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7:23 PM, Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
Smiles, smiles, smiles. I didn't think I'd ever get back here again. Ahh that's a good segue to a nice little anecdote:
As the long-time readers may know, there was never supposed to be a sequel. This was just a one-time one man show that my manager felt would get me into Aspen and on my way to a development deal with these characters and others. In fact when Aspen told us "maybe next year" in 2001 - we sighed because there wasn't a next year. Charlotte felt I'd already be deep into a development deal by that time. There'd be no reason to even perform The Trinitrons again. Which was made even more clear by the lack of bookings the last 2 months I was with her.
Of course 2002 became a year of grasping. I had zero clue what to do. I had a show that had no purpose anymore as everything Charlotte had said never really transpired. Not only didn't we get into Aspen, but Chicago even laughed at us. ?! Wasn't enough of a draw. That was pretty much the writing on the wall for me. She should've known these festivals are looking to make money, and a show with no draw, or following will never get booked. But I digress...
In September I released the DVD of the show and pretty much during the performance I decided to make a sequel. At the end of that show I announced to the audience that I would be back in one year with a brand new show. Why? Uhm, just because. I have no grand scheme. As I said in my new year's entry - I will create what I feel and stay true to my heart. The Trinitrons have more stories to tell and I will tell them. The process of creation itself is what fuels me, so that's what I'll do. Besides, now I'm gonna have a full hour that I can run, giving people a bit more for their money. That's always good. Again, this can't hurt. It's the same reason I write songs all the freakin' time - I have to. It's who I am. And as a 4tvs Artist, I make new shows. And if my life ever stops the GODDAMN holding pattern it is - there will be a 4tvs show called "The Journey", which will show a more dramatic side of things. For now, we laugh.
So this past 4-Day weekend for me was the big "Audio script" time. The time when I piece together the entire show audibly for timing purposes when I record. I have to have every song edited correctly, space for audience laughter, space for transitions - just space for everything. SO I audibly act out the script and try to get it together.
As of Sunday night, I had still done nothing. I was officially bummin'. The house, and all the work that goes with it - took every second of my time from Friday-Sunday. I thought there would be no way I could do it in one day. And instead of stressing, I went to sleep and said "If it happens, it happens...chill".
And it happened. In a 13-hour marathon of writing/editing/creating - the audio script was complete. I don't want to spoil any part of the show for you, so getting into the song specifics is out - let's just say there's a bunch. Some very, very funny moments that will be completely unexpected. All that remains is the actual lyrics for G's song, and deciding what the final song will be. Both of which have to be figured out within the next 3 days. The show is going to be about 31 minutes long, and it's just packed. I will probably be tinkering with the script all throughout the shooting, but it has been labored over and I'm pretty content. I still can't believe I was able to get it all pieced together in one day. It's a huuuuuuuuuuuge job.
So, is it better than the first? Y'all GOTTA be wonderin' about that. I don't even know how to judge it. There are parts I like better about the new one, and parts I like better about the old one. I'll never get over how cool the timing is in the first 10 minutes of the first one. Something most people completely miss, was incredibly difficult to pull off and works like a dream. To do so much with nere a single edit is the shit. I am however hoping the rhythm is better in this one - as the old one dragged a bit near the end. The climax was most certainly Spencer's song beforee, and that left a helluva lot remaining. The climax is certainly much closer to the end now - and if pulled off correctly will be absolutely the shit. That's really the mystery - can it all come together the way I envision it.
God I love that mystery. I love it, love it, love it. As of this moment, I'm all jittery wanting to see the first video of the second show. I want to see how it all pieces together. The colors, the outfits, the music...and it's up to me to do it. It's almost "out-of-body" in a way. I feel like a fan of the group. Isn't that weird? Even knowing exactly what is gonna happen - I just wanna see it play out. Woah, I was just about to write a really stupid sentence. Alright here it is: "I wish I could just be in the audience on opening night and have no idea what the story is and just watch it unfold." Not that stupid, but when I thought it, I was thinking it was feasible somehow. Heh. Maybe if I get struck with amnesia after I finish the DVD I can sit down and be all giddy...but then I wouldn't know what to be giddy about. I'm moving on now...
So the writing is done. I may do both G and Dewey this weekend, but chances are I'll only be able to pull off G, thus stretching things out a bit. It's really a monumental feat to pull this off with a full-time job and a house that screams "HELP ME" every second you're home. Seriously, there's nere a corner that doesn't actually talk to you when you walk by: "DUDE, please fix me. I haven't been touched since the 80's. Please man..." Anyway, I still feel I can be performing this bad-boy by the 4th of July weekend. Which leaves the other setback:  the set-up. The TVs have had it, the towers have had it. Everything's falling apart. 4 years will do that to you. I want so badly to get 4 flat screens, I can't even tell you. Unfortunately they don't even make 27 inch flat screens. They go up to 20 inches...and then POOF 42 inch widescreens. Which would work alright, but whew - those are $3000 a piece. No need. I don't need something that big. But the big clunkers need to be replaced. And there's a part of me that can't stand replacing them with new outdated TVs. Ugh. And to fix the towers, would mean sinking money into a set-up that wouldn't work with flat-screens. My flat-screen set up would basically be 2 poles with 2 hooks. Done. (sigh). Hopefully something can happen. If I could find the TVs for $1000 a piece I'd find a way. Take out a loan or something. Hell - with flat screens and 2 poles, I could "feasibly" get rid of my trailer. How incredible would that be. That would rule.
For right now however, I can only concentrate on the stupid long "to-do" list I have to pull off this week in order to shoot on Friday. Goddamn...those friggin' cornrows are coming. (sigh).
Anyway - enjoy the video. G without corn-rows. Heh.