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11:59 PM, Sunday, August 24th 2003:
Wow, things are just shapin' up man. All sorts of cool shit to show you. Rarely are my entries so picture heavy - but I'm too damn proud of this stuff to wait. First off - check out the final cover and back for the very first Trinitrons CD...
Now if I have one more person ask me what "With The Trinitrons" means I'm gonna lose it. How can you people not be BEATLES historians?! Heh. It's just a parody of a Beatles Album Cover. Sorry I'm being all secretive about song titles and shit but it REALLY gives away the entire storyline and several jokes. Hell I may even put stickers over the CDs at the show for the same reason.
While you let the DVD Menu pictures load, check this out. If the following press release garners ANY write-ups I'll be astounded, but it was fun to write...


'Adam & Trinitrons' return to Columbus for the sequel to 2001's critically acclaimed one-man show.
LOS ANGELES - Aug. 23, 2003 - Former WTVN and CD101 talk show host, Adam Kontras, is returning to his hometown to premiere the long awaited sequel to 2001's hit one-man show "Adam & The Trinitrons". Although he's been playing much bigger venues such as Improv Olympic West and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Adam knew the premiere had to be at home.
"Columbus has supported every venture I've attempted and they absolutely deserve to see this first, not LA. Without them, there'd be no sequel."
If you've never heard of Adam's one-man shows, it's certainly not what you'd expect. Adam is live onstage with 4 televisions each showing a pre-recorded band member, which Adam also plays. They're 5 entirely different characters that talk, fight, and sing in perfect unison completely suspending the audience's belief that it's one person.
"You may know it's all me when the show starts, but within 10 minutes there's so much going on, so much to look at, that you absolutely believe it is five separate people. Especially in the sequel."
Entitled "When A Band, Loves A Woman", this new show has The Trinitrons fighting for the affection of Adam's girlfriend whom they've all fallen for during Adam's hiatus from the band. What happens, or who wins her is anyone's guess as absolutely no one has seen even a tape of the show.
"The show on the 11th will be the very first reaction. It will be an electric night, which is why I'm taping the performance for the DVD. This is how I want the show remembered years down the road when you pop in the disc."
Adam will be performing both 1 and 2 back to back, Thursday September 11th, at the Comfort Inn Banquet Hall on route 161 and I-71. $10 cover, doors open with plenty of free food at 7 PM, and the show starts at 8 sharp. Part 2 of this show will be recorded for the release of the DVD the following week. There will also be an encore performance of just the sequel at 10 PM. Everyone's invited to stay for both shows. For more information check and click on "The Journey".
About Adam Kontras
At 19, Adam was the youngest talk show host in 610 WTVN history running his late night "Late Show" for over 3 years. His production skills soon landed him the job as Production Director at CD101 where he continued the "Late Show" Tradition on the FM airwaves. It was here, Adam started building his one-man show, 4tvs, which would eventually take him to Los Angeles just 2 years later in January of 2000. He quickly made waves on the net starring in a Movie Review show (with his TVs) for Hollywood called Movie Minded. In 2001, he reworked his one-man show into a boy-band parody; The Trinitrons, that got him into venues such as The Ha-Ha Café and most notably The Comedy Store. He's currently writing a sitcom pilot and bible with the characters he's developed in The Trinitrons and is premiering the sequel to the first show all over the country…starting in his hometown Columbus, Ohio.
# # #
LNR Entertainment
Jonathan Boyle
(818) ***-****
The old late show peeps gotta be lovin' the contact huh!? HAHAHA. (Lester 'N' Robert Entertainment). I know, I know I should be keeping the lie alive by not addressing it online - what if they come to the site and see that's not a real manager!!! Heh, if they come this far, they're already interested. Jonathan Boyle...classic. In future ones I may put Richard Rosetti. Dr. Dick lives!!! Damn I sure do miss the Late Show sometimes. Anyway - faxed that out to The Dispatch, The Other Paper, and the Clintonville Booster. Ya never know. One of the "connected" patients at work said to do it. Said it can never hurt, and simply living in LA perks people's ears up a bit. Fair enough.
I must admit though, the idea of simply becoming Jonathan Boyle intrigues me. Getting a business phone line, making mock stationary - everything for LNR Entertainment. Then just calling around on behalf of my client Adam Kontras...may need to start doing that. I'm feeling that Year 2000 feeling again. That scheming, clawing, frustrated PUSH.
