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8:35 PM, Thursday, April 24th, 2003:
Daaaaaaaaaaamn. It's always gotta be something doesn't it.
Well the year of the "life detour" just got it's own detour. Our seller doesn't want to move out. And now the collective "huh?" from all of you.
Alright then. As I may have mentioned before this was a court-ordered sell-off because of a divorce. The wife does not want to move. At all. Not even a little. She's lived there 20 years, and is pushing for ever extra day she can. A 30 day escrow is the norm, she wanted 90, we said 45, FINALLY agreed to 60. Now she wants more time. Unfortunately at this point, our hands are tied. Our 30 days notice has been into our apartment manager for 2 weeks now, both Jess and I have time off work that week - and more than anything our interest rate is only locked until May 14th. It all sets up quite the dilemma. If she isn't out 2 weeks from Sunday - we are absolutely up shit creek.
Depending on where the interest rates are in 2 weeks, will probably decide what happens. Unfortunately we may be in a situation where we have to close on the house, pay our mortgage AND our rent, then sue the woman later to get it back. Of course by the time we PAY for all the legal fees we're back to square one. Besides, it's not all monetary. Jess and I are off work that week whether the woman moves out or not. So we're gonna be sitting around doing nothing, and then be forced to move in the middle of the night right in the middle of a full-time work week? How much does THAT suck?
I know it seems there should be some legal standing for her to HAVE to be out in time, but the bottom line is until she breaks the date - we can't really do anything. And even then all the legal action is well after the fact. After we've blown all our days off, after we've lost all that money. It's just not a good fuggin' situation.
And as if waiting 60 days wasn't long enough, now we get this? It's like being 8 and being told the Christmas is postponed. Sometime in January...maybe. Oh well. It is what it is. We just get to wait. (sigh). And this is what we're fighting for? Makes you wonder. 1/4 Million just doesn't buy what it used to. LOL.
In other news, I'm performing at Third Stage this Saturday night. Got a call from Ezra the Improvider, and he asked if I could go on after their show. Should be a good night of laughs for all involved. If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, Third stage is located in Burbank on 1234 Magnolia Blvd. $5 admission if ya tell 'em you're there for The Trinitrons. Show starts at 8. Woot. It'll be nice to not have my last show be the fuggin' worst. Any crowd going to see improv is the right crowd for my show, and other than one crazy night in February - EVERY corwd has been the right crowd for my show. Valentine's Day was as legitimate as flukes get. Should be fun.
Writing the "Trinitron Bits" for Star Search however is proving to be harder than I thought. Trying to develop ANY characters in 3 minutes is just...HO-LY-SHIT. That's it. Cliffhangers. I cut it off at a point where the audience/judges want to see what happens next. If I win, they get to next week. If they vote me out - they never know. Holy horsefuck that's brilliant. Seriously, that's some badass shit right there. I can just see me setting up all this funny stuff in 3 minutes and then right when something's about to happen have an announcer come on and say:
"If you'd like to see what happens next, please deposit 5 stars now"
Cut to black. Oooooooooooooh that's good. Daaaaaaaaaaamn that's nifty. YAHOO. Man I can't even begin to describe how cool I think I am right now. HAHAHAHA. Oh well, if it's a good idea then you'll have the same feelings I do.
So that's where things stand at the end of April 2003. I must admit, it all really does feel a little surreal as I said in the last entry. My "Domestic Journey" would never be "televised" on a website had I not already been in the midst of the "Career Journey". This is not captivating reading. This is not the excitement of playing The Comedy Store. This is standing in line at the DMV. This is worrying about interest rates. This is complete, run-of-the-mill day-to-day life. Yet in time, I absolutely believe that this service road I'm on, will build the foundation for the dream to happen. Without this service road, it would only be a matter of time before we would've hit the highway back east. So just bare with me fellow readers. The entertainment angle is right around the corner. In fact, you'll get an old fashioned "Show Entry" next! Can you stand it?