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7:32 PM, Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003:
I warned you guys. One of these days, the joke will be the lack thereof. One of these days real life is gonna happen on April 1st, and no one will believe me. Heh.
Unfortunately, every single word of the last entry was true. In fact I started writing it Monday night with no thought of the date, and realized that at midnight it would be April Fools. I'll admit that it was slightly in bad taste, but only because you all expected a lie. The entry itself is completely sincere. I also know my dad is gonna be "Ok". If he was still going under the knife - I would've changed the date to March 31st. Wow, it really is amazing that this all came to pass on 4/1. Your reactions were pretty funny though. They ranged from "You are a sick fuck" to "Sucker! You didn't get me this year!" Which is my favorite, because some of you thought about this for a whole friggin' you wouldn't get taken, and then in a way you still got it. Heh. Next year you might as well not read it. However I am proud of the majority of you who had the balls to say "Dude, if you're making this up you're a total dickhead." I'm glad I still have real friends that will call my ass out. I would never make this shit up.
Most importantly my father is doing fine right now. On the meds and back at work. I guess the doctors believe if the valve gets no worse, surgery is avoidable...but it still seems like prolonging the inevitable to me. It's a total Catch-22 situation. You're happy there's no surgery, but it bites you when you think of it happening in 10-15 years. For now, you just gotta forget about it - take each day as it comes. Can't wait to fly back tonight.
I'm also officially starting to grow my "G" beard. Well, I haven't shaved today. So in about 10 days I should be lookin' all tough and shit. Of course talk about the cart ahead of the ass. The script is still not complete. Obviously the "bulk" is done, but there's a lotta little stuff that needs to be ironed out. I have 25 days to do that. Also 25 days to get all the materials In the middle of that last sentence I just realized I'm probably going to need to wait. Shit. We have to save every penny we've got right now to pull off the 5% on the house by mid May. If I spend what I need to on everything, that will kill us for the house. Shit. This is totally going to have to wait. Son of a bitch. I had the time and everything to do it...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Damnit, damnit, damnit. Oh well, it shall be done. Ideally I would be able to perform starting at the end of June and I need to get in enough performances to make another kick-ass DVD by a fall show. That would be awesome. Man that really bites. I can't believe I have to push this off again. Money! Money! The whole world is money! Hell I had to second guess coming to see my father because of money! Someday man... You know we all have to believe in someday. We all have to believe we won't be a slave to money our whole lives, but so few of us are able to break that cycle. At least I have the talent and potential to pull it off.
I also have that amazing wife who I never mention enough. We just get along so fuggin' well. I know it's cliched, but having a best friend as a spouse is just so fun. It's like the sleepover that never ends. I think I'm most excited because she's into the new Legend of Zelda game as much as me. LOL. That's such an endearing quality about a woman to a videogame nut, I can't even tell you. As well, the whole "house" thing is a pretty cool bonding thing between two people too. Yeah, nothin' says lovin' like a 1/4 million dollar DEBT. HA. But it's true, we even had a "talk" before this. A good "Ok, I know we're married and all - but are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure about this? 'Cause this is a fuggin' HOUSE. Getting out of a marriage is a helluva lot easier pre-house/kids." We laughed at the time, but it's so true. A house is a bigger commitment in the 21st Century than a Marriage License. Sad but true. And of course kids, although a foregone conclusion one of these years, is the ultimate. Especially for me who grew up in a divorced family. Can't have that for my kids man. Just can't.
Oh and I missed another audition yesterday 'cause of work. Grrr. My record stands at 4-3. Unfortunately the more successful the business gets, the more impossible it is for me to skip out for 2 hours. Sucks, but again - these are not super-crucial to my career. It's not like these are actual roles. It's just the right face for the right product. It would be nice money if I got it - but otherwise, what can you do. Gotta pay the bills.
Alright, I have a plane to catch. Hope you all breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't make that up just for a joke. Although next year...heh - you guys seriously might as well not read it. You'll have no idea what's truth or not.
Yes, my house has a Movie Trailer. I rule.