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9:54 PM, Saturday, June 21st, 2003:
Good news and bad news. Didn't I already start off a chronicle like this? LOL. Anyway - the good news is Spencer was funny as shit. The end of his song will probably get a laugh that rivals the "cock" line from Part 1...
The bad news is that's probably your loudest laugh the whole show, and it comes halfway through.
GRRR. I thought I conquered it. I wrote it with the climax being a kick-ass cool ending (it may still be), but now that it's all recorded and done - Spencer may do what he did last time: Bring the audience to a huge high - and then have it kind've fade away by the end. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN.
I was taking a shower after my last take, going through the flow of the show and was all giddy at just how well Spence's song turned out. I didn't think it was that funny when I wrote it - but a few ad-libs and it's easily the funniest thing I've done in 4tvs. The delivery is dead-on and it will "knock 'em dead"...but it's the highpoint for "lowest common denominator" laughs.
The next part is funny as hell too, and Dewey's part - though not funny, is gonna be awesome...then the ending is totally solid with everyone on location and just a killer little production piece - but DAAAAAAAAAMN: nothing is as funny as that song. I really think I made the same mistake twice.
Damnit, it didn't READ like that though!!!!! LOL. I was so aware while I was writing it to make SURE the climax hit at the END this time!! I think I even wrote about it in here! The pacing! Well, it is too early to tell. Maybe audiences will appreciate all the cool shit that happens in the 2nd half just as much as the belly-laughs from more gay sexual innuendos. LOL. I don't know though - Spence says some lines that I don't believe have ever been uttered in any setting. DAAAAAMN. And G is right before him again too - with a bunch of laughs. FUCK. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Anyway - the pics:
It may be just me, but there's 2 years of stress in those eyes since last time.
WOAH. Maybe not. LOL.
The 80's live.
This will absolutely steal the show...again.
Damn I look pasty in CLOUD-light.
This is for the DVD "Spencer's Highlights". Nice shot of the house though.


Well as you can probably tell - the shoot went AMAZING. Funny, funny, funny. I kept fucking up I was laughing so much. I solved the "timing" problem from the last entry by loading Cameron's AUDIO from the DAT player which isn't firewire. Word. The camera still won't work however. I'll deal with all that tomorrow. But more from the shoot.
Lotsa one takers throughout the shoot which is a good sign. His song however took forever. My cheeks are actually still sore from smiling so damn much. The lines in Spencer's song come fast as shit, and it was all I could do to get them out in time. As well, I kept adding all the movements and then re-doing them. As I mention before, I completely believe it steals the show, and there's just no big laughs in the last segment. But isn't that alright? Grrrr. Really hard to judge this. It's becoming part theater piece, part stand up act and there's no real precedent for the flow. In a stand-up act the audience may peak at one line, but as long as the rest of the act is still funny - it doesn't matter. But how many times have you seen a comic go 2 jokes too far? Then end and we all go: "DUUUUDE, you so should've ended it on the big joke". But admittedly this is a different beast. I have to treat it like a movie. Take any comedic movie for example, the funniest part is almost always somewhere in the middle. But just as was the case in the first Trinitrons - there's SOOOOO much laughter leading up to and through Spence's song - that it seems like something is missing if people aren't laughing all the way through.
Ok, yes I'm over-analyzing, but that's what you read this shit for right? LOL. Deal with it. These aren't the DVD liner notes damnit. Heh. You're hearing my thoughts - which can be annoying at times.
Fuck it, what am I saying. The end is cool as shit - and the whole story is just funny as hell - big and inventive. If you wanna watch Spencer's song over and over, buy the goddamn DVD.
So I'm insanely happy at this point. I love that my worry now is that Spencer's last laugh is so LOUD it may outweigh the rest of the show. That's awesome. Seriously when I had the meltdown after Dewey's footage - I actually considered packing it in. I was devestated at the thought of having to start from scratch and DRAW on G's eyebrows. Luckily - that didn't have to happen, and I'm sitting here now overjoyed with how it turned out.
Post-production is going to rip me a new one though. This is by far the most technically demanding posts I've ever done. So much to put together. So much to edit - so much to create. There's no way in hell I'll be done by the 4th of July. Not a chance. I actually need to shoot a few things on the mountain as Live Adam to finish the beginning. So, so, so much work.
Can't wait to start on it. Now wish me luck in fixing the computer problem. I'm gonna take Jess's computer apart and try and salvage one that works so I can finish this up. What a friggin' pain.
Here's hoping it's all worth it in the end. 4 down, post to go.
Oh and I actually got laughed at by every member of the McDonalds crew today Granted, I still had my make-up on and was completely "Spencer'd Out" - but jesus this is LA. The guy who took my money started to snicker - then actually gets UP (full line of cars) and comes back to watch them give me the food while every crew member comes to look and laugh. ?!?!?! I had to laugh too though. Made me think about how much it must suck to be a bad drag queen that REALLY wants to look like a girl. You need thick skin for sure. Fries were good though.
K, must fix these damn computers now. Late.