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7:15 AM, Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
I almost wept.
I don't mean cry, I did do that, but I mean weep like a baby. Late Monday night when I tried to make the Dewey Entry Video I almost lost my fuggin' mind.
Absolute, monumental MELTDOWN.
One of my hard drives is apparently dying, and it's the harddrive all of my Trinitrons footage was loaded onto. I noticed that when I played back some of the files - they would skip a bit. Not a big deal, as that can happen from time to time when your computer is bogged down - the actual file is usually fine, playback is just screwy. Well this time, it was the file. I had already loaded the footage, edited it, brought in all the audio (which I record seperately), synced it all up and brought it into the timeline. Not sure if any of that makes sense to you, but this will: I taped over some of the G and Dewey footage after I had loaded it.
In what now looks like the stupidest thing I've ever done, I had certain takes of both Dewey and G that took like 30 minutes of tape to get 3 good minutes. I wasn't gonna waste a whole $10 tape for one or two useable takes - so I loaded them in and re-used the tape. In the 4 years I've been loading footage - it's never "gone bad" on me. Ever. Because of how I load it (recovering all lost frames), even if the computer is getting worked by some other program, it never skips - it just takes a bit longer to get it all in.
Unfortunately I had clicked the "Recover Lost Frames" check OFF in order to get some footage in that had a bad section of tape nearly 2 months ago. Reason being - the computer will see the bad section as "Lost Frames" and go over and over it unless you click that option OFF. I never put it back on though.
So what did the footage look like? Take a gander (the video is untouched, the audio however I fucked with just for artistic pleasure) Imagine how I felt when I realized thast was the ACTUAL FOOTAGE. That made it some of the scariest footage I've ever seen. All the Dewey footage looked like that. So last night there was a mad dash to go buy some DV Tapes, get alllllll the footage off that drive, and some other drives - and try to transfer what I could to a different drive. All my footage from the bad drive was goin' screwy. Even worse? The footage wouldn't come off the drive to the tape. It was totally screwed. But this was all the Dewey footage...I was sure the G footage was I hit play and... was the exact same thing. At this point I'm losing my mind. Thinking about re-doing cornrows, re-dying hair, DRAWING in eyebrows, regrowing the beard... All this as my body tightened up into a fetal position - LOL. Not really, but that was pretty much what it seemed like. I lucked out however. G's video WORKED when I transferred it to another drive. But Dewey wasn't so lucky.
I completely lost the "location footage" as well as some good bloopers forever. What's even worse is - Saturday was the last day of SUN this city may see in a week. I need sunlight for the outdoor stuff. As it stands at 7:21 AM Tuesday morning it's raining and nasty and the chance of the fog burning off by this afternoon is slim. GRRRRRRR. The footage was so perfect on Saturday. So bummed. Sooooooooooooo bummed. It's now a waiting game with the weather - hoping I'll have time to grow Cameron's goatee by next Saturday. (sigh)
Moral of the story of course...always have a tape back-up. Even if I was gonna re-use the tape of 30 minutes of crap - I should've backed the good take onto another tape AS WELL as loading it into the computer. I'm incredibly lucky right now that it all comes down to just the location footage, but incredibly stressed about the weather situation. Also stressed about the future footage. I mean, will I need to make a tape-back up every time I add an effect? Re-splice stuff? What the HELL is wrong with the drive?!?! Will the drive I transferred it to hang in there? There's so many steps to the show, and losing any of the footage at any given point would be devastating. I mean, nothing like having to re-shoot things, but still. And tape back-up certainly isn't full-proof. I've had footage go bad on a digital tape before. (sigh)
Here's hopin' everything works out. Unfortunately it gives me the pervading feeling of "GOD I WANT THIS OVER WITH". That's not a good thing to feel during this stage of the show. This is supposed to be the fun part - and I must admit, it is not as fun as last time. It is immensely more stressful, and I have zero way of knowing if my performance is suffering because of it. I believe I wrote 2 years how nice it would be to not have to deal with the technical side of things, just perform. Well it's also very nice to just have a partner in crime. The pressure to make this as good a show as the last one is really mounting. I'm also so far into it, that I cannot see what's funny anymore. Lines that I could barely write without laughing, now don't even strike me as funny. I know it's all because of the extenuating circumstances, but knowing that doesn't help.
And Jesus stressful shit is just beating my ass these past 3 months. What started with "getting the house" - transferred to my dad's health - back to that fuggin' house - and now to The Trinitrons. Once this puppy is done, I have to find a way to relax.
There's always a story to tell ain't there. Anyway, look for the Dewey Entry whenever the fuggin' sun comes out.