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10:03 PM, Tuesday, May 27th, 2003:
...another week of exhaustion.
It's almost comical to perceive of attempting anything else during free time...just home stuff. I am realizing however that it has to take a hiatus. I have to do the Trinitrons. I have a 4-Day Weekend coming up that will consist of all things Trinitrons. I will be completing the audio script. Finishing the songs I need to write, gathering the clothes and props and preparing for the following 4-Day weekend (lotsa time off of work) in which I'll record both G and Dewey. It's really pushing it. I then have 2 weeks to grow the goatee back, and prepare for my final 4-Day weekend and pull of Cameron and Spencer. Whew. It's a tight schedule, but basically because the house needs so much work. And more than anything, we have to find "That Goddamn Bag" as it's so warmly referred to 'round here..
What usually is annoying for a few hours, has driven both Jess and I nuts for a week now. There once was a bag. It was a bag that held all the screws and hooks and nails and what-not to everything in the house. This was an important bag that we left out of a box (as not to lose it) during the move until the last trip. At which point it was put "somewhere". We cannot find this bag. I can't put our shelves in our bookshelves up, therefore leaving DVDs, Videogames, CDs, books fugging EVERYWHERE. We've looked up and down and it's just not happening. We've seemingly opened every box, but still nothing. The worst is that Jess believes it was put in our purple trashcan with the toilet bowl brush (2 more items that still haven't been found) and so we're looking for all 3 things for a clue. That's a doozy of course because we don't believe we boxed those. And it's still a total mystery. Yes, you can work on other parts of the house for awhile - but pretty soon, you just end up lookin for that damn bag so you can get stuff on the goddamn empty shelves. It's utterly maddening.
Everything else is pretty good. Got an in-ground-cement-and-all basketball hoop. What a pain that friggin' was. Worst directions EVER. And Mr. Impatient decided he would put the entire pole and backboard into the bottom himself. I swear, I have done some stupid things in my day - but this was really, really stupid. There was a moment when I really had no choice but to continue when I was thinking to myself "I am going to seriously injure myself and feel like a complete buffoon". Of course when you try lifting and angling something that awkward and heavy 10 times, you get weaker and weaker. So I'd have to stand there waiting for my energy to come back. Finally by leveraging it on the side wall I pulled it off. At which point I realized that I had put a piece together wrong so it only goes from 10 feet to 9 feet, instead of the 10 feet to 7.5 feet (the height in which Jess can dunk like she does in her videogame) we'll be doing that all over again (sigh). Oh well it works...and lemme tell you - 10 feet is FRIGGIN high. I'm pretty certain that my entire life I've played on rims that were a bit too low. I've measured this thing a 1/2 dozen times because it seems soooooo high. Maybe I've shrunk? Could be. Wouldn't suprise me with the weight of the whole fuh-riggin world on me these days. LOL.
I have to say though, I'm enjoying these "household" moments in a strange way lately. I feel like my dad at moments throughout all these tasks and it's just cool as hell. I have my car in my garage just like my dad. Next to my trailer just like my dad. The first time I parked it in there - and drove it out, I felt all dad-ish. I have a basketball hoop like my dad. I'm working on the yard and other various things like any dad really - but I just keep shaking my head at the similarities and how cool owning a house is. I'm totally enjoying everything as much as humanly possible because in a few short days - I'll be engrossed in Trinitron focus and will be that starving artist dude again. I cannot tell you how excited I am that I can do "both" of these things. Fulfill all the domestic stuff that I've always wanted - yet be in this city and continue The Journey. I never thought it was possible. And honestly, as long as kids stay out of the picture for a few more years - I'm in a great position to still pull off an amazing career out here. I almost hate to write that sentence in case I did have a kid too soon. The bottom line is - I'm trying to give myself the most opportunity to succeed out here and it is a longshot. But, well, life does happen. All you can do is keep pushing. It's all a balancing act.
All I can say, is thank GOD the show is good. Really good. If I was just in one field, acting, directing, whatever...I would be hard pressed to keep my chin up. But I knooooooooooooooow The Trinitrons kicks ass. I know the sequel kicks ass. I know the concept kicks ass, and most of all - I know that if I continue to create things I'm passionate about, it's only a matter of time. But again, thank goodness the show actually does friggin' kick-ass. Acting can be so subjective - hell everything can be - but the show on one level or another works. Be it technical or artistic, no one can deny that - and that knowledge and faith in the product is what allows me to keep fighting. If it all just came down to how I did on a Taco Bell audition, I think I'd lose my ever-lovin' mind.
By the way - have you seen that one yet? Where the guy drives to a taco bell late at night and then well - just eats the taco? How can they even have auditions for that. They had a full day of auditions, probably 100-200 guys. Can't you just look at headshots, narrow it down to like 10, and then come in and see how they eat a taco? Why waste the whole day (with zero tacos man - bummer) when it all comes down to a final spot of a guy driving, and then eating. !?!? The commercial world is wacky boy.
Anyway - Enjoy the video. There's something almost poetic about watching a brick layer. It really is impressive how they keep everything level.