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9:34 PM, Tuesday, July 1st, 2003:
Pets will never cease to amaze me.
Quick aside - you'll get the final Trinitron Chornicle this Sunday. I was gonna do it yesterday and use the opening for the final chronicle video but I decided I'd rather have the whole thing comPLETEly edited and make a full out kick-ass trailer. Hopefully that's this Sunday the 6th. And hey - the last chronicle has to fall on a round number (260) right? Heh. So stay tuned...
Now pets. Thursday morning, Jess and I actually have the whole day off together. Very rare. So of course all we're doing is cleaning. Yipee. Notice that we can't find Hijack. Look everywhere and finally realize - he's not in the house.
(sigh) Now this ain't no J-Dog. This is the biggest scaredy-cat ever. If he actually got out, and ran...he would just run and run. Everything scares him. Bob scares him, Jess scares him - everything. Jess actually put her fork into a bean in her bowl, put it up and said "BEAN" while Hijack was on the couch next to us and he damn near broke the coffee table trying to get away. SCARE-DEE-CAT.
So we're trying to figure out just how the hell this happened when we notice a little secret compartment in the bathroom closet where their litter is. It's an opening to...OUTSIDE. ? What the hell is this? Right under the house and outside. Obviously how he got out. I swear this house is just full of strange "head-scratching" moments. Who has a trap-door in their bathroom closet?
It started to sink in fairly quickly throughout the day that he wasn't coming back. Again, J-Dog is one in a million and he wasn't scared of anything ('cept a guitar. Guitars were his living hell). By Friday evening Bob was just crying incessently. More of just annoyance cries. Almost like he didn't know what was missing, but he wasn't getting his usual attention. For us though, it's just that pit in your stomach. Something you've spent 2 years caring for is just gone. Not knowing what happened and just overall sadness. It just sucks losing a pet. You're angry at the idiots that put a TRAP DOOR IN THE FUCKING BATHROOM and you just know the chance of a miraculous J-Dog return is insanely slim.
By Sunday night it had been over 4 days since I saw him, and absolutely knew he was long gone. If everything scares you, guess how far you can run in 4 days?
And then of course he comes back.
There's a cry at the front door, I think it's Bob right next to me- then realize it's Hijack. It was pretty funny actually - 'cause both Jess and I are overly sensitive to Bob now 'cause we know he's bummed. So I think I hear Bob crying and I ask him what's up when I realize it's not coming from him and I FREAK OUT.
I whip open the door and say "Hijack". And I swear to GOD - one paw comes into the house. I'm at an angle to the right of the door, so I'm still slightly unsure. Then I see his head pop out. Amazing. Then he looks unsure for a moment. He's looking in the house to make sure he's at the right one. It's what makes me think he must've been in someone else's house for a time. That or he was crying at every front door on the street. For a moment I thought he was gonna run again, and I started freakin' out a bit. I can't catch him in the house let alone in the middle of the night outside. But amazingly he finally decided that this was the right one, walked in I shut the door - and pow: grabbed the camera.
I was the pussy of the world man. LOL. I won't even show you the beginning of this tape. My voice is pathetic. It was this mixture of utter shock, joy, and just a little more utter shock. Yes, even after showing you guys Spencer, I'm embarrassed at how emotional I get over my pets man. Seriously, after 24 hours passed I knew there was no way he was coming back. And for him to be able to smell out the house just blows my mind. Mark this down as moment #48 where you wish you could just talk to your pets for like one minute. Ever wished that? Wished you could just level with 'em for a few moments, and then they can go back to being a normal pet:
"Listen, you use the toilet instead of the litter box, I'll buy you the most expensive cat food I can find. Deal?"
"In the morning, never cry until there are 4 digits on that clock. Cool?"
"Where the HELL were you the past 4 days?!?!"
Cat and dog owners know it man. There's moments where you'd give anything to just be able to talk with 'em for just a second. 'Cause they're so damn human at times, it seems possible.
Anyway, so all is right with the world. Bob was weird last night - but yesterday morning they were chasing each other again. Just another strange anecdote in this crazy journey. Now if only J-Dog could find his way to the house after... 10 months? Why not. Heh.
Oh yeah, 'nother cool story: So I'm taking a jog around the neighborhood, and I throw a $10 bill in my shoe to hit up a subway near my house. I jog around for a bit (tired after 10 minutes - MUST get back in shape) and decide to wog the rest of the way to subway (walk/jog). Check my show and the $10 is gone. FUUUUUUCK. So I decide to retrace my steps but I did all sortsa weird shit in the mile I had run and it was a crazy path. So I'm retracing and I think to myself "At what point do you stop looking?". It's one of those scruples questions. Used to be if I lost a DOLLAR I would search and search - but after watching thousands go out the door WEEKLY, $10 is just NOTHING. But I still searched in vein and in what has to be the dumbest luck I've ever had - boom: found it. $10 bill clear as day sitting in the grass. It was the coolest moment boy. Glad I didn't give up. I proceeded to DRIVE to subway after that.
All in all things are pretty good. The only real stress has been Trinitron related as I'll describe in the final chronicle Sunday. Oddly enough though, I'm not really happy. You know? There are day-to-day happy moments, and the routine of life sets in with a dash of showbiz here and there - but when I step back from everything - I wouldn't consider me happy. I should be - but I'm not. That's not good. It's OK when things are crazy and you're stressed out, but I really have very little to be bummed about considering all I've been through the past 3 1/2 years. Gotta find a way to see that. Thankfully it's all on the inside. My actions are not that of a depressed man. I save all that for here. On the outside I'm continuing to kick ass and pull a whole helluva lotta shit off in a short amount of time.
Strange how different your thoughts can be from your actions ain't it...