Speaking of scheming, you can all EAT ME about the rocks dude. LOL. They're cooler than Pet Rocks, and the guy who made those did JUUUUUST fine didn't he. Alright so I'm mildly embarassed about the concept on paper. I'm about to just give some away just to get word of mouth going. 'Cause it REALLY IS COOL once you have it on your desk with the wallpaper. (sigh) Whatever, I can't get out of this hole. Someday people...
...yeah someday I'll be on Barbara Walters and she'll say "Rocks of Fame? Exploiting celebrity? Are you kidding?" And I'll retort with - "IT WAS A GOOD IDEA. REALLY". And honestly, I'm just as big of a fan as anyone. I love my Beatles Rock of Fame. This is so horrendously stupid. I'll move on now.
The DVD. My oh my the DVD. I have absolutely killed myself trying to finish this puppy on time and I'm finally seein' the light. There's some really funny stuff on here. I really hope you all take the time to look at all the sections and find all the easter eggs. Check out the finished menus.
Wanted to keep things reminiscent of the T1 disc. Word.
Couldn't let the CD back miss the opportunity to make it into the DVD too.
8 Chronicles this time around thanks to the FOOTAGE MELTDOWN in Part 3.
This time around, the 4 "TV" members have their own video sections. Poor Adam.
Wake up Dewey. Showtime.
Very proud of my button placement here. Goddamn that's a big TV.
Guh-Hay. Incredible isn't it?
As well the finished OPEN - that should scare you all again like T1. It's what happens when you pop-in the disc. May win the award for the shortest Entry video ever.
Sooooo happy this is finally coming together. I'm absolutely killing myself to get all this done before the show. Again, for those of you confused - absolutely everything will be done compressed and ready to burn (except the actual show) at the time of the show on the 11th. I will be selling the case without the finished disc that night. Basically a pre-order. I will then take the tape of THAT night's show, super-impose all the TVs and what not, edit everything together and burn the completed discs and mail them out immediately. I know it requires a little trust on your part - but it's all in an effort to make THAT NIGHT, be the show that is on the DVD forever. That means everything to me.
It still looks like the LA Premiere will be October 1st, at Third Stage. 50 seat theater, nice intimate setting - KILLLER spotlight. Would be perfect for the DVD. Man we gotta get a good light for Columbus. Anyway, when the LA Premiere is 100% official I'll make an entry about it. This is gonna be a great couple of weeks/months. Hell it already has been really. You know, as much as I want to bitch about how I never have time for anything - I gotta admit, I love it. I don't want this to end. Every night I go to sleep wishing I had more hours in the day. Best feeling in the world. I feel like I have that pushing, that's back. I have to keep it once these shows are over and T2 isn't so new anymore. I honestly need to start writing Part 3, get packages ready for managers... pursue this Jonathan Boyle/Richard Rosetti idea... Just keep it rollin'.
Speaking of rollin', I've made quite a few friends with the patients at work. A few of them are "connected" so to speak, but more than anything just some great people who seem genuinely interested in what's goin' on. I've handed out quite a few DVDs, and their reaction is just awesome. Again, I'm not really trying to "network" - but I guess indirectly I am. They "could maybe" help me, but truly I just enjoy giving people something that makes them smile, or laugh. You know? It's direct feedback. Like I gave a lady my CD and she fell in LOVE with "Bread in the Freezer". That was just cool as shit. I love that. As well, just so happens her husband is a DP - and one of his film "The Accountant" won the 2002 Academy Award for Live Action short. Most likely means nothing to me, but her reaction sure does. It keeps me grounded. Makes me remember who I am. Amazingly I seem to get a SMALLER head without that audience reaction. Weird.
Alright - Probably only one more entry until Columbus. Couldn't be more excited. This night is gonna be extraordinary.
PS - Jess turned the big 2-5 today and of course the dogs had to celebrate with hats and cake (they only ate the hats). Might as well break my own record for number of pictures in an entry. Here's 3 more.
By the way, Roxy is now 40 pounds at 4 months and 29 days. This dog is gonna be LARGE. Any bets? I'm saying a year from today, she'll weigh in at 125. Incredible. Ok, biggest entry of the year is now over.