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7:45 PM, Thursday, May 22nd, 2003:
God. Damn.
I don't mean to be so flippant with my blasphemy, but there just isn't any other way to describe what has transpired in the period of one week. I realize that it doesn't fall too much under the category of "The Journey", but I can't not write about it. If I were to just put it into Journey terms - it would go something like this:
"I now have a mortgage to worry about, which in turn makes work a whole helluva alot more stressful, and takes quite a bit of focus off my career. I sure hope I made the right choice, and can still push my career with the hunger and intensity that I had when I first got here."
That would pretty much cover the past 2 months. LOL. And it has certainly sunk in with those simple parameters. The question being - have I cemented over my dreams by laying the foundation for domestic life? Too early to tell of course. But at this point, I have to believe that because it takes me roughly 9 minutes to go from my house to the "Welcome to Hollywood" sign on the 101 - I'm gonna be fine. So onto the fun shit:
So Tuesday the 13th I get off work, high as I've been in awhile. I now have a full 6 days off to shape up the house, and move in! Great feeling. Strangely enough, we don't know if we're moving in Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon. It all depends on when everything records down at the courthouse. 24 hours is about as big of a deal as you can have in this case - as the carpet is being installed Saturday morning. Get the call at 9 AM Monday the 14th, that everything was received on time and some dude is standing in line at the courthouse - so evertyhing should record by that afternoon. Strange shit. But it's done. So the first thing I do is get in my car and drive to San Diego to pick up a washer and dryer from an old WTVN listener, Michelle, and she followed me back as she's gonna help us paint. Word.
Got back around 3 PM, and got the call that it was recorded - the house was ours, we were in. At the time, this was a good thing. We were happy. What I didn't realize, was that this was pretty much the starting gun shot that would trigger 20 hour days, and a physical feat that can only be matched by the last time Jess and I moved (Entry #75). Except this time it lasted for 5 straight days. 'Cause after the 3 days of work, you then get to move everything! Yahoo!
The first night involved the fun stuff. Our friend Kerry from the apartment complex joined in and I got to go shopping at Home Depot with 3 women. Whew. As I do care about both Kerry and Michelle (and of course Jess) - I'll leave this one alone. But needless to say it had some moments of frustration. I can sense all your smiles as you're reading so I've done my part.
Then we got to rip the hell out of EVERYTHING in the house. Oddly enough the walls are all plaster. So we could only lightly sand - but I got my first power tools out of all this and I must say it was pretty fun. There was of course the nasty ass brick veneer that we were going to just paint over and then accidentally ripped them out while I was taking down these god-awful mirrors with gold lightening strikes all over them. Whew.
So we found we could take the brick down - so there went the rest of my night. Unfortunately this was also the moment that I pretty much ruined my hands. A week later my hands still throb. With a hammer I ripped it allllllll down, as you'll see in the video, and some of it was mighty easy - but parts were just impossible. The next morning (basically 3 hours later) My hands and feet hurt somethin' stupid. Heh. But there was zero time to waste.
Thursday was more of the same. This time priming everything as fast as we could while still scrapin' the hell out of this house. But now we had the neighborhood kids in the mix from the apartment behind us - and it was getting really bad. The whole row of houses have a cement wall seperating the yard from the apartment complex. Very tastefully done, and makes a huge difference. That is of course except for OUR HOUSE. Which is not only a chain link fence - but the last 1/3 of it is COMPLETELY down and kids hang out in the yard, shooting hoops on a rigged telephone pole, and shooting marbles behind our garage (which they also broke a hole in because they hated the guy before). Now I guess they could be shooting guns, but it still sucks. As well there's like 20 of them. So I went out and made friends with 'em basically. Just to let 'em know I'm the new owner and get a sense of how things were. The kids were cool. They're 10. Thought I looked like snoop dog with my long hair for some reason. I asked them if they wanted any pop and apparently that was the damn funniest thing they had ever heard. It's SODA out here of course. So for the rest of the day it was a bunch of mexican kids yellin' "Yo snoop! You got any pop?!!". It was actually quiite funny. Unfortunately, there were so many that they're running in and out of the house and it just got nuts. Finally so one little fuck INSIDE my garage - poking another hole with a metal rod. I went fucking off. I immediately knocked on my neighbor's door to see where he got his concrete wall built - 'cause this had to go up NOW. He said he'd have the guy meet with me tomorrow morning, and he'd translate as he didn't speak english. I was a bit concerned, but the neighbor was pretty damn happy someone was finally doing something. He said the wall cost him about $4000 (other people have spent upwards to $9-$10,000 on them, and the black iron bars on top of the wall would be another $1000. We'd have to use a cash advance, but wehad no other choice. So back to work on the house.
The final day, Friday, I woke up and knew there was no way I was going to be able to put my feet on the ground and hold weight. My hands were basically limp at this point, and throbbing too. Hmm, how often can "limp" and "throbbing" occur at the same time? Heh. But I hobbled over and met with the contractor guy bright and early. He goes back and looks, there's quite a bit to tear out before the wall can even go up - old cement structures underneath, the whole fence, all these bushes and shit - quite a bit really. He says "$2600".
And if you think I looked suprised, my neighbor was really befuddled. He just paid $4000 for his. So we go back to the front of the house, and we agree to half now, half when he's done. I shake his hand. I swear to you that by the time I went into my house, and walked back to the yard - there were 10 guys tearing down shit in my yard. They were starting THAT SECOND. He said they'd be done by tomorrow afternoon. WOW. It was incredible. He had his own bulldozers and trucks and everything. Dug a trench like 3 feet down, it was awesome. Videotaped just about every step. But they moved so damn quick, I missed a bunch. As well, we could "feasibly" pull off the price of the wall with our tax refund - so Jess and I were pretty stoked. It would actually be up BEFORE we moved one piece of furniture in! Wahoo! But now of course, would the house be ready on time.
Friday was the final paint day - and godddddddddamn was it a pain. There are these high ass vaulted ceiling that had wooden beams we were painting white. As if priming it wasn't hard enough, I got to stand on a ladder and paint all 40 feet of them with a tiny brush by hand...twice. That's the bitch about painting boy. All the prep - and then once you've painted the whole fuckin house - you get to do it all over again. And that second coat is never as fun as the first, 'cause nothin' beats makin' a white wall all...toasty and grey. Heh. The color is Toasty Grey - which is pretty much beige. Finally at around 4:00 AM, as it was each night, we were done. I have to thank Michelle and Kerry profusely for the help. It took everything I had to pull it off each day and that was knowing it was OUR HOUSE. How they were able to help when there was no attachment is beyond me. So thank you, thank you, thank you. And amazingly - we needed every minute, and every bit of help. I was even planning to hit up E3 on Friday to get some swag to sell, but couldn't because we needed every second of the day to pull it all off.
Saturday morning however was just incredible. My body couldn't be anymore clear: "LAY FUCKING DOWN ALREADY". It's bad enough to push your body like this, but to then add in the ol' "No Sleep" clause to the contract, your really pushing the limits. All of this, and then you get to move - a physical feat in itself. All I can say is Marshall and Mary pretty much saved our asses. We needed every bit of help we could get, and both of our bodies were lifeless. Lifting a piano was salt on a wound. And the TV? Fuuuuuuuuuck. I found spurts of energy for the big things, and luckily Marshall took over the stress part for me. And I'm so thankful that he understood that. Moving is stressful 'cause it's all your stuff - and things can get broken - and you really need to focus or you're in danger of losing things to gravity. I was straight-up loopy at this point. Although I cared, my body was just so mentally and physically beaten from all the work and lack of sleep that I could barely make it. Marshall kept alert enough to keep everything cool. And maaaaaaaan do we have a lot of heavy shit. That piano is just ridiculous.
By late Saturday night - we knew we weren't going to make it in time. We'd have to bleed over into Sunday a little bit. We grabbed the cats, took 'em home and the proceeded to hide under the bed and cry for 3 days. LOL. Pussies. That night though, I slept for freakin' 6 hours only - waking up at 7 AM all pissed...and then my body said - NOPE. And knocked me down again, and again, and again. I was on and off until 2:30 PM - when we FINALLY had to get the rest of the stuff. But as bad as I thought I felt Saturday morning - Sunday was just laughable. There was simply no lifting in me anymore. My legs and feet were so bad I could barely SIT. I'd keep trying to raise them, but that still hurt - All the advil in the world couldn't help...just sucked. Again, Marshall, Mary and Kerry helped tremendously. By Sunday at 9 PM, we were totally moved in, and I then got to transfer the fucking hinges on the refrigerator door for 2 hours. CHRIST DOES IT END. Yes, it then ended - and I then died.
Monday was my last day off, and an absolute joke. I couldn't put anything away. I watched the dudes weld the metal bars for our wall (which was all done by hand and look fucking incredible). Watched a little TV, and just relaxed. It was done. We were in our house. We had a little meeting with ADT - woot - and we're gonna be all secure and shit. Good feeling for sure. Man the money is just flying out though. SWWWWWWWOOOOOOSH. Oh well, you get to a point where you've spent so much - you can't really whine about another $250 for a security system. It actually seems cheap somehow to me now. Heh.
So there it is - the Grand Entry #250. I still can't believe we're in a house and dumping every penny we have into it. It's awesome - my neighbor said he's not going to sell his house now that we're fixing ours up. Actually all the neighbors seemed pretty happy now that I think of it. I guess they were sick of the lady too. They really just didn't do a goddamn thing ever. I mean it has to be the laziest kept house I've ever seen. Everything is at least 20 years from being touched. Everything. It was the answer to every question last week. "1983". That was the last time it was painted. That was the last time the backyard looked good. That was actually the date of some of the newspaper I found in the garage. Stuck in time boy. Well, no longer. Now of course comes the next question: when the HELL do I do the Trinitrons 2. How and when am I going to be able to pull that off. I've grown my "G" Beard as I wanted to do it almost all at once as to not look unprofessional at work. I'm still way too fuckin' hairy for late-may in LA. Gotta cut this shit OFF. But more than anything - its gonna take weeks to get the hous situated. Hopefully I can pull off the audio script sometime in the next 2 weeks. That's the major concern. That's the foundation. Once that's in place - the rest is just setting up time. Whew. I can't wait - it's gonna rule.
Alright - done writing. Thanks for reading.