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1:00 PM, Thursday, August 14th 2003:

And there you have it. The stage is set. We took out 2 banquet halls this time for more room, and a better view of the TVs. Y'all won't have to stand in the back now. We have 10 pizzas this time, and once again I'm letting 1/2 of the cover go towards the purchase of the NEW Trinitrons 2 Limited Edition DVD. There original DVD will be available too, as well as the new Trinitrons CD including songs from both 1 & 2. Here's the list:
01 - Come To - Adam Kontras & The Trinitrons
02 - Jiggy-Dog G - Gary "G" Simmons & The Trinitrons
03 - Kill You - Gary "G" Simmons
04 - That Way - Spencer Highbanks & The Trinitrons
05 - Hump Me - Spencer Highbanks & The Trinitrons
06 - Washin' Up The Genitals - Adam Kontras
07 - Full House - Cameron Kontras & The Trinitrons
08 - SECRET TITLE - Adam Kontras & The Trinitrons
09 - SECRET TITLE - Gary "G" Simmons
10 - SECRET TITLE - Spencer Highbanks
11 - SECRET TITLE - Cameron Kontras
12 - SECRET TITLE - Dewey Anderson
13 - SECRET TITLE - The Trinitrons
14 - SECRET TITLE - The Trinitrons
Sorry, there's no way I can give away the titles to the songs in T2. That just gives away too damn much. Anyway, as it says in the poster - Trinitrons 1 & 2 will be performed BACK to BACK at 8 PM. Thought about this for a long time, and the bottom line is - I just wanna make you guys suffer. Heh. Honestly - I'm looking for that anticipation to build and build and build until the end of the first one. So I can open up the DVD with the uproar right into Part 2. Should be awesome.
Now, am I really gonna say this? I believe I am, so look out.
I'm back.
Not getting there, seeing signs of the old me again - completely back. It's truly a case of waking up one morning and realizing everything is completely right again. I am right again. I'm finally, fully ME again. Creation/Direction. Creation being staying up too late producing all the remaining parts of T2 every spare moment, and direction being the show in Columbus. There's such an incredible sense of purpose and bounce in my step now.
More than anything the show is coming off perfectly. It's looking sooooooooo polished. The transition piece in the beginning is EXACTLY what I envisioned, and truth be told - better than I thought it would be. Had Paddy over last Sunday to do the announcer part and he watched a good deal of the show and genuinely laughed. He's actually the ONLY PERSON since I started writing this in February that has even seen/read any part of the show content wise. Jess has wanted to avoid as much as possible to be suprised during the show, and amazingly she's done pretty well. So it was great to finally share a few moments of it. It also felt new to me seeing it through someone else's eyes. Believe it or not, the editing process tends to BORE you of the content after awhile. Man, the energy in the room before the premiere is gonna be unreal. I can't believe I'm making everyone sit through the first one again. LOL. That's gonna rule.
But as well as being able to share a bit of the show, Sunday was just awesome creatively. In the morning Jess and I got up and went to the Journey Mountain to shoot the final pieces of the open for Live Adam. Jess almost died. Heh. Yeah, she had to be minutes from passing out. I've never seen her so red. It was 107 and we were standing on a rock at high noon...just BAKING. I'm of course in all black in my Live Adam get-up (sigh). I don't know how we made it. Then, came home and finished up the open. Paddy came by to do the announcer, found the perfect music - and voila. The video is slightly spoilerific. Click at your own risk.
So that's all that lead to this turnaround? Well of course not, but you just have those final straws. Those days where things go right and you look up and realize it's allllll been goin' right. The bottom line really is that if I close my senses down long enough and look inside myself - I know exactly who I am and what makes me tick. I have to create and have some semblance of a reason behind it. Which is why I'm so glad I decided back in February to start writing T2 even though Charlotte and I had both agreed there'd never be one. It didn't help my "career" as she wanted me to just go the acting route after we didn't get into Aspen. I had no "reason" to, but I was in tune with myself enough to know I just had to do it. I couldn't wait any longer to find the reason first. I had to create what my heart told me to, and then follow the path. And I did it. Step by step. I'm on the final steps and I'm on top of the world.
And that's where the change is really occurring. I'm looking back at this year in amazement. SOOOOO much has happened/is happening. I'm taking on so much. I'm putting together so much. I'm creating daily, and it's fueling the fire. I try to think of the year-end video and it's kinda mind-blowing. Whereas 2002 was a stretch to find more than 3 events, 2003 is an event after another. I'm still amazed that throughout the entire house ordeal, I was able to write and produce T2. That's gotta be the best moment. That's a level of stress management that I didn't have in 2002. And now with a full-time job and a house and dogs...I keep adding more? Like this: here's another idea I've been stewing about:
Back in 1990 I wrote a little movie called Slick Tracy, parody-ing Dick Tracy which I believe came out the summer before. Yeah 1989. It was an excuse for me and my friends in 8th grade to do something before we all went to highschool. I'm actually toying with the idea (and this would be quite a feat) of getting the old cast together in the summer of 2005 to RE-SHOOT the movie 15 years later. Although my dad doesn't run the 8-Ball anymore, my uncle has part ownership and may let me have it one early morning - long enough to shoot the shots. Jesus we had a lot of people in it. Justin, Jeremy, Aric, Brendan, Bruce, Steve… that may be it for the speaking parts. Oh and my dad of course. God that would be a friggin' blast. I bet we could pull it off in one looooooooooooong day. Like 4 AM to midnight. It's crazy we were all around 15 when we shot it, and now we'd all be around 30. Saaaaaaaaaaad. But also really cool. I wonder what's happened to everyone in 15 years. Heh. Ok, I really feel old now. I know I joke about it and shit, but now I really have reason to feel old. 1990 is really that far away. (sigh)
That was a strange period for sure. You're such a BADASS in 8th grade. You OWN 8th grade - and in a few months you're nothing again. Boy that summer before highschool you know it. I mean these mofos have BEARDS at this school. Girls are women. So no matter what any 8th grader says, as excited as you are - you're a little bummed you can't be in 8th grade forever. Man, I'm just remembering how cool 8th grade was. I completely wanna hang out with everyone again now. But hell it'll probably be all awkward as we've all turned into people we wouldn't hang out with now. When did we get so stubborn? That was the cool thing about gradeschool. Not as many cliques. There were SOME people you didn't hang out with, but for the most part we were all pretty accepting. And as you go through life it just gets more and more segmented. Why am I just thinking about this now? Isn't that what all those coming of age movies are? Stand By Me? I always think of those kids as younger than we were then - but truth be told, nope they were all 8th graders. Summer before highschool. Wow, everyone really feels that way. God that sucks. I wanna do 8th grade for a week. Dead serious. I want to set up some camp where you actually do 8th grade. School, homework, everything. Recess, lunch - all of it. Right back at the same school. That has to be possible somehow. There's all sorts of strange fantasy camps aren't there? Would anyone do the homework? Or would that be the funny part? We'd all blow it off. I'm graspin' here - but I had a blast in 8th grade. Biggest problem would be getting enough of your old classmates together to be an actual class again… wild.
So anyway, I'm on the top of the world. Of course it's not Comedy Store high.... woah - huge flashback.
Belinda took me into the big room that night and showed me tha tthere were only 15 people there in comparison to the 120 in my room. Said she had just spoken with Mitzi and that I was playing that room from that moment on, that Mitzi was floored (all lies apparently - who knows now). Anyway, I remember going back outside and grabbin' Jess and hugging her and relaying what Belinda just said to me. THAT is what I mean by Comedy Store high. It's not the show itself, how a joke went over - none of that. Just the feeling of the time. Watching everything come together the way you had struggled for your whole life. It's an amazing whirlwind to be in. And I'll find my way back soon enough.
For now, I'm just happy being me again.