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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003,
I knew I moved for a reason. What the hell is wrong with Columbus? Why is it 75 when I get there, but when I'm at the Crew game it's fuckin 37, with a wind chill of 25? That's 50 degrees people. If that happened in LA it would be Armageddon. The next time I whine about the lack of "seasons" out here - feel free to slap me. 'Cause I NEVER wanna live in that shit again. Yeah, it may not rain again out here until November, but it's…wait, what am I saying!!!???! It won't RAIN here until November. That's AWESOME. Want rain? Take a shower. Rain is fun for about 2 minutes, then it's just wet.
Oh, and while I'm ranting about Columbus… This whole tie thing in sports is just irritating as shit. Saw a Blue Jackets game and it ended 5-5, the next day the Crew game ended 1-1. Now I do understand the point system, and it didn't make the games any less exciting - both games were awesome…but whew. What's wrong with sudden death until someone scores? It's like they don't even give it a chance. Hockey has ONE 5 minute overtime. Soccer has two. You can't do shit in that amount of time. Oh well, the games were still quite exciting. Nothin' like testin' my dad's heart by taking him to sports games. LOL.
And on that subject - he's alright. Although it's still all a bit of a mystery what's gonna happen next. The problem won't go away, and it can't get better without surgery. So it just kinda hangs there. That's gotta be aggravating as hell for him. But physically he's fine. Cleared to do whatever he wants. Had a blast too. Just screwed around. Watched movies, went to the games - talked at Tee Jayes for way to fuggin' long. All the rituals I've come to associate with my father and Columbus. Also got to spend time with my mom which was nice while my dad was at work. It was all incredibly relaxing and entirely worth it. I wish I could do it more often. There's something about visits that aren't surrounded by big events that just feel better. And also the lack of running all over the city was very, very nice. Melllllll-o.
Here on the homefront, the big DVD giveaway is coming up. I made 50 covers back in Ohio, and will be putting together demo packages for every damn Manager in this city. I have to have one by year's end. That would just be the perfect year. From the job, to the house, to the Trinitrons Sequel to a manager. Wow. Am I really one person away from having the most kick-ass year of my life? That sure as hell sneaks up on you doesn't it? It's funny, you think of yourself as being in a failing mode for so long - that when you start to get out of it you don't even realize it. And now, I'm completely one person away from rivaling 2001. Word.
Speaking of…uhm, shit can't thing of a good segue - so this person Jess knows just moved to LA with her boyfriend. They work on Star Search. They were in town back in December and had I had anything put together - I could've tried out for Star Search under a comedy category. Of course I'd have to have short Trinitron bits prepared. Well now that they're back here for good - I'll at least be able to know when new try-outs are and have a semi-inside track to the goings on. And as well, it's good to know shit like that. And talk about being able to make a positive out of the Trinitrons delay…now I can write the short bits and tape them alongside the sequel. I'll have to know exactly how many times I could "possibly" come back if I won each round - and all the minute requirements of each, and then produce them all in advance. It's a total pain in the ass - but it will also be great if I ever…well did TV again. Back in 2001, we thought about having a bank of mini-shows to be able to use in different situations, and now the opportunity is just way too big to pass up. I really think in a 3-4 minute setting, you could really pull off some funny/impressive shit. All with TV in mind. Pretty exciting stuff. I still think if given the opportunity to audition, there's just no way they're not putting it on TV. Impossible. So yet another thing to be really fuggin' excited about. And without the delay, there's just no way I could've pulled it off. Sometimes things just work out.
Goddamn…can you sense the change? Can you feel how different things seem now? Just crazy. It's why you have to stay out here if you believe in what you do. Just stay. Keep scheming. I mean, can you imagine how much performing the Trinitrons on National TV would DWARF the Comedy Store? A moment in my life I thought would never be equaled, could be replaced in an instant. Talk about highs and lows. But I can't really think about that - just need to create the best show possible. I need to continue to create, the rest will fall into place.
And for the first time in 18 months, I actually BELIEVE that. Heh.
Oh, and allow me to introduce the world's most boring 3-video set in the history of The Journey. My defense? I like it. The next 3 entries will include footage of our house, and the disrepair that it is in. The only way anyone will ever click on these links are out of sheer boredom, or if it's 2012 right now and I'm famous or some shit. Either way - here's Part 1. Check out that fuckin' hole in the garage. What the HELL?