen Twins joke. What was once taboo (thinking they're hot) is now painfully obvious, so the joke makes ZERO sense now. My live part of the new show is pretty much down. There's only a couple parts that will require impeccable timing on my part. It's funny, I actually change clothes 3 times within the one hour show, so that timing was a bit hairy. I took out a 2 minute open in part 2 that I had for the change so it's cutting it a little close - but totally doable. Once again, Adam gets the spotlight stolen from him early and often, hell many sections could work without Adam even being there - but it's building to a climax in Part 3 so bear with me. I'm actually almost done with Part 3's outline. Y'all are really gonna flip man. Finding new ways to one up the last show is getting very fun.
OK, so now once again, as I felt in October of 2001...if I die on the plane - it's alright. My last product is good. Few of you must be saying "DONT SAY THAT". Why the hell not? I happily accept my lack of control. I just prepare as much as I can ahead of time so if it is my time - at least I went out leaving a whole buncha cool shit for people to watch. And hey, they'll get some lackey to play Live Adam and do the FIRST/FINAL T2 performance. How freaky would that be. Heh.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is - I'm happy with everything. The show is gonna kick ass, and I'm just really proud of it. The DVD once again is filled to the limit with goodies and I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. It's now nearing 2 AM - and I have yet to pack before we leave in the morning so I gotta giddy-up.
Expect at least one entry from Columbus after the show. Not DIRECTLY after however as I'll be editing like a madman - but it'll be there before the end of that weekend. Probably Sunday night the 14th.
T2 awaits in FIVE DAYS.