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12:45 AM, Wednesday November 17th, 2004:
Looking back at what I considered "computer problems" in 1999 make me shake my head. Not because they were minor but because it would be a scenerio that would repeat over, and over, and over for the following 5 years (and I'm sure the next 50).
Five years ago today however was up to that point one of the greatest days of my life. It was the start the first huge obstacle in my life that I had to overcome to keep this journey going and it was easily the most tedious. The month previous, ABOT productions came to me and said they would only edit my music pieces as they thought my comedy pieces were too risque. Please understand that what was considered too risque were songs heard on the radio well within FCC limits. What that meant was I was pretty fucked. I was paying them $500 for each 15 minute set they rendered for me and in order to continue 4tvs I needed soooooooo many. Insight for the newbies - I was hired as a band back in those days. So I needed to fill 3-4 hours. New sets/songs were my lifeblood.
So instead of caving to them I just stood up, smiled, and walked out. They had heavy religious beliefs and I was not about to get into an argument with them. They were throwing away a lot of business and I respect anyone willing to stand up for what they believe in...which is exactly why I stood up and walked out. If I remember correctly, Adam Bonner (AB of ABOT productions) wasn't so sure and was trying to think of a way to make it work and I just shook his hand and said "Let it Go" man.
That's all noble of me and shit, but then I realized I had no way of pulling this off myself without thousands and thousands of dollars in editing equipment. So I started off buying video cards but after days (and oh how I mean 16 hour days) of testing and changing, and prodding and calling tech support it never worked right. I couldn't just import video, and then export it back to the tape. EVER. It was the harddrive, so I bought a new harddrive - it was the wire, bought a new wire, it was the video card, installed more video cards then after that didn't work they all said it was my Sony Camcorder. (sigh). Looking back I now know exactly what it was. It was 1999. And shit just wasn't ready for this yet.
Then I watched a commercial of some guy videotaping his son skateboarding, then making a video for him. Vaio. Sony Vaio. I figured you know what, I dare these fuckers to blame it on "the other product" now. I'll buy a Sony everything, then call them up and go POSTAL. Or "Columbine" as the term was used back in '99.
Bought the computer, got it all ready - went to load footage - NADA. NOTHING. Not a thing. Looked in the manual and it was because I didn't have SONY'S FUGGIN LINK. For the camera to the computer. I mean good LORD. As annoyed as ever, I go to the only store selling one of these 3 foot cables - and it was $60. $60 people. Whatever, I was honestly just excited to be able to get home, have it not work, so I could call those fuckers at tech support back and ask them if I needed to live in a sony built apartment complex with sony electricity. Or if the fact that I bought a SEGA dreamcast two months previously just voided my chance of anything working. Who knows. Got back - plugged it in and... worked. Loaded the footage in (the infamous groupie shorty's footage), I put it into 4 little corners of a screen and put it right back out to the tape. Voila. November 17th, 1999. I promptly stood up ran outside and ran in the cornfields next to our apartment. It's funny - my whole life I lived in the city except for the last 5 months in Columbus when Jess and I moved to Canal Winchester. Yet for this story, country bumpkin running for joy in cornfield just works. LOL.
I was elated. I knew that the rest would be fine. I now had a canvas in which to create. So freeing. I had just lost my job at CD101, was going to LA for no real reason but I could at least create new sets and my own demos and not be beholden to some religious extremists who can't RENDER videos that TALK about sex. LOL.
And that was it. Easily the biggest day in the life of 4tvs. What's even more amazing is the fact that the skills I was forced to learn in the coming months lead me to the job that saved Jess and I in 2000: Hollywood Screentest. It was one of the better turnarounds of my life. Making a shitty situation end up better in the end. Had I been beholden to ABOT while in LA I would have been so caged. So screwed. Luckily I was able to create all of this. Hard to believe.
Man was I ever a different person on this day five years ago. I thought I had been through it all and I hadn't touched the surface. Whew.