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9:48 AM, Monday, June 9th, 2003
Great to see you G.
Ok, now I can be honest. There was a tiny part of me that thought I was just bullshitting myself and you guys. That there was just no way I'd ever be able to pull this off. There was just so much to be done, and no matter what I did, there was always something I forgot. Yet, when it came down to it on Saturday Morning, June 7th, just when I planned - it was time to do G.
I actually woke up that morning and kept trying to do more lighting tests. Ot maybe check that sound for the 12th time. Completely stalling. Actually I was just in "prep" mode so hard it was difficult to say - alright man, it's time. I did the first section, stopped the tape and watched it and just like that - it was a Trinitrons take. Slightly (and I do mean slightly) akin to what the Beatles must've felt when they came back together in 1995 and it actually sounded like...The Beatles. You don't know exactly what parts make it work, but when it comes together - you know.
Same thing here - were the lights like this the last time? Is it gonna matter because I used cheap lights and didn't rent the professional stuff? Is the sound right? Is the make-up right? Is my goddamn beard right? That one actully got me - the beard is a little bit off when G turns to the side. Oh and the big one - my tan. Amazing what not having a job will do for your tan. LOL. I was considerably darker last time. Just not a damn thing I can do about that though. I'll screw around with some color balancing later, but G just ain't gonna be as dark. It's kind've disappointing, but welcome to the real world. If y'all would like to pay my ass to sit in the sun for a week, I'd gladly take it. Oh yes, let me show you all the pics. Don't worry too much about spoilers here - you'll forget most of the outfits by the time you see the show.
That Nelly band-aid is funny as SHIT. That and the 50 Cent cap. Woot. Can't wait until you guys see this scene.
Amazing what the black backdrop does to the lighting. This annoyed my ass for like 30 minutes. It screwed with us last time too, and we ended up balancing everything in post. I finally figured out what happens though. When my camera sees that much dark it pushes the exposure setting way up - even when you've set it. So compensating with the lights is the wrong move. You gotta fuck with the stupic consumer camera that decdes it knows your shot better than you. GRRRRRR. Anyway, I'll fix it up in After Effects. And shiiiiiiiiiiiiit - G is so stylin' dawg.
What is this?!?! Where is G?!?! I don't understand!!! Ahhh yes the secret location shoot for the ending. I shall say no more. :)
And finally, this is nowhere in the show. It'll only be on the DVD. This is what happens when you take out your cornrows. I actually went out in public like this cause it was just so crazy. My step-dad had a perm like this when I was a kid. LOL - that pic rules.
So the actual filming went frighteninly quick. Only G's song took more than 2 takes. How mofos freestyle rap is just BEYOND me. A skill I will NEVER have. I still say half the peeps memorize a whole buncha shit - and then just draw from the well for the situation. Anyway - everything else went incredibly smooth. I was pretty objective too - I'd watch each finished take looking for as many problems as I could - but it was generally pretty good. There is of course the overriding feeling that some how because Charlotte isn't involved that this will be the lesser of the two shows. I would be lying if I didn't say that I think about that every second. I'll put it this way: I would rather have a partner. I would rather have a manager to bounce ideas off of. On the other hand - it has been an amazing self-esteem booster to watch how many ideas I've come up with on my own. When the creative juices start flowing - it's awesome to watch where they go when undeterred by negative thoughts. I mean I even climbed the "Journey" mountain with all my gear (including a DAT machine to keep the timing right) by myself to shoot G (and eventually all 4). It was kind've a last second thing wehere I got the idea - but thought "fuck that" 'cause it would be too difficult - and then went "No, do it." That's what makes me, me. I do stupid amounts of work for the tiniest details simply because it sets my projects apart. And as I was climbing I was in... well I was in 2001. I was producing again. It's a feeling I've wanted so badly the past 2 years I can hardly describe it. I was me again. I was going the extra mile (uphill this time) to make the show as good as it can possibly be. But you better believe I still have lingering questions as to what it's all gonna play out like when I'm finally finished. Time will tell.
BTW - the cornrows still hurt like a bitch. But the black chicks were a bt more fun to talk to this time so that was fun. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me - but as the longtime readers know, I just dig black culture so much. I love bein' in the environment. It's just so different than white culture. Period. Stop saying we're the same damnit - 'cause they're just COOLER than we are. Heh. They were all trying to figure out who Norah Jones was and why the hell she won 7 grammys when they had never heard of her. I sang the title to them and they all freaked out and shit and wanted me to keep singing. It was pretty funny. Cheap as shit too - $25. I gave her a $10 tip I was so impressed. It was fuckin $80 last time. That is the one plus about this go-'round. I'm certainly a better bargain hunter than Charlotte was. Product of different backgrounds for sure. I'm kinda glad we were poor when I was a kid. Makes you tick differently as an adult.
So anyway, there you have it. 1 down, 3 to go. Enjoy the video.