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6:48 PM, Tuesday, July 15th, 2003:
I finally have the opportunity to tell you why the hell I was 5 days late on the final Trinitron Chronicle, and why finishing the audio portion may take me until the end of this month. Her name is Roxy.
We've really done it this time though. She's a Mastiff-German Shepherd mix, but judging from the pictures of puppies online, she's all Mastiff. At 3 1/2 months she's 25 pounds, which means breaking the 100 pound barrier is easily in the future. Her absolute favorite thing on the planet is Theo:
Theo was one of many things thrown into our yard once the wall was put up. I decided it was kismet and put Theo in our tree. He was to dwell there until one day when Roxy looked up and freaked the hell out. She was not to keen on this young black child in our tree. So she proceeded to bark incessently until I threw it at her. And thus started the friendship that should last a life time. Well his hard plastic face may last a lifetime - but everythng else will be shredded within a dew weeks I'm sure. Look for future "How's Theo Now?" updates. So, anyway - where did we get the pup?
Called up the Pet Orphans Fund out here in LA and got to hang out with a bunch of dogs. I really wanted the black lab puppy, but Jess fell in love with the Mastiff. It makes very little difference to me in the end, I just really wanted a dog. Jess has never owned one so I figured she should be sure of what she wanted. Luckily our backyard is big and we can close off the kitchen, throw in a doggy-door to outside and be good to go. Though at this point - just how big to make that door is a pretty good question. Heh.
Anyway, the house-breaking has made all normal daily tasks take 5 times longer. This dog can squat in the blink of an eye, so if you dare let her on the carpet it's like watching a 2 year old. Luckily my father's voice has somehow found it's way into my vocal chords and the puppy cowers and cries at my "No!". Pretty cool thing to have. Thanks Pop.
So you may now want to refer to Jess and I as "Secret Squat Agents".
We're developing a 6th sense on if the dog is just sitting or squatting. What to a normal person may seem like a fraction of an inch difference to the great "Secret Squatting Agents" it's a red flag like no other. God I can't wait until this phase is over.
And Bob of course can't wait until we realize that there's an animal in his house and shoot it.
Bob is completely frustrated with our inability to notice how horribly wrong this situation is. He knows, Hijack knows, but we seem to actually INVITE this beast in! Bob continues to do his part by royally scaring the "piss" out of Roxy. Roxy, who just wants to play with the cats gets a nice big helping of "Cat Growl" and hissing to which she barks, whimpers and runs. Anyway, I don't doubt that they'll be cool hangin' out once the pup isn't so "puppy" anymore. But I don't see how they'll be able to do that with Roxy jumpin and playing. She's only gonna get bigger, and the cats are pretty smart to stay out of her way until she calms the hell down. Try 2005.
In other news it looks like I have a date for the big show in Columbus. You ready for this? Thursday, September 11th. (sigh). It's not that I think we should all be sad that day, in fact this is probably a good thing in that sense - but why tempt the fates? Anyway - the date was dictated by work, as my boss and her husband are taking a 5-Day Weekend and we're turning it into a 10-Day vacation. I end up only missing 3 days of work. Can't beat that. I'm torn between paying some sort of tribute, or completely ignoring it so people can forget about it for the night. It'll probably be a bit of a mixture of both. So please, please, please mark that day on your calendar for ANOTHER reason: The 2nd Annual Trinitrons Invasion. Ooh...can I say war terms? Great - now I gotta check the whole show for insensitive comments. Heh.
Still working on the audio portion of the show and am looking at Sunday, August 3rd as the first show. Most likely at Magnolia Apartments. Although the patients at work make me think I could pull off renting a theater and what-not. Lots of people curious as to why the hell I've looked so strange the last month. Still need to call around and see what I'm gonna do. Hell - maybe I just do another Third Stage thing? Nah, that may be too small. Hmmm. Damn. I'll figure it out.
And believe it or not, I have to start working on the DVD - NOW. You can't imagine how friggin' time consuming that puppy will be. So many extras this time. Many sections filmed JUST for the DVD. And to have it ready for 9/11 is gonna be tough. So damn...what the hell am I doing here? I'll leave you with one last puppy shot and I'll be on my way.
Oh and for further proof of Roxy's love for Theo, check out the video. I feel the need to emphasize the word "love" as giving our dog a small black child to EAT tends to come off a bit racist. Heh. Rest assured Roxy's an equal opportunity shredder. I'll do my best to find a white baby for her. Oh and by the way - she's barking at the camera because I have the screen flipped around and she sees herself. Classic shit man. She only barks if she sees herself or the cats. Thank God - it could grow rather annoying FAST.