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7:21 PM, Wednesday, June 11th, 2003:
Good news and bad news. Good news of course is Dewey is finished and we're onto Cameron a week from Friday. Bad news of course is there was no sun, and although with some post-production magic I'll be able to fool some peeps...the first one looked ten times better.
Now that's without making the sky blue, which I intend to do on the final render. It won't be completely blue - but it will have a hint of it. What's unfortunate however is how the landscape looks. The difference between sunlight, and WHITE cloud light is quite telling. But the bottom line is who knows what the weather's gonna be like when I do Cameron and Spence so this isn't really a big deal. If I have perfect sunlight for Cam and Spence I'm gonna be mucho pissed though. Oh well, I have no control over it, I just hope it's not a downpour. June Gloom sucks.
So, on with the pics:
A Dewey just isn't a Dewey without a laugh and a point.

Old school Dewey, hittin' the low note.

Dewey wearin' a Doo-Rag in a way only he could do it.
Cousin' "It" makes a come-back for the Spencer Set.
And finally a shocking look at Dewey when he wants to be romantic.
Amazing what taking the hair out of your face can do for ya.
Now it seems like ages ago, but I actually changed into Dewey Saturday Night after I was done with G. First of all, bad fuggin' idea, but I'll surpass that with an even worse idea later when I decide to EPIL-STOP and shave my eyebrows BEFORE dying them. (sigh). That lead to some of the most acute head pain I've been in for quite some time.
That and dying the roots a second time almost made me pass out - lol. My roots were where my scalp hurt the most from the cornrows 'cause they pull like crazy. I should really have let my head rest for a day before we threw chemicals all over it. Anyway, by Sunday I was ready to kick-ass.
Unfortunately I still hadn't loaded all the G footage so I spent the majority of the day doing all that, went to the mountain 'round 5 PM - and did the B-Ball stuff directly afterwards. Not sure if I described it before - but the B-Ball stuff is just something for the DVD, not in the show at all. Should be a funny bit.
By Sunday evening I was ready to start, and things went "somewhat" smoothly. Of course I had to throw a wrench in the works by wanting Dewey to smoke a bong the whole show. LOL. My idea was to have Dewey just pop off screen every few minutes when he was bored - you'd see some smoke wafting up and then he'd jump back up. Just a little something for people watching a 2nd and 3rd time to enjoy. I of course don't have a bong, so Jess got these Black and Milds (mini-cigars), and I would just smoke at the bottom of the screen and blow up towards the camera - and then get a big mouthful ready for when I came back up. The end result was pretty funny actually, but the timing was a BITCH. Trying to suck the smoke in and know how long I could hold it before my line was more than a little difficult for Mr. "I don't smoke". As well, we have this new smoke detector thing with our ADT and I was sure that thing was goin' off. Luckily it didn't.
Unfortunately, even with all that work, I'm afraid people will think it was somehow a shotcut to filming because he goes off-screen. I'm over-analyzing I know, but you never want a "throw-away" character in these shows, and it may look like that to some. He still has a suprise or two for the audience, and you'll find he's a bit deeper than we all thought - but he's still a pot-head. LOL. I don't see in what capacity he'll ever be a deep part of the show because it's his shallowness that makes him so funny. It's funny that out of nowhere he just pops up and contributes to the conversation - and then goes back down to have another smoke. The only deepness we ever see is that he is a "bit" smarter when he wants to be (as seen in the first one) and he's got a different, romantic side when he wants to (as seen in the new one). Past that - you can't mess with the formula that is Dewey. He's just funny.
Now the best part of the whole Dewey Shoot was the mountain climbers behind me while I was shooting on location. Footage of course that is gone forever. (sigh). I was gonna do a whole bit on all the people getting in the mountain shots, as it happened with G as well - but no one interrupted me when I re-did Dewey. DAMN THEM. LOL.
So it's halfway through and my feelings are...well my nerves are shot - so my feelings kinda go along with that. But as far as how the show is gonna turnout - it's totally up in the air at this point in my mind. Last time I was just thrilled with what G and Dewey looked like that I couldn't get any higher. Now of course, that's a given and you start to realize how dishevelled 4tvs Production is. It's all bits and pieces that are nearly impossible to read/critique without the other pieces. It has to be somewhat how it feels to be on a Star Wars set. There's just nothing to really gauge your performance by when it's with a digital character. In my case - my digital characters are just future "Me's" yet to be recorded. So at the end of a day, shooting half the show doesn't give you a feeling on how it's gonna turnout. Hell - even shooting ALL the characters still leaves you empty. It's not until you complete whole sections with all 4 screens that you can really sit down and soak it in. Of course by that time - you're pretty much at the mercy of the computer as to what it feels like.
I miss the stage. I may need to find a way to get back into that. Then again - I GET the stage when I'm performing The Trinitrons. It feels like there's 4 other people up there with me. Heh. This is cool. Do you realize I'm writing about something that no one else in the world can write about? That's so kick-ass. 4tvs is unique to the point of absurdity. Now if only the price of flat-screens would come down so I wouldn't have to take a 2nd mortgage on our house to afford them.
Hmmmm...that's an idea.
(just kidding jess)
Enjoy the PUFF.