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9:34 PM, Tuesday, July 29th, 2003: Columbus, Ohio.
Huh? What about the DVD?
The DVD will be released the same night (case/cover), with the actual disc being hand delivered and/or mailed out 48 hours later. All the extras, menus/layouts - everything will be completed before the show, and I'll simply spend the next 48 hours in Columbus (with my own computer - don't freak out Dad) putting it all together.
(whew) I have struggled with doing it this way for almost a year now. The bottom line was very clear: Columbus is the audience that should see the show first, and as well that night is most definitely how I want to remember T2 when I pop in my DVD years down the road. That means more to me than making a DVD of some meaningless show, just to have it done in time to sell in Columbus.
This decision was made even tougher as I started to realize that I could probably draw pretty well out here with some of the patients I've made friends with. They all seem to be genuinely interested - and I could have a great opening night, but this is just the right way to do it. It's a total follow your heart type of thing, and I just believe in it.
This does however mean I will most likely take a bath on sales that night. Then again, it may not. If you think about it, the pros far outweigh the cons here if you're the consumer here. I mean you're just pre-paying 48 hours in advance. On top of that - the DVD will be of the show you're at. When the hell does that happen? What a cool souvenir! But it's not like I can sit there and explain this to people - and the chances of them throwing down $20 for a case and cover that night is certainly less than if the product was ready to go. I honestly can't worry about that though. I care more about the finished product than actual sales that night - and I really do think the majority of you will understand that and know it's an insanely fast turnaround.
In fact, I'd really like to premiere all the shows this way. Columbus and those following the Journey deserve to see it all first. Last time was just so perfect. It's just a cool pattern. The Annual Trinitrons Invasion. Ooh - war terms probably aren't really good for a show on 9/11. (sigh) and then there's that whole thing. Still going back and forth on how to treat it. If the show was during the day I'm almost positive it would be right to have a moment of silence or something - but because it's at night, my instinct is to never bring it up. We'll have been reliving it all day and I think this will be a good break. Still not sure. Of course the thought of something actually happening again on the date is always looming. (sigh). Fuck the world man.
Anyway - I gotta thank my dad up front for doin all the legwork for me as to getting everything squared away for the night. As well, he's actually helping me right now with the construction (and I do mean construction) of some background tracks for a part in the show. My piano has all but died (now in a constant state of dampen), and I was able to email mp3s of the music, and he's doing it for me. Ain't technology great? Of course he's going all out and working on intricate drum tracks and a myriad of instruments (you had to know I got the work ethic from somewhere). I'm totally pumped that in this bizarre transplanted way, we can work together. He's already said it's one of the most difficult audio projects he's ever tried to do. Constructing background tracks that have to match up perfectly to the counterpart can be an absolute nightmare. Take it from someone who had to do it with NO instruments for every parody song. Meticulously taking measures from one part and overlaying them to create a seamless background. It's completely satisfying in the end though. My dad certainly has the ear for it. Too bad we live 2200 miles away.
But other than the music he's working on, the show from minute 2-30 is completed. The audio was, and still is, a friggin' nightmare. I have to put some money into my set-up for next time. This is nuts. Take looping for example (where you re-do audio that didn't come out perfect live). With the right program, it's simple - you watch the video, and talk into the mic, and it gets recorded right into the program. Voila. For me? I can't watch the video as my computer can't run it fast enough within my editing program, so I have to watch and listen to a wav form. I then speak the part over and over until I think I'm close. Unfortunately I'm recording it onto a DAT. Can't record it into my computer, because I can't listen and record at the same time. After I'm finished with the loops, I then bring up "Sound Recorder" and record from the DAT tape to the computer. Then I save that file and bring it INTO the timeline to then sync up with the video.
That's about as back-asswards as it gets. And just imagine how hard it is to keep the levels from being distorted when you bring in all your audio this way, and you're 10 tracks deep. I'd give anything for my WTVN or CD101 setup. Either way, I gotta put real money into fixing this for next time. This took 5 times as long as it needed to. But it's pretty much over now. Just the little 2 minute opening that I just shot the last piece for as Live Adam. Damn I'm gonn have this whole thing complete and ready to go for 5 weeks without performing it? (sigh) - that sucks. I'll obviously run through it on my own to test everything out, but wow - that's a long time to sit on it. Then again - that's exactly what I did last time. Same time period too. I was done with the first one on August 3rd I believe, and didn't show it until September 30th. God what a horrible wait that was. All because of Bob friggin' Saget. Anyway, now my focus turns to the DVD and making all the menus and putting together all the little pieces for the disc. There's gonna be lotsa great extras this time. In fact, I think I'll make a quick little trailer for the DVD to show at the premiere on 9/11. That way people can see what they're hopefully buying. Whew...I'm actually gonna do it like this aren't I. What a crazy couple of stress filled days THAT is gonna be. Heh. It'll be worth it when it's all said and done.
And nothing will beat the stress of that night. One shot. The whole thing leading up to the final moment and going through it one time for the audience and straight to DVD. That energy will be fantastic. Still unsure if I'll play part 1 before part 2. If we're in the same venue I probably won't because it's not really comfortable, but if we get a more theater type setting - I'm all over that. It'll really build the excitement if I play part one first. Time will tell.
So there's the big news - GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK! Tell me if you like the idea, or hell even what time you'd like the show to start. You're already online, what's it take to click here?
;-) out.