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10:27 PM, Friday, June 20th, 2003:
It never ends. It really never ends. This time though, it's not another reshoot - it may cost my ass a BUNCH.
So I go to plug my camera in to load the footage for the previous entry - and the computer doesn't see it. I have 2 firewire devices, a drive and the camera - and neither are being shown. I go to the device manager and it says everything is running fine. Huh? Once again in 4 years of creating 4tvs sets - this has never happened. You plug in the camera, it sees it. Period. I reboot, reinstall drivers - nada. Talk to everyone I know, and everyone else is befuddled...oh and let me add this little piece of the pie:
Had an electrician over who as of this moment, has been the most aggrivating guy I've never met in my whole life - but Jess was on the computer and he goes to the breaker and throws all the switches. ?!?!? Then says "Oh I hope nothin' important was on". Aren't you an ELECTRICIAN? Haven't you been through this routine before? Don't you remember to actually SPEAK to the inhabitants before you throw the switch? Well since then - nada. The firewire cards haven't worked. So infuiated. Now why?
Because I am going to have to GUESS on Spence. See, loading footage is intregal to 4tvs sets. You HAVE to replace the "audio script" as you go along. The live person is usually a hair off to the audio script - but it doesn't matter as long as the other TVs play off the live person. So as long as you load it after each character, all is right with the world. Because of time restraints however - I cannot try and fix this computer by tomorrow, and I HAVE to do it by tomorrow as that's when my hair is done. (sigh) The scheduile this time around is like no other boy. I must admit though - it's a helluva lot faster and more efficient than last time when you're trying fit it around a work schedule.
Cameron however, was hard as SHIT. Here's all the pics - more stories after...
It really is amazing how a goatee and glasses makes you a new man...
You guys will enjoy what he's reacting to.
Guess these are ALL reaction shots. Heh. You'll enjoy this one more.
You know it kinda looks like sunlight in the back...
The first 2 minute segment took me over an hour. I must've redid it 25 times. The timing on the opening has to be impeccable. That and I kept coming up with new ideas. More than anything that was a key component to the length. New lines, new actions. It was after the first 2 hours today that I knew...I knew this show was gonna rock. Something about being Cameron, which is basically just me, and being able to react as I would on stage...I really felt it. There were times when I was truly laughing (Spencer's song) and just having a ball. I haven't had that much fun in... I dare not say. Heh. I do miss performing.
But this was more than performing. It was just tiny moments of "Hell yes, I've done it. This is gonna work". With Cameron I had the opportunity to just see the show from a different perspective - and it's really, really funny. The dialogue is dead-on. It's what made Cameron so fuggin' hard. He has so many good zingers that just HAVE to be on. Have to. Can't be a millisecond off. And of course his song. Dear GOD his song. Y'all are in for a treat. Unfortunately it's gonna be a SHITLOAD of post-production. Half of which I'm just making up as I go along. It's half animated too. Heh. Classic man. This one is filled.
So the shoot was by far the hardest so far and I barely made it to the mountain on time when disaster struck: The batteries in my DAT player (which gives me the timing) went out. Now I knew they were low so I emptied out my remote controls before I left, knowing some combination of the 12 I took would work.
Combination after combination boy. I would get one minute into the song and BOOM. Gone. It was starting to get dark, my hair appointment is tomorrow - I'm really getting freaked. Then, I hit the jackpot - after easily 7 different combinations the 2 DVD remote batteries, a cable remote battery, and one TV remote battery - I found what would get me through......ONE TAKE. LOL. That's right - I did it, said:  "I think that was good.." and the DAT batteries died. I tried in vain to pull off a few more takes, so that one shot was IT. Here's hoping my tape doesn't MELT before I can load it (whenever the hell that will be). It KILLS me I can't load this footage to check it. Oh and of course this whole weekend is supposed to be cloudy as shit. So everyone will look right except....G. (sigh). G will be the only one with actual sunlight on his face. It would be funny if it was Spencer, at least that could seem planned - but not G. Oh well - that's what you get for location shoots in June. I'll never forget the 2 words: "June Gloom" for the rest of my life.
Lookin' forward to tomorrow, but I know it's gonna be a nightmare without the footage loaded. Even worse - I'm probably gonna have to put Cameron's tape back in and rewatch certain parts to time it - leaving lots of room for error. Here's hoping all my 4tvs experience will allow me to wing it. GODDAMN ELECTRICIAN. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE.
3 Down, 1 to go. Word. Rock the Casbah. Do I even hint at what the parody title is? Hell no. The song is just too funny to ruin for you guys